Cold and cloudy Monday

It is cold and cloudy outside this AM, but it’s warm and tropical in my office.  I went out this weekend and bought a humidifier.  Guy could not believe it when I dropped the one that looked like a penguin into the cart, but the way I feel about it is if you have to have something, it may as well be fun, right?   I understand they make a dragon, too.  I may have to upgrade . . .

I also spent some time and found a couple of plant stands that used vertical space rather than horizontal so it doesn’t look like so many plants.  Too much of anything looks nasty, and I think I’ve hit that point.  Now if only I could get them to bloom.  Time.  It takes time.

The manic Monday books have been invoiced, so if you didn’t get one, take heart in that there will be more in the future.  Also, we will be bringing the last of the glow in the dark posters to Schuler’s store on the 21st to give away while they last.

Where Kim is signing


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28 responses to “Cold and cloudy Monday

  1. hmmm Is there any way i could possibly convince you to save out one of the glow in the dark posters for when you go to boston on my birthday since i’m planning to get to go see you there? (and i’m planning to try to drag as many of my friends who are gonna be celebrating with me ON my birthday with me to the book signing too… am hoping hearing everyone talking about the books will get them hooked too…plus i think meeting an uber cool author like you might influence them too.. ) so anyway is there ANYTHING that might convince you to save out a poster for me in boston? perhaps some genuine new england (which is the best) maple syrup if you’re wanting to feed the pixies in your head? lol…. please? Oh and while you are in boston i think you should see the giant tank of the New England Aquarium if you get a chance it is MASSIVE like several stories tall… BIG with sharks and fish and all sorts of sea life… and the boston museaum of science also has an indoor lightning show they do that i saw once when i was in 5th grade years ago..

    • I hear what you’re saying, and it sounds so easy, but the reason we’re giving them away in Michigan is because they will fit in my car a lot better than my carry-on. I’m sorry, but it is what it is.

      I love aquariums. That is a great idea. I’ll have to look at the schedule. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love penguins. Have you ever seen, heard or read of the book F.U. Penguin?.. Its for an odd sense of humor, which is prolly why I like it.
    Anyhoo, your bookshelf looks a lot like mine.. except for the hidden jewel of “perfect blood” behind the pretty flowers. I will be happy to add it to my collection.
    Hope your Monday was better then mine. I hate Mondays with a passion.

    • I’ve not seen that one, Lynn, but I love ribald humor, much as I hate to admit it.

      Ah, that’s my resource library, the place I turn when I forget something. You might be surprised how often I crack open an older book to check.

      My Monday was not bad. I finally had some birds at the feeders.

  3. Love the penguin, Kim. Your tropical corner is a perfect setup to blast away the winter doldrums. What a tour schedule! Rest up, it’s going to be a long haul once it starts.

  4. jkh

    Oh, oh, a dragon humidifier! I saw an iron one in a catalog a long time ago, made to sit on top of the woodstove. Since I don’t have a woodstove I didn’t get it but I surely was tempted. My niece is in college in Eastern Washington (currently cold and very dry) and a music major focusing on voice. She’s prone to dry throat and one of her acquisitions shortly after moving there was a humidifier. It’s in her room, but she needs one on the main floor of her (shared) townhouse. She’ll get a cup of tea just to hover over it and inhale the steam, sometimes.

  5. Cant wait to see you on the 21st! Penguins are my fav so I am so happy to see him in your space!

  6. Diva

    The penguin humidifier is cute but the dragon one is a must, if you can find it. You can pretend it’s from Pern. 😉

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    My little sister loves dragons. I’m going to look for a dragon dehumidifier. It’s humid enough here. She loves your First Truth series.

    Oh, I found an app that’s a dream journal. With the dreams I’ve been having, it seemed like a good idea to start one. I’m not very good at keeping journals…


  8. I bought a humidifier this weekend too! My house is so dry my hair is standing on end and my poor kitty is hiding so I quit petting her and giving her static!

    • I am a huge believer in trying to keep that humidity at 30+ percent. It’s hard when it gets cold, though, and that furnace keeps chunking. I need more insulation . . .

  9. You know I’ve always wanted to go to Denver… lol. This year’s shirt is my favorite so far and I really want it signed. I’m so happy that APB is out 3 weeks from tomorrow. I had a dream last night that I was reading it.

    I’m also really jealous of your office. I’m finally setting the spare room up as a work space but the going is slow. My girlfriend is impossible to get to clean what I need her to clean when I need her to do it. O.o She tries though. I set up my new sewing machine and I’m making a bed for my cat and taking in a lot of my clothes.

    With any luck (fingers crossed) I can make the dress I need for my Uncle’s wedding. I’m an usherette, and I’m feeling crafty!

    • I like this year’s shirt too, Stephenie.

      About the office . . . I’ve been working on my office space for over ten years. My first real office was a wall in my kitchen, a little four by four square with a jelly cabinet to store everything in. Every switch has been to something a little more work oriented, until now I think I have a space that works extremely well. But that little four by four space got the job done.

      Good luck with the sewing. I can make PJs, and that’s about it.

  10. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-it Jim from Warren. Wow! that office looks gorgeous! I think a dragon for winter and a penguin for summer?And I really dig the collection of Kim Harrison books in your bookcase. She’s a great author.

    • Thank you, Jim. The real beauty of the office is what you’re not seeing: the view.

      You’d be surprised how often I crack open the older titles to check something. It’s good having them close.

  11. Jeremy

    Is there going to be a chapter 5 sample chapter?

  12. genki

    Is that an Ikebana arrangement I see on your shelf? Kind of a tropical theme with the Bird of Paradise (and a steaming hot penguin right next door). Very cool.

    • Ahhh, actually that’s a “congrats on the new office” arrangement from Guy that is fading fast. I never even noticed the incongruity of tropical and polar. Ha!

  13. Staci

    So much for the glow in the dark poster I was hoping to get in Atlanta. And I love your penguin humidifier. I enjoy being quirky and think (and buying) outside the box. More fun that way..

  14. MelanieS

    The weather is driving my joints insane! I don’t mind cloudy. Hate my joint pain though. Bah.

    I love your humidifier. I’d grab a dragon one in a heartbeat. Your room is so inviting and relaxing looking. I think I might try to recreate it in my Sims 3 game. LOL.

    I have a goal to come to your signing on the 21st. With five children and my disabled mom it’s hard to make any definite plans but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. You know, Grand Rapids isn’t that far from your usual stop. *hint hint*

    • Melanie, it would be fantastic to see you at Schulers, but I can sympathize with the family obligations.

      Did you know we added a Grand Rapids stop?

      Grand Rapids, MI:
      Saturday, March 10: Schulers Books and Music
      2660 28th Street SE
      616 942 2561

      5:00 pm