I like snow, and I’m not going to apologize for it.  I knew there were a couple of systems moving toward Michigan, with the barest chance we might get some snow last night.  Sure enough, when I woke up in the middle of the night, there was a dusting.  But alas, it was gone by the time I woke up, washed away by the rain.  The real snow is still across the Great Lakes and won’t get here until tonight.  What I don’t like is ice.  Snow=good.  Ice=bad.  That’s what I’m concerned about with this next battle with Mr. Freezemiser.  My dogs don’t like snow at all, but they like it when we sit and watch Guy shovel it.

I wasn’t able to crack open chapter four yesterday as I had hoped.  I had to spend more time than expected on three when I realized that things had to happen faster and the text had to be adjusted so Peri didn’t look stupid.  Also had to go back and add in another death, fortunately this one is off page and wasn’t even her fault.  Seriously, this isn’t supposed to be a dark book, but things just kind of . . . happen?

Today is going to be rough.  I’ll be lucky to get through chapter four by the time I push back from my desk, but it will shape the rest of the book and so it deserves a little extra time.  I’ve got a bad feeling that I just trashed half of it by my tweaks in chapter three, but if the book is tighter, than that’s a good thing.


For those of you who have ordered Tour T’s and haven’t gotten them (which I hope isn’t a lot) hold on.  Guy is going to make another print run very soon.  If you want to get in on this latest go, I’m going to send you right to the website with the ordering info.  Wearing one gets you in the family photo I try to take at every store.  Oh!  And if you have shirts from previous tours, wear them to the event!  You can be in the picture, too.  😉
Click for ordering information

Can’t make it to an event?  Send me a SASE, and I’ll send you this year’s freebie.  Rachel’s Pack Tattoo!  How to get  your free tattoo



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22 responses to “Snow?

  1. I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, but if I did one of them would be to stop whining about snow. So I’ll keep quiet on that subject.

    How did your revisions go today? Did you add any more deaths?

  2. Jessica S.

    Any word yet on your other “possible” stops?

  3. Jenna Lee Janz Dobush

    Love the snow! Here in centeral Wisconsin we are having a beautiful day of snowing. But look out it is coming your way. The roads are slicker than snot on a door knob. And still we did not have a snow day! Big bummer! I am so excited about A Perfect Blood. I am counting down the days!!!

  4. Howdy ma’am,

    With the drama box closed for the holidays, I forgot to mention my Tee and tatt arrived safely. Both are great. I just wonder what the mail carrier thinks of “Vampy” in the address? Doesn’t matter. I like it.

    No snow for me way too far south. I’d love to see my dogs and cats experience snow. They never have as far as I know seen so much as a snow flake.

    Here is my favorite dog/snow video…


  5. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. I hope we get snow, the weatherman keeps promising, but all we get is rain. I hate cold and rain=ice! I still love snow,my wife and I used to walk in the snow at nite, looking at the streetlights, and the moon and the trees, and hold hands in the pocket of her coat.Then people wonder why I never re-married.

  6. Weatherman said snow. I woke up and said, this is NOT snow… it’s slush. And tonight, it will be ice. UGH. I’d prefer the snow. But with a fire, hot bevy and some homemade baked mac’n cheese later. It won’t completely suck. 🙂
    I keep looking at my tour tee. I love it!

  7. Nancy H

    The snow is falling here in Iowa! My kids are thrilled, me, not so much. But if it is going to be cold I would rather there be snow with it.

    I sent my SASE last week for my tattoo. It looks beautiful in the picture, can’t wait to see it in person!

    Thanks for all you do for your fans,

  8. Kelley Donaghy

    I’m right there with the snow thing too Kim! I live in Syracuse, NY and it is so depressing and dark without the snow. Last year we had 2 feet on the ground by now, today, it’s all rain. Blah!

  9. MelanieS

    Good morning!

    If you base it off my own children, 2 out of 5 children under the age of 5 years old will firmly believe that someone is stealing snow if they witness someone other than family shoveling! The first time this happened a neighbor was helping out and decided to surprise me by shoveling our walk for us. My son ran to me in a panic telling me someone was stealing our snow.

    Then my second youngest son, many years later (but right around the same age), also panicked while we were waiting in our vehicle at a grocery store. An employee was shoveling the walk and he too was upset thinking someone was stealing snow. hah. Maybe it’s just my babies.

    Our dog, Max, hates anything wet/cold. He’s two years old and the first snow we got, I tried to take him outside in the morning, opened the back door and he ran with joy until he got onto the porch. He reeled back as he spotted the snow, inched back to the door and gave me a look that said, “What? You expect me to go outside in that? No way, I don’t think so.”

    • That is too funny, Melanie! I love it! Guy is outside right now, stealing snow of the sidewalk.

      My dogs don’t like the snow much either. We made a snow shelter for them this year, and there is much less balking at the door now.

  10. Yes, the snow is on its way to you. I’m a smidgen further south at the tip of Lake Michigan and it’s moving in as I type. I can’t wait! I love snow too 🙂 Ice, definitely not! We prepped the snow blower yesterday. Bring it on!
    Your new project sounds exciting! I know it will be great as it seems to be challenging you 😉 What’s that saying? Something about hard work brings the most satisfaction. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    • We got it, Gail! It took all day, but it finally got across the Great Lakes.

      Hard work brings the most satisfaction, eh? I’ll go along with that.

      Happy New Year!

  11. AKR (Trinidad)

    …. ohh ohhh I forgot to say I DID get my tour tee…. and pack tattoo and it’s beautiful. I love it Thank you …. 🙂

    Yes .. Snow indeed, we’re supposed to get a pounding tonight into tomorrow here in Toronto …
    Besides the shoveling part I’m looking forward to it … 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)