Slogging boldly

I don’t particularly want to talk about why I didn’t get through chapter four yesterday.  (snerk)  But I didn’t, and I should have in my thoughts.  In my own defense, it’s a massive chapter, weighing in at about 24 pages, but I’ve been working on it for three or four days.  True, it’s pivotal, one of those chapters that the entire book hinges on, more so than usual–but four days?  *sigh*  Complicated, yes, but it’s starting to feel simple, which is what I’m aiming for.

And yet, I’m excited to work on it this  morning.  I’m almost there, down to the tweaking of who has what gun and why did she bring a knife to a gun fight?  It feels really good, and I will celebrate with a piece of cheese when I’m done.  -laugh-

Harper has released chapter three of A PERFECT BLOOD.  Check it out!  Click for chapter three.  If you need to catch up, the main page is here.  Harper Voyager Blog

PS  Does anyone remember how you take yourself off the “notify me of new comments/posts” by email?  It seems to me that sometimes you have to go into your preferences area when simply unchecking the boxes don’t work.  Any ideas?


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30 responses to “Slogging boldly

  1. Emily

    I loved chapter 3 and can’t wait until chapter 4! It’s a bit bittersweet, though, seeing as when the book comes out in February I’ll already be 5 chapters in! But I just can’t seem to help myself in reading them! Oh well…thanks for the great writing though! I can hardly wait until I have the book in front of me 🙂

  2. Ruth

    My goodness me Ms Harrison. What tangled webs you weave. 3 chapters in on the edge of my seat. Cannot wait for this book to land on my doorstep.

  3. Gwen

    Oh man, I can’t wait for this book!!!!

  4. Paula

    will the new cover art be available as a wall paper like the last 2. I use it as wall paper on my computer screen. just love it

    can’t wait for the new book on audio, I get a lot of wool spinning done when listening, two great things at one time

  5. Lesley

    Oooh, this is such a wonderfully creepy story! *happy dance* I agree with the others that a spoiler page would be lovely. Even if only 3 chapters are out!

  6. lizardgirl

    celebrate with a piece of cheese! my goodness you’re a wild one, LOL

  7. Victoria Eskey

    Hi Kim! 🙂 I’m wishing you much progress with the slogging! I’ve just turned back to my first NaNo novel…. very, very much incomplete. But it’s special to me as it’s 51,000 words which marks the farthest I’ve written on one story line. I haven’t gotten to the slogging yet, I’m still trying to find my ending. I know where I want to end up, I know how it ends… I’m just trying to get there.

  8. Where is the spoilers page? You don’t really expect us to stay away from the new chapters, do you? You are such a tease, Kim!

    I am so excited. Hopefully, this book is going to be a good present for me, arriving right after my exam.

  9. Yea, I’m back online! Our computer crashed a few days ago. Tried to wake it up and it was like “Eh, I don’t think so”. It was about ten years old so we did get our use out of it. Got a good deal on a new one so all is good again. I really missed reading the daily posts and comments.
    Slogging is good. It is stil moving forward, even if it takes a little longer to get there. Enjoy your reward!

  10. I’d like to help but, I don’t get the notifications.. I never want them. They build up and make my email look stuffed. But I hope you get it squared away.

    Mmm.. Simplicity. We should all aim for that more, in everything.

  11. Howdy ma’am,

    You are wise to avoid computer games because they can be very addicting. Back when I lived in Fresno, I had a friend that was married.(emphasis on ‘was’) I let him play some of my games and he was hooked. His wife left him. I really felt bad about that.

    I love my games. I play mostly Role Playing games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or Fall Out: New Vegas. RPGs are like interactive books to me. Ever decision I make affects how the story will turn out.

    My current game is Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is set a couple of thousand years before the movies. My main character is similar to Han Solo.

    It is also a Massive Multi-player Online(MMO) game so there are 1000s of other people around to interact with or adventure with.

    Until you decide to hang up your pen, and retire, stay away from computer gaming. You family, friends and readers would really miss you.


    • SWTOR is calling my name. I haven’t gotten into it yet.. trying to wait out the craze. It looks great and a lot of my friends are really happy with it, especially the story aspect. Have fun with the force!

    • At this time, I’m having a pretty good time. I did accidentally delete my favorite alternate character. I miss little Cinnamin. She was a quirky green girl on her way to becoming a great Jedi Knight.


    • Trust me, Vampy, I hear what you are saying. But it bears repeating, nevertheless.

  12. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-ts Jim from Warren. I always thought you took a knife to a gun fight because they are quiet,don’t need to re-load, and look sexy on the book cover.But then,what do I know,I just took them from psychotic clients during home visits.(I was a psychiatric social worker worker for the wefare dept,many people are homeless and jobless due to untreated mental or emotional probs) I really hope you burn up the keyboard today.

  13. alexa

    Hi Kim
    I used to have the same problem, then I realized you have to go to your Account, click on Dashboard, then Blogs I Follow, and then click DELETE to stop receiving emails for the post. Is what worked for me…hope that it helps.

  14. 0n your Dashboard, then Settings, then Discussion you can check or uncheck boxes for email notification. Are those the boxes you’ve already unchecked? If so, I can’t help–that’s all I know how to do!

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