The next Hollows book will be called . . .

I put in a late night yesterday working on the freebies, (click to get yours) which meant I woke up this morning grumpy and slow–and remembering my last dream.  It was of birds, and not just any birds, but baby birds.  About five or six of them in all stages of growth in the same nest from just hatched to almost ready to open their eyes.  I was very worried about the little ones.

Not many people know it, but I raised canaries for about two to three years after I was let go from the job that was going to see me to retirement.  (Feels like it was a lifetime ago, and in fact, it was for my son.)  I doubt I made any money at it, but it gave my mind something to focus on and a chance to see something positive when things were not that glowy.

Now, I’m not ready to apply any dream analysis on it simply because I know the dream stemmed from FINALLY seeing birds at my feeders yesterday after months of them ignoring them.  There’s a lot of food available in the area for the wild birds this early in winter, seeing as I live surrounded by farms and shallow lakes.  It’s only when they are very stressed do they come into town–kind of like the deer.  (Which we occasionally see sleeping, yes sleeping, in the middle of the still-warm road.  Stupid deer.)

If you haunt my FB, you probably already know this, but yesterday I released the name of the next Hollows book after A PERFECT BLOOD.  Book eleven will be titled EVER AFTER, playing on one of the latest movies Clint Eastwood directed, HEREAFTER.  Thanks, Mr. Eastwood.  That was a great title to borrow!


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  1. twiser

    I knew this title was coming sooner or later. I like it and hope she saves it, as is titled. But now I want it too 😉

  2. Ever After is a great title. Lots of interesting ways to interpret those two words!

  3. Perfect! I can’t wait, but again A Perfect Blood hasn’t come out yet so I feel like I have a lot to do until Ever After comes out! LOL. I think I will be able to see you this year since you have decided to come to Florida! Yaaaayyy.

  4. Leslie

    Please tell me Ever After isn’t the final book!

  5. AKR (Trinidad)

    Wow …. today’s entry title caught my eye …
    But that short story caught my heart … and it’s stuck somehwere in my throat …!!
    Wow …. that was a gorgeous short story, thank you so much for sharing …. I eagerly shared it with all my Hollows converts …. 🙂

    “Ever After” huh …. very cool indeed…. 🙂 … a name to fit to the next in line Hollows “must have” item …lol

    AKR (Trinidad)

  6. I got my tour T.. got a burning bunny.. and tokens.. and my tatoo. Fan-girl heaven. 😀 Merry Christmas indeed!

    To see birds in your dream, symbolizes your goals, aspirations and hopes… But your right, seeing the birds prolly sparked it. Its interesting how lil things manifest in your dreams. Sometimes even talking about something during the day.. can find its way back during your sleep. I love when I remember my dreams. Good or bad. I like knowing what my minds been brewing.

    I want to put on a sailor hat, dark pants and blue shirt.. grab my hairdryer and make sure cars pass slowly for those silly dears in the road. Yikes!

    I like the title! Glad Clint has your back 🙂

  7. Tee

    Cannot wait. Stayed up until 3 this morning finishing PERFECT BLOOD. (Those bags under my eyes are your fault!) 🙂 sigh. I adored it, so so much. No spoilers, no worries. Just wanted you to know how much I respected the development of both Rachel and Trent. Loved the new characters, loved settling back into the Hollows with great company. Thanks so much, Kim!

  8. Nice title, Kim. Now, let’s hope that the publisher likes it, too.

    This morning, we had a birdie singing it’s little heart out before the sun came up. Normally, these early, early birds are mockingbirds but this one was one of the song sparrows. I guess it wanted to get the day started before Mother Nature opened Her eyes. I sat and listened while sipping a hot coffee.

  9. Diva

    Ever After…I like it! It would have made a great title for the very last book too since it sounds like the end of something – “and they lived happily ever after.” But I’m sure you’ll come up with something equally brilliant for the last book (which I’m still hoping you’ll decide to take to 13). *wink*

    The deer sleep in the middle of the road? Oh my.

  10. Lesley

    Sweeeeeeet. (And I assume this is the one where we get the Ever After tour?)

    OMG starting to get butterflies about the Perfect Blood book! Can’t wait! Might even make it to Ohio when you stop by!

  11. Colleen

    Did I miss the release date somewhere? Can’t wait! I have finch feeders in my yard that haven’t been touched in ages. Usually the little pigs empty them faster than I can I fill them…I guess I will put some fresh seed in them this weekend and see what happens.

  12. Sean Sullivan

    I can not wait for it.