Working. Just working

I will admit that it was a relief to finally sit back down in my office chair this week.  I’ve been working all through the break, admittedly not hardcore about it but still getting things done.  I called the rough draft of the book I started for NaNo finished, and yesterday I started over with chapter one, knowing far more about the story now than I did back on the third of November.  It’s changed, evolved, and I’ve found a lot of the things I knew I needed when I started, but not where they actually were.  It was very much a seat of the pants run-through–even if I had my chapter outlines at all times.  (They changed almost weekly, but that worked well.) I wasn’t surprised, and it was easy to shift from my highly regimented outline technique I’ve been working with the last five years or so to a freer style.  I have no idea if this is going to be my next series, but I like it, and it speaks to me.  As I go deeper, it connects more to a new set of ideas and less to the whispers of Rachel still drifting in the back of my techniques.  All good.

But getting back to my office . . .  That was and is a relief.  Though I’ve cultivated the skill of being able to work anywhere, having a place to work that is one’s own is surprisingly important.  It’s ugly outside, but inside I’ve got a slew of orchids re-blooming and some weird succulent plant I picked up at a plant sale this summer is sending up a three ft tall spike that I think is going to turn into a leaf. Mr Fish has become aggressive over the last few months, meaning he is about a year from the great mud puddle in the sky.  The print on my keyboard is slowly being worn off, and I’ve begun to try to save the individual keys with a silver pen.  The sun travels a slowly shifting arch each day from extreme to extreme, the pattern familiar and reassuring.

Everything before me as I sit at my desk changes slowly over time, growth and decline happen gradually, with no surprises.  It’s very much like the process of writing.  The mind falls into an easy drift of pattern recognition, and it’s comforting knowing that though change, like progress on the book, is slow, it does occur.

or maybe I just need a new keyboard and a new set of blinds . . .


P.S.  I’ve updated the event’s schedule.  Times and places are now listed, but as before, please check back a few days before going to an event as things often, er, change.  Click for event’s page



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  1. Hi Kim,
    I’ve been away from my computer for a couple of days. So I took a look at your stats just now, and I have to say that you are a very loved author. Of course I knew that before I saw your stats.
    Some days I wish I could just climb inside your head and play in your playground for a while. You have the most awesome imagination.
    I don’t where I was looking when I saw that S.F. was dropped from your tour, but I’m glad to see that it hasn’t been.
    I will definitely be out to see you in March when you come to California either in S.F. or in San Bruno, whichever one I can get to.
    I’m glad your back in your writing chair, and I can’t wait to see what kind of stories you come up with next.
    I hope 2012 will be a very good year for you.

  2. Kitten


    Please come down to australia for a signing!

  3. Kim!! 🙂 I’m soo glad you’ve been happily busy even during your winter break. I’ve torn through the world book several times now, and totally waiting for a perfect blood to release! 🙂 My co-worker Heidi is through DWW, and starting TG,B&U…. she’s really enjoying the series. She told me it’s my *fault* for getting her hooked haha.
    The next few months will be pretty dramatic on my end. My new adopted puppy-dog tested positive for heartworms so we will begin treatment soon. I’m plotting along in my NaNo story. The assassins and the traitor are getting more “page-time” as you say.

    • That’s great about your NaNo book, Victoria! Keep it going.

      So sorry to hear about your puppy. It’s not fun when your pets are ailing. Fortunately they can do something about them now. It used to be they just put the animal down.

      Thank you so much for getting your co-worker hooked! It’s always more fun when you can talk Hollows with someone. 😉

  4. Jamer R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren.I got my comp going! And like I said on last weeks post,do pick up some skyr.You can get it in the yogurt asle if its a regular store. With 0% fat and all protien, It’s not only good for us chronologically challenged folks, it’s good for advanced adolescents in their 40’s.Smudge and I were re-reading some of the hollows stuff and we’re wondering-where are Ivy’s grandparents and great grands. Didn’t make the 40 year cut-off?

    • Jamer R. Fox

      Hi Ms Kim-I forgot to ask I know your getting all things Hollows to the publisher,but do you have 1 or 2 graphic novels in the works?

    • I’ll look for that, Jim. Thanks!

      Ivy’s grandparents are twice dead. They couldn’t make it past the ceiling.

      Ahh, two graphic novels. Blood Crime should be out next December.

  5. jkh

    OK, Jon in the U.P.: I could only think of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I guess it’s sort of like our West Seattle, which claims to be a city unto itself. You definitely got me!

    It is midwinter to me, a time when I feel justified in cocooning myself indoors and doing things like reading, watching DVDs, making soups, even writing. I’m very happy to be in my little den, but I’ve been told to get out in daylight every day to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. As long as it isn’t raining sideways…

  6. I’m glad you are ready to get back to work, we all benefit from that. I just took a look at your stats. Wow!

  7. wow, that baby is tall! 🙂

    looking forward to seeing you in Feb!

  8. Dominique Z.

    Quick question: The last event posted is this, Grand Rapids, MI:
    Schulers Books and Music
    2660 28th Street SE
    616 942 2561

    5:00 pm
    There is not a date on this stop but there is a time. My husband and I are considering driving to MI (doubling vacation with author signing:) but this would have to be on a Friday from what I can tell. Can you confirm yet or maybe you don’t know. Either way is ok.
    Thanks much!

    • OMGosh, sorry, Dominique. It’s Saturday, March 10th. It had been pending, and I missed putting in the date when it became final. Thanks for catching that.

      Hope to see you there! I’m hoping to make it an end-of-tour party.

  9. As long as none of the keys stick and you are happy with typing on silver letters, keep the keyboard. That is unless you have a 20% off paper bag from Office Max or some other such discount deal.

    New blinds . . . maybe, or at least new sheers.


  10. That 3-ft spike is pretty impressive. If you get a chance later, I’d love to see what it becomes.

    Here’s a cool stop-motion video that has fun with books.