So yesterday I spent a few minutes on iTunes and found an hour of cricket sounds to serve as white noise in my very quiet, very welcomely quiet, office.  It might be five minutes looping, but it sounds good to me.  😉

Work is moving forward at a faster clip than expected, and I should have the Harrison anthology (September 2012) off my desk by the end of the month or shortly thereafter.  The last story is going to give me issues, (Grace) and I want to go over the first again (Trent and Jenks’ elf quest) to see if I’ve made him too soft in my attempts to bring out more elf culture.  He feels soft to me, and that’s not what I wanted.  Balance, balance . . .

Today, though, I’ll be working with Meg, who, if you remember, is a creepy sort of story that leans toward the fairytale horror that you’re seeing on a lot of SiFi shows right now.  This is the one in the bunch that I think my editor was the most excited about, and the one that would play the most havoc with my balance if I developed it into a full novel.  (because of the horror.)  I don’t see it as a series, but as a stand-alone.  It has a wonderful voice I’ve not worked in for a long time.

Stand alones are not popular at all right now, but this one feels powerful enough to make it.  (shrug)  We’ll see. If someone wants it, they want it.  If not, I might just write it to get it out of my mind so I can write something else. I feel pretty good with several outstanding ideas with which to play with in the coming years.  (Ah, they aren’t outstanding quite yet, but the bones lend themselves to outstanding if the work is put into them.)  It’s all very wide open.  As the song says, “You don’t get open, You just are open.”

Early heads up: We’re going to have a Manic Monday on Friday in celebration of The Year of the Dragon.


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  1. Heya Kim,
    so, did I interpret that right, that the Harrison anthology is an anthology with short stories written solely by you? That’d be cool! Looking forward to reading from other fantastic worlds that reign in your brain 😉

    • Hi Amy. Yes! All me. It looks like there is going to be half old, half new, and one of the exciting things to me is that several of the stories revolve around one type of beastie, showing you how it evolved over time.

  2. I laughed when I was the title of your post, crickets. When I’m at work at the tv station and everything is going wrong and no one is responding to you on headset, we refer to that as crickets. Cause it’s that calming quiet noise just before everything explodes. lol Cannot wait for more Trent in the upcoming anthology.

  3. theweightofsilence

    I haven’t written in a very long time. I feel like it’s just gone. I might have an idea, but I just sit there, staring at a blinking cursor. Then I cry, because I no longer have words. At least, they haven’t shown themselves. Not too long ago, I wrote 2 sentences that I felt were brilliant. But then I didn’t know where to go. What was the story? I didn’t know. So I stopped. I haven’t written since. That being said, I’m glad you have ideas. And, crickets are a very interesting choice 😀

    • Holy cow, TWS, don’t hold yourself to such a high standard on that first draft. I certainly don’t.

      If there is one thing I try to get across to budding writers is that anything that you see on the shelf started as crap. Published authors do not sell their first draft because it’s crap. It’s ugly, messy, and the plot has holes you can throw a cat through.

      Don’t spend time writing two brilliant sentences, spend it on two pages of fertilizer. Then go back and make it mean something.

      You can’t make progress writing brilliant things. The good stuff, really good stuff that means something, comes from wallowing in fertilizer.

      Taking a day off to write out a paragraph or two on how you want the story to end helps, too.

  4. Lynne

    Kim, I am excited to read the Anthology! Would love to learn more about Trent and the elves. It’s funny that you have the sound of crickets as your white noise… when I first read that I instantly thought of the dessert scene in Pale Demon. I so love the series! Thanks sooo much for writing and sharing them with us. P.S. I couldn’t resist, I had to read the first 4 chapters! LOVE THEM!!

  5. I think the Meg story sounds wonderful and I hope I get to read it one day. Since my early reading was romance novels, I’m used to stand alone stories.

  6. I thought today was Tuesday but turns out it’s Wednesday, and now there’s going to be a Manic Monday on Friday. I’ll never get my days straightened out!

    I like series and stand alones, but it does seem like most books in sci fi/fantasy or mystery are series these days. I don’t read a lot of horror but that seems to be a genre where stand alones are more common.

    It’s great that you have some different ideas to choose from when you’re finished with the Hollows. Options are good.

    • -grin- I keep close track of the days. It’s the weeks that somehow seem to escape me.

      Options are very good, but I’ve found that I like best what I don’t share until the end. (shrug) I guess it all goes back to the “crap” philosophy.

  7. Diva

    Ooh, elf culture! I can’t wait! I can’t get enough of the elves and demons in your books. I want to know more, always more. Truth be told I’m sort of over the vampires and the Weres in the Hollows (no offense to Ivy or David). Those species had more of the spotlight in the earlier books and we even know more about the demons now, but the elves still remain largely unknown. I hope the demons and elves aren’t totally shut out of the last book. That would just be sad.

  8. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Aww crickets. They remind me of staying at my grandparents house when I was younger. They live in a very small town in the country, deep in the woods, near a lake. And I never knew crickets could be that loud.. or soothing before then.

    Your creepy stand alone sounds up my alley. I’ve been reading zombies lately.

    And this might be a stupid question.. but I was wondering, since ur going to a library on ur stop at Boston.. does that mean I will need to already have “perfect blood” purchased or will they be selling them there?

    • I have been known to pile rocks to invite crickets to live near my window.

      Not a bad question at all, Lynn. The library stops are always attended by a bookstore that brings in the latest, and often the older titles. You should be able to purchase one there.

  9. jkh

    Do stand-alones as well as series. They are different challenges; mostly the diffferent story arc. You can expand and complicate with a series, but a stand-alone requires succintness without choppiness. At any rate, once I find an author I enjoy, I’ll read just about anything s/he has written, even if I disagree with some of the ideas or storylines. Another problem with series is trying to find the earlier volumes; especially if you’re a library- or second-hand-consumer.

  10. Yasmin

    I’m a dedicated Hollows fan but I am also ADD and I REALLY appreciate stand alone novels 🙂

  11. Victoria Eskey

    I am so excited to hear we will be meeting Grace soon. 🙂 and I most definately agree that Trent is not “soft”…. but when it comes to heritage and culture, people can be both fiercely proud and softly nostalgic. I am confident you will find the perfect balance.
    Meg. Spiders. Sci-Fi. Horror. Could you make me want to read this any more? Haha. I have seen the trend for series, but I am a looong time reader of Michael Crichton. His Fiction was mostly stand-alones. I think they were stronger because of it. The whole world and all of the story had to make it on the page, because that glimpse was all you got.

    • I like short stories, Victoria for just that reason of needing to be succinct in setting a stage. They remind me of home-grown plays with excellent talent but little stage setting, where a chair, a rug, and a lamp can be an entire living room, the rest fleshed out by the way the actor speaks. Ahhhhhh (shiver) I love talent like that.

  12. Howdy ma’am,

    Manic Monday Friday sounds like a fun way to end the week. My new video card arrives Friday so now I have 2 things to look forward to.

    There are many people(me included) that like stand alones. No matte though, if you write it we will read it.

    Oh btw, the icon I use now is Fuzzy, the Dreamweaver. 🙂


  13. The new anthology sounds promising! To be honest I always wanted to know more about Trent and elf culture. Also It’s gonna be very interesting to see the interaction of these two working together.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your new office.
    I have an app called “white noise” in my mac and has all kind of noises like ocean and wind. I think you would like that… I think it’s for mac, iphone and Ipad. Not sure though.
    Yay for Manic Friday! LOL

  14. James R. Fox

    Hi-Ms. Kim its Jim from Warren-glad you found an acceptable white noise level,that does help. Now you need an acceptable cat level.I’m waiting with bated breath on Perfect blood. I almost said on the Perfect Blood,I was chatting with Ms Selene, who has never gotten over slav grammar (Ms Selene is a Moor from the Mahgreb whose family moved to the Russia,and she learned English after learning the Russian, and each language has a new system of writing,Arabic,Kyrillic,and Latin, and its own system of grammar) She says living around Christians has ruined her,she drinks the occasional cocktail,has eaten pork,and(gasp) fell in love with a girl. She really can’t go home again.I think that might make a good story,I might kick it around.Mass Quantities of good luck on the writing.

  15. Yay Manic Monday Friday- what?! O.o Yay Manic stuff!!

    I’m ridiculously excited about another year of multiple Harrison releases. It’s the kind of news I need today, with everything that’s going wrong. Ugh. I need 100% less cattiness in the world.
    Also, I still love a really good stand alone novel. I’m becoming better at thinking in terms of long terms series (since it can be a selling point and is also, fun!) I usually come up with a stand-alone idea though. That’s what I really like.

    • Stand alones are not as good a risk for the publishers, but they are great for the new writer as the publisher has to commit to more when they take that new writer on. You get a couple of years instead of one to prove your work.

      DWW was supposed to be a short story, much less a 12 volume series, so you never know.

  16. MelanieS

    Ooo. That sounds wonderful. I love the sound of crickets.

    I admit, I prefer series over stand alone stories. That’s only because I fall so in love with the characters and stories, one book feels too fast to let them go. That doesn’t mean I won’t read the stand alone novel, especially if it’s yours. I’d read anything you write. (Err.. almost anything. Most non-fiction makes me drool and snore.)

    • I like the natural pacing of a series, myself, but a stand alone usually lets me get an idea out, rather than a truth.

      Series are for truths. Shorts, novellas, and stand-alones are for ideas.