What is this “2” you speak of?

Two?  Two degrees?  Seriously?  I think I heard some nose hairs shatter this morning when I took the dogs out.  But it’s nice and warm in my office, and very still outside my windows.  No runners this morning, no one walking their dogs.  I’m just glad it’s not windy.  Most of my outside plants are good to that temp, but I might have just lost all my lavender.  Two degrees . . .  Not unheard of, but unusual for lower MI.  Once every fifteen years or so.  Maybe it will kill the bugs.

So, I’m officially in my new office.  I had lunch yesterday in my old one, already repurposed to a nice reading/eating nook area. It’s still kind of a mess, but that is what the weekends are for.  At least I’m not going to have to buy any furniture for the switcheroo, (except maybe a bookshelf) but I will likely have to upholstery a settee that I purchased last year and has been sitting in an upstairs hallway.  Next warm afternoon (HA!) I’ll take it outside, put a dust mask on, and rip it down to wood and springs.  Meantime, I will have to go fabric shopping.  That could take weeks.  I don’t think I’ll have the reading nook done anytime soon . . .

But my office is done apart from two blinds that had to be specially ordered, everything switched in an afternoon, which I think is nothing short of miraculous.  As you can see, I brought my desk plants with me.  They are liking it as much as I am. Mr. Fish is happy, and the dogs love it.  Yesterday, I got a lot done, so I do believe I’m going to call it good, and just enjoy having the best room in the house.  (snerk)  Besides, I do let Guy in here.  He has his own chair and table for his morning coffee.




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  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Too cute. And the office is nice lookin too 😉
    We got some snow this weekend. So I stayed in, as much as possible and had my first look at Game of Thrones. Needless to say I’ve watched the whole season and eagerly await April for season 2. I loved it.
    So I was looking at ur book tour dates. Wow, how do u do it? Ur bouncing like an energizer bunny from one place to the next. I’m very happy ur going to Boston. I look forward to meeting u. But please don’t hold it against me if I blush as red as a tomato and swallow my tongue. Ha!.. but really.

    • Our snow is in the process of being washed away. Typical MI winter, I’m afraid.

      Yeah. I was looking at the tour this weekend, trying to psyche myself up. It’s going to be a hard one. I don’t put the media stops up on the website, so it’s even more full than it looks. urg.

  2. mudepoz

    http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=2933675576744&saved My office isn’t quite as neat as yours. Then again, you don’t have zombie dogs attempting to eat your brain. Please note, there are NO plants in my office.

  3. Vampyre

    Heowdy ma’am,

    As I read all these posts about snow, ice, and freezing winds, I am reminded of the one thing I do like about S.E.Ga., it was 70 today. 🙂

    While I wait for the release of A PERFECT BLOOD, I am going to read books 4 and 5 of the Stepheny Plum series. I got hooked on them after seeing the ONE FOR THE MONEY trailer. It looks like a fun movie. I like the books even though they’re supefree.


    • I’ve been watching the southern weather, and it does look fab, Vampy. Enjoy. I’ll think of you when you hit 98.

      I’ve heard the Plum series if fantastic, yes.

  4. theweightofsilence

    It frequently gets that cold here in MN, and I intensely dislike any temperatures below freezing, haha.

    I like your new office, it looks like a great place to work! I hope you get to work on your settee soon!


  5. Hi Kim!
    Congrats on the new office. It looks cozy and warm, the dog underneath is definitely enjoying it. =)
    I noticed something also… do you keep post-its all over your computer? (just curious)
    we’re having -1/-4 here and so far over 50cm of snow… I did a bit of snow work yesterday in our back yard… I’ll try to post pics later.
    Anyway Have a nice weekend! I’m off to bake some shortbread cookies.

    • Hi Flo. It is a pleasant place to work from sun-up to sun down. It’s hard to sit in my old office when the sun leaves it, and now I don’t have that problem. A lot fewer distractions, too.

      Okay, you’ve got us beat with snow. Ours is gone as of today.

  6. I’m jealous of your warm office. I still have no office (it’s being used for general storage right now, sigh) and my house is very cold atm. It’s supposed to be warmer next week… (Thank [insert Deity of preference here]) Hopefully the snow will be gone soon to so I can give my boots a rest. I’m slowly stretching my boots out around my calves. I’m having to pull them on instead of zip, but they’re getting bigger so that’s all I can ask for. (Unless anybody knows how to stretch them faster in which case… Can I ask?)

    I’m just ready for January to be over so it can be February and that means that A Perfect Blood is coming out. I’m trying to plan my schoolwork better this semester so I might actually have to wait *le gasp* to read it until Spring Break 3 weeks later. But I will (probably) live.

    • jkh

      Go to your friendly shoe repair shop. They should be able to stretch them. They will charge a little bit, though.

    • I can work without a designated office space, but I’m no where near as productive. It’s far easier to find my sundry threads of thought when I’m in the same place every day.

      Oh, don’t push us into Feb yet. I’m not ready! 😉

  7. I never noticed the legs on your desk are elephants. Too cute. Good for you for calling dibs on the best room in the house!

    Btw, if you’re trying to get rid of your cold, lousy weather by sending it east? Yea, it worked. Take it back, please!!!

  8. The new office looks great. Is it on the sunny side of the house now? Is the tile floor an enclosed pork or sunroom? Have a great weekend.

  9. jkh

    Eeeeesh. Yet another reason I generally enjoy living in Seattle. (But not during Snow Weeks) We’re starting to thaw out finally today, and may even get to the mid-40’s in a day or so (unseasonably warm). I agree, the “attitude shift” has got to have something to do with all this weird weather.

    It’s Friday, which means we won’t have our Ms Kim with us for a couple of days (pout) but we know she’ll be balancing her life and recharging her creativity batteries, so it’s all good.

    And your new writing area does look nice. I’ll bet you can open it up during warmer weather, too. Remembering how much you enjoyed working on the sunporch last summer.

    • I saw what landed on you guys in Seattle. Wow. Unusual, but not unheard of. I hope it is gone soon. I know your roads aren’t made for it.

      I can’t wait to open up the windows, yes. Ahhhhhh.

  10. It looks cozy. I have been having the redecorate bug big time! I want to get a few new pieces of furniture and have a new headboard all picked out. My kitchen table needs a new coat of paint…I am waiting for warm weather..sigh. I am in Seattle this week and they have had record snow and declared an emergency because of the ice. The schools have been closed all week. Not sure I am looking forward to Michigan tomorrow tho O.O

    • It is cozy, Colleen. I think it will be a very productive place to work.

      I saw what happened in Seattle. Wow, I hope you guys melt out soon. Your roads are not made for snow, and even seasoned snow drivers would have issues.

  11. Kim,
    Your new office is beautiful and I’m sure you’ll be inspired to even greater heights of creativity there (if that is possible!), but I think it looks a little cold, itself. You should get a bigger, warmer, fuzzier carpet to go on the floor. If it was 2 degrees where I live, I’d buy a fake polar bear rug with an electric blanket style heater inside it so my feet stayed toasty. Perhaps not the aesthetic you were going for…but you’d be toasty!

    • Actually, Laurie, the floor is heated, so it is toasty and warm even in bare feet. (Which I’m typing in right now, actually.) The entire room is like a big heated dog bed. (grin)

  12. Two degrees, indeed. Remember the Christmas Day Tsunami? That geologic disaster shifted the earth’s axis by 2 degrees and Mother Nature has been working hard to put her world back in check ever since.

    Nice office space. More important though is that the critters approve. Have fun finding fabrics!

  13. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-its Jim from Warren. I got down to 9 degrees here, so I have declared a snow day. That looks like a good thinking place as well as a good working place.Have a great weekend

  14. Cat Dube-Mayhew

    Your blog always makes me laugh and how I wish 2 degrees was a cold day where I live (Canada)… It is currently -20F 😀 Hopefully it will get warmer soon!!!

  15. Melissa

    Oh I had a good laugh at that opener! It perfectly describes how I feel when I walk out & it’s so cold. Thank you! I needed that! I hope it warms up for y’all soon!

  16. MelanieS

    My children’s school is on very open land and the early learning building has a long, covered ramp to a landing before entering the doors. It is wide with wood rails on each side. One side of the landing has steps. If you walk down the ramp, there is really nothing there to block wind. Which wouldn’t be too bad, but for some reason this ramp is worse than just open. It seems to create a wind tunnel effect. Gentle breeze in the parking lot. Hair blowing, Auntie Em, hold the rail for dear life on the ramp.

    The steps were busy this morning with parents and children under the age of seven. I took the wind tunnel. Nothing like being blasted with a tornado of icy wind.

    Luckily W.Michigan wasn’t as cold. We were sitting around 10 degrees. Mmm. Toasty!

    Thank you for sharing a picture. Yep! Drooling! It’s beautiful.

    • Oohhhh, I’ve seen those! They tend to make a mess in the entry way, too.

      Looks like we’re in for even warmer weather for a while. Enjoy it while you can. You know it’s not over! 😉