Manic Monday–on Friday?

If you’ve been lurking on the drama box, you know that I’ve been working on several novellas and shorts for inclusion into a Harrison anthology due out this next September.  The intent was to put a lot of the older Hollows novellas and shorts into it, but I’m not sure how much room is actually going to be there for old stuff.  Something is going to be left out, and with that in mind, I dug to the back of Guy’s office closet and pulled out a box here, a box there, and found that my, my, my . . . we have a lot of anthologies that need good homes.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to bundle them up into two books per person, maybe three, Guy’s choice as to what you get.  There are a few ARCs in there, too.  I’ll sign ’em this time.  Check back tomorrow for the full scoop and how to get in on this, but the short word today is hold on–we aren’t quite ready yet.

For a listing of the Hollows series with the novellas and shorts included: CLICK

I had a nice break through (insert DUHH here) with Grace yesterday on how to make it work within the concerns my editor brought up, and should wrap it up today with hardly a hiccup, giving me tomorrow to skim through the Jenks and Trent novella.  I am so glad I don’t have to revamp her story again.  She’s been through so much already.  Talk about pulling it out of your, ah, hat.



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33 responses to “Manic Monday–on Friday?

  1. Julia

    Oh wow. I would love to get a signed copy! I don’t have any of these, because I normally don’t read anthologies. Does this include international fans, too?

    I am kind of excited about the Grace-book, I must admit. It sounds like a very good read. Looking forward to it!

    Have a nice day – Pfefferminztee

    • Hi Julia. We ship overseas, yes, but shipping costs a lot more.

      Grace is very much a settled person, unlike Rachel who is still finding herself. It makes for a different day writing.

      You have a great day, too.

  2. theweightofsilence

    Ahhh. Those break through moments are always DUH moments, aren’t they? Like it should have been clear all along? I’ve had those moments as well, haha.

    As far as writing goes, I know that I am far too hard on myself…but that’s reflected in everything I do. If I make any kind of mistake, it doesn’t matter what it is, I’m very hard on myself. But it’s not just the words that trip me up, the brilliant words. It’s the ideas. I just don’t know what to write anymore. I used to imagine being a successful author like you or Dean Koontz or Stephen King or Nora Roberts. Maybe I’ve let go of that dream, and with it, my creativity. Maybe I’ll try, and just see what happens. I don’t know. I just started back in college, and when I first applied, I intended on getting a degree in writing. Now I’m not sure if I have it in me.

  3. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    I’ve got all those. They are wonderful, so good luck to all on Friday’s Manic Monday. You and Guy are so good to us fans. A big cheer for all you do!

    Tonight I did some clearance shopping. It felt real good. I get really excited when I can be a cheap ass. So I left with a huge smile & a couple of full bags. Some snowflakes greeted me out the door.
    So what I’m trying to get at, but tend to babble is.. I hope ur day was swell also. And ur weekend even better.

  4. Random Thoughts

    i thought I had read all of them, but I guess not. I need to find The Bespelled and The Bridges of Eden. It would be sweet if the anthology’s were on audio like the rest, but then The Bespelled and The Bridges of Eden aren’t on my audio’s either. Oh well.

  5. A nice breakthrough with Grace is a good thing, with or without the DUHH, and with or without your “hat.” 🙂

  6. I found one of your Rachel Morgan books in a used book store this past year and loved it. Since then I’ve bought all the others and started at the first. I just finished reading Pale Demon which was the best yet. Thank you for sharing your imagination and your wonderfully descriptive writing style. You characters are deep. Tuesday I picked up The Hollows Insider and am enjoying that. It is filling in little details while I eagerly await Perfect Blood. Thank you for the many hours of delicious reading over the long cold winter!

    Sugar Mountain Farm
    in Vermont

    PS. You mentioned doing a farm in SimCity. I live on a farm. Our family raises pastured pigs. Although in the winter perhaps they’re glacial pigs. 🙂

    • Wow, thank you, Walter. I love hearing how people find the books, especially when they follow it up with “found all the others” 🙂

      Pastured pigs. Good for you. You’re doing it right.

  7. Me likes! I would love, love, love to have a signed copy (or 5) from you! LOL
    I don’t know If I ever mention it, but I was not into Paranormal, it was an undiscovered world to me until I came across Dead Witch Walking, and from there forward I was hooked.
    I mean it when I say it would be an honor!
    So keeping that in mind, I set up my phone reminder not to forget this Manic Friday!
    I do only have dates from hell… can’t believe I missed so much.

  8. Mirja

    Heya! I can’t remember how this works – international too? 🙂 And btw, I’m going crazy waiting for The Perfect Blood to come out! 🙂

  9. AKR (Trinidad)

    Hi Ms Harrison,

    Wow I have some of these on my e reader …. It would be fantastic to have a signed copy that I can brag to my sister about …….lol

    Hmmm if the giveaway is more than one book maybe I can send a copy to her …. that would be fab .. ❤

    I'll have to set myself a reminder, because I'm determined NOT to miss this Manic Monday …. lol even if it's on a Friday … 🙂

    Thank you …. you're too good to us 🙂 …

    AKR (Trinidad)

  10. Jeremy

    Ley Line Drifter was my favorite. I’ such a huge Bis fan, and Jenks is awesome too! Please tell me there will be more Bis in A Perfect Blood.

  11. Looking so forward to this as well as super-excited about the upcoming Perfect Blood release! Already pre-ordered for download the second it becomes available! 🙂

  12. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-Jim from Warren. I will be getting your anthologies on Kindle we just have to straighten out Jeff Bezos.I have had to give up reading print,doc says my one eye won’t take it. Kindle is my true love now untill the color tablet comes down in price, and gets the 9 in screen.I don’t miss a stroke on most of your books Amazon has all of the Dawn Cook series too,they are just inconsistent about putting both names on the cover.I think you should hold Manic Mondays on friday,or tues more often,shake people up a little.

  13. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Tomorrow (today) looks promising. As devoted as I am to your work, I have missed a couple of those anthologies.

    You produced 4 volumes, tomes…last year, how many are planned for 2K12? So far, if I am right, there are 3. (A. Perfect. Blood, Harrison Anthology, and maybe GN2)


  14. Oh yay I just read Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel! It was fun getting to meet Rachel as a teen 🙂

  15. Linda Lou

    Hey Kim-
    Looking forward to reading the anthology with characters you talk about in the box. I thought I would just have to be curious forever. Loved the “Insider” by the way. It’s a work of art! Being born in the year of the Dragon myself -I’m looking forward to that too…maybe a potential positive.
    Can yall see the Northern Lights from the solar flares where you live?

    • Thank you, Linda. The Insider was truly a labor of love for me. I was lucky that my editor took it and ran with it.

      We have had sucky skies the last couple of nights. No lights. Conditions have to be perfect because of the latitude.

  16. Jenny

    I just realized the only short I’ve read is the “Unbound” one, so I would love to read the others.Ah Kisten, I still miss you 🙂
    Didn’t you also mention there was a very short piece in a book of demon anthologies?

    • jkh

      The book is “Demons,” ed. by John Skipp. Some of the stories are way, way out there, full of socially unacceptable language and beyond my comprehension of the plot. Kim Harrison’s contribution is The Bespelled, and she is listed on the cover. I inadvertently bought it (too fast on the clicker finger), and will be cashing it in at Half Price Books.

    • Hi Jenny. I’ve got the Bespelled in there, but it’s not a new story and you can read it at the end of the mass market of The Outlaw Demon Wails.