Taking some time off

They say if you are too busy to take a vacation, that you’re not doing it right, so in regards to me keeping a balance that enables me to get everything done and still stay reasonably sane, I’m going to sign off the drama box for a week or so to better enjoy my family.  Trust me, I’m still working.  Even though I try not to carry my work with me when I push back from my desk at the end of the day, it’s hard to shake it off, especially when you love what you do.  I’ll still be dropping comments/notices on my FB page, but I will not be here at the drama box.

So Guy and I and the boys wish you all a safe, contented holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or simply recognize the Solstice.  It’s telling that all three are vastly different, but celebrating the same darn thing–the new light in the dark.

But I’m a broad-sweep kind of a girl and never much cared for the details.





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41 responses to “Taking some time off

  1. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Jim from Warren.Pssst-I’m not really here either,but Smudge made me pre-order A Perfect Blood-on Kindle so we can see it.I mean you ever try to buy reading classes for a cat?(Who is 15 jan 30-don’t tell anybody-is really 16,she’s in a holding pattern,female perogative you know)

  2. Yay! Thanks for the reminder! Hope you had an excellent start of the year! Enjoy the quality family time and be happy!

  3. jkh

    [sigh] When is our two weeks up? I miss the interplay with all of you and especially our Ms Kim.

    Jim-from-Warren, you may expect an e-mail from me soon.

    MistressNyx, thanks for the reminder about The Insider–I “gulped” it when I got it but hadn’t given it the leisurely, appreciative re-read. (A sidebar: The cover is glow-in-the-dark, and last night my kitty saw it on the floor beside my bed, and had to creep up on it to investigate!)

    • My cat did the same! It was on my night table and she had to investigate! 🙂

    • James R. Fox

      JKH- Jim from Warren here. I have to read to her ,but since I got the Kindle e-book, she can read it herself.I got Pale Demon that way, but of course I had to read Hollows Insider as I got the hardcore edition(not a typo, you try reading with 1 blind eye,cant see much with the other,plus dislexia.)Also I scored some skyr, didn’t know we had vikings etc in warren. Florencia can tell you how healthy that is,I’m gonna turn on ms Kim when she gets back,she’s still adolescent I know,but now is the time to start eating skyr instead of baked goods.(Ren you are NOT a mature adult untill you are 70)

    • James R. Fox


    • jkh

      Ah, Oliver sometimes watches TV but he’s not one for being read to. One of his predecessors did, though; got all excited when his “Mom” my daughter was reading aloud. He’d sit in her lap and comment as she read.

  4. Hi Kim,

    Enjoy your time off and get plenty of rest. 🙂

  5. Ummm is there any chance you could tell me which branch of the Boston Public Library it is that you’ll be at on February 23rd? (its my birthday and i’ve got my heart set on getting to go to your book signing that day but i dont know boston all that well and was looking to try to find the library’s location and found online that they have MANY branches throughout boston, and i SO dont want to get to one of them and find out you’re at a different one and then maybe miss your signing.. (i’m hoping to be able to make a day of it and get some friends together and all go to your signing and then maybe to the aquarium and a museum or two and then maybe go out to a club or something.. but well since the highlight for ME would be meeting an author who’s books i love, well missing that because of not being sure of the location would REALLY suck…

    Oh and i’m through the roof with happiness today since am starting reading The Hollows Insider, got a copy to read today, and first thing i looked for was to see if you had included the pain amulet recipe like i’d said when you asked for suggestions (i’d reccomended that one and i’d told my idea that willow would be a good component since willow bark can relieve pain and is were aspirin was discovered from and i’d said it’d be need to include stuff like that in the spells) and well i saw you DID include willow bark as an ingredient so i am SO thrilled and really feel super special to have been able to help contribute even that simple of an idea since i know i’d NEVER be able to write even a decent short story let alone a book but well i LOVE books and really partly because of MY lack of writing skills i am very much in awe of the talent you and my other favorite authors have. and well knowing i had an idea that got used in a book really REALLY makes my day and i have to say is be happiest highlight of 2011 for me which is funny since its the last day of 2011 that i found out.

    • I hope you make it to the signing. Kim is even better in person. It’s also fun to meet some of her other avid readers.


    • jkh

      Try bpl.org. You may find a list of events which would tell you which branch. And I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t drive/park in Boston; I’d camp out somewhere just outside town and take public transit.

    • there is no mention of it on the bpl.org website anywhere… i spent hours looking thats how i found out there are 26 branches of the boston public library

  6. Blessings of health and happiness in the new year to one and all.
    Happy New Year 2012!!!

  7. SeattleRobin

    Just had to post again to say I had a very Hollows Christmas! I received the Hollows Insider and Blood Work as gifts, and I gave Blood Work to my best friend, along with the Insider poster I managed to get from your giveaway. She was tickled with the poster, especially that it was signed. My sister snickered at me going into the bathroom after unwrapping presents to see if my book glowed in the dark. It does. I was happy. 🙂

  8. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim it’s jim from Warren. hopefully, I’ll have my comp fixed next year-my foster daughters husband is a computer repairman, and will do it free as soon as the holiday rush is over. In the meantime I wish you and Guy and the boys a wonderfull holiday, and Smudge and Quigley wish Alex and Xander merry claws.

  9. johann gambolputty

    So happy whatever (I’m a little late late on that, sorry) and a Perfect Bloody New Year!
    Sorry for misprints, english is my second language.
    I can’t wait for your new book, as for “The Hollows” on TV. Who will play Rachel? For my opinion, Eve Myles( Gwen Cooper from “Torchwood) will be the perfect R., ass-kicking&great actor skills).
    I can’t wait, I can’t wait… With my local bookseller, I will have your new book right about my birthday (pre-ordered as soon as possible), so thank you for making my days a perfect (bloody) ones.
    Love you

    • Linda Lou

      Wow -Eve Myles as Rachel -yes!! I was just thinking that yesterday. That would be fantastic! My favorite actress from my favorite tv show playing my favorite character from my favorite author – now that would be a happy new year!! Here’s hoping…

  10. bratty

    i hope you have a very good winter solctice !!!!!!!! but i hope that this really is NOT the last book that would be so sad . i enjoy reading your books !!!!! and i hope all works out in the next book if it is the last !!!!!!!!

  11. Heather

    While i wish you a very peaceful vacation, i am soo sad that A Perfect Blood is the last in the series.

    happy holidays and enjoy your time off!!!

    Heather Kongira

  12. Denise Keef

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy…relax and unwind!

  13. Tim Collins

    Time Off seems like a pretty good Xmas Present to me…


    Happy Holidays to you and yours Ms. Kim.

    ( Can still hear the fire cracklin, and smell the sweet smoke of maple leaves.)

    Take care,

    Tim & Karen

  14. Embrace the season
    Fill it with love and family and friends
    See you on the flip side.

  15. Hi Kim, this is my first visit to your blog but I just wanted to say that the accessibility and sense of liveliness in your novels has really made a huge impact to my understanding of what urban fantasy can be, and has given me a sense of direction in my own writing, which often fought standard fantasy directions. So, even though its silly, I just wanted to say thank you and happy holidays! Hope its a good one!

  16. Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and Blessed Be Ms. Kim and family! Hope it doesn’t get too snowy for you. One question though. Is A Perfect Blood supposed to be out in the electronic form already? Amazon has it listed.

  17. SeattleRobin

    Happy Holidays to you and your family, Kim! I hope you find time to relax and enjoy the season.

  18. Nici from Vienna

    Hi Kim,

    I wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year. Enjoy your time off 🙂


  19. twsier

    Happy Solstice. It did seem to take a while for the sun to rise this morning.lol Todays the best day to look at lights if you ask me 🙂 Good for you! Tis the time for breaks! Enjoy your family and the holidays themselves. Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year!

  20. Randy

    A peaceful holiday to you as well, Kim. All best in the coming new year for you and yours.

    Happy writing, Randy

  21. I wish you all the best of the season, Kim. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Enjoy the family time. It’s the best thing ever.

    Sabrina (not posting much this year but still lurking around)

  22. peace to you and yours! Oh and thank you for my Christmas present! My husband bought me a burning bunny pin as one of my girts and it came a few days ago; which was a surprise because I know you have been very busy; so thank you again. 🙂

  23. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Enjoy ur time off with ur family, Kim. Have a very Merry Christmas to u and urs! See ya next year. (I’ve always enjoyed saying that) 🙂

  24. Linda Lou

    Hey Kim-
    Happy Solstice. Yay-sun’s coming back! I must say- your blog is like a ray of sunshine in the mornings. I’m very glad you’re there. Hope you have a happy holiday! I’ll light a bonfire for you on New Years Eve.

  25. MelanieS

    I think you go above and beyond as is. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time!

  26. Hey Kim,
    great idea. Have a great time with your family. I have a little present for you: the cover for the German version of Madison 3
    It will come out in March and it translates into “Bad girls don’t die”. Sounds cool! 🙂
    I wish you a fantastic, relaxing, enlightened festive season!

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