Holiday treats

I was up late last night making buckeyes, which are basically a peanut butter cup that looks like a buckeye nut.  I think it might be a Michigan thing, but could be wrong. Unfortunately I can’t share this particular holiday treat with all of you.  (I do have a literary gift in the works for you in the form of a short story and should have news soon.)  However, I do have a treat for you e-book-ers out there, and frankly, it’s better for your health than sugar, fat, and well . . . that’s all buckeyes really are, actually.

For a short time only, my publisher has made available thorough a handful of distributors, the electronic version of Holidays are Hell for a special price of $1.99.  If you remember, this is a prequel of sorts for the Hollows books, showing a much younger, not as strong Rachel Morgan, spending a winter solstice with her older brother–getting in trouble after he dares her to do a charm.  He is trying to convince her to go on to school, not the I.S. but we all know how that turned out.  (double dog dare you, anyone?)  It is available for this special price until the 26th of December.  Holidays are Hell also contains stories from Vicki Pettersson from her Zodiac series, Lynsay Sands, and  Marjorie M Liu.  If you’re looking to round out your e-library or catch up on the anthology novellas, this is a nice way to do it. Click here to find a list of distributers with this low e-book price.

Even better news is I have  a proposed date for the traditional chapter releases my publisher does right before the next Hollows book hits the shelf.  Five chapters will be released, the first one is scheduled for January 3rd, and if you are like me and tend to forget things and want notice coming to you, you can sign up Harper Voyager’s Author Tracker.  I belong to this myself, and I can promise you that they don’t flood your email with stuff, but just let you know when a new book comes out or when special promotion offers like this come to light.  Click to sign up for me or any Harper author.  I’d do this fairly soon because I don’t know when they update their email list, and I’d hate to have you miss it.  Also, if you already belong to this and have changed your address, you’ll need to re-up.

It’s rainy here today, not  snow, and I’m hoping to get some major page count into the cabinet of awesomeness.  Monday’s reorganization of thought helped, and now I have to make good.  🙂


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  1. Just so you know . . . Kim’s recipe for Buckeyes. mix 1/2 # butter, 1# peanut butter, 1 1/4 # powder sugar and 1 1/2 Tablespoon vanilla, and roll into balls.

    I usually pop them in the freezer for about 10 minutes before dipping in 1# semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1oz bakers chocolate and 1 oz of paraffin.

    After dipping, I pop them back in the freezer just to firm them up, but you don’t have to. 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Penny

    Yeah – they are an Ohio thing – Ohio State Buckeyes!! 🙂

    • Hi Penny. I asked over at FB and got an amazing response. Seems they are most prevalent east of the Mississippi, centering around MI, OH, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and NC.

  3. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Never heard of them before. And though I usually cringe when some eat eyes and claim they are a delicacy.. these “buckeyes” seem to scream delicious. 🙂
    O my.. a short story?? My grinch ass isn’t as bad all a sudden.

  4. In a perfect world, I’d spend tomorrow rereading Holidays Are Hell while eating buckeyes.

  5. Howdy ma’am,

    I am originally feom Ohio and I remember eating Buckeyes. Ohio is the Buckeye state. I am guessing there are a lot of people don:t know what real buckeyes are. 😉


  6. Can’t wait for January 3rd!

    I’d like to add my praise for Holidays Are Hell. Not only was it a great story about Rachel as a teenager, but it was the first book that introduced me to Lynsay Sands. I have since read everything else she has written! And that has launched me firmly as a reader of the paranormal/urban fantasy genre. Yes, I know it’s an addiction now. But it makes me sooooo happy!

    Have a Happy Holiday, Kim!

  7. AKR (Trinidad)

    Oh my goodness …. oh my goodness …
    Sweet … now that is definitely something look forward to ….
    Jan 3rd you say …. =) looking forward to it ..:-)

    Ok I did my paypal thingy, and followed your instructions to order two tour tees .. to a T …lol.
    So I hope that it is as it should be, but just to be sure I did email Guy. It’s the first time I’m using PayPal …!!!
    It was rainy today too, but I had a really productive day attending a Resume writing workshop and I feel almost brand new … (almost) .. *sigh* .. on with the job search … 🙂

    Have a great week all …
    AKR (Trinidad)

  8. jkh

    Yesterday you said something about “boocoo…” (fingernails on chalkboard, teeth gritting, aaaarrrrrgh) My personal twitch, sorry. The word is “beaucoup” pronounced boe-coo, French for much or many.

    You could ease my pain with a couple of buckeyes…(chuckle)

    Yay for all the good news. Certainly a nicer thing than the way I spent the majority of yesterday, sitting on one of those molded plastic chairs waiting for my turn to speak to somebody about my State-administered government benefits, and finally learning that the computer generated the demand for my presence which was completely unnecessary. (Talk about grinding one’s teeth…)

    • Ahhhh, yes. I spent a good ten to fifteen minutes on the internet trying to find out which spelling to use, if you can believe it, and since I’m not French, I went with the slang version they are using in the US. Sorry for the nails on the chalkboard.

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  10. Hey Kim!
    I never have had buckeyes before but they sure look tasty! 🙂
    and as for the release of the 5 chapters of A Perfect Blood… YAY!!!
    Happy New Year for us!

    P.S. I tried the amazon link and it didn’t gave me that price… I’m thinking it’s probably due to the fact that i’m not within the U.S… Anyway. I’ll just get the paperback. I like to have my books on print as well.
    Our snow melted away totally, it’s rainy and cold. 😦
    anyway enjoy your candy!

    • Mmmmm, I think you’re right about the price being for US purchasers. I keep forgetting they do that. I’m so sorry. That stinks.

      We’re sitting warm and rainy right now. The dogs like it, but not me.

  11. Heya Kim,
    that looks yummie!
    Just a quick reminder:
    “Taking the rest of the day off to print out (yes, I still print out) the next Hollows book after A Perfect Blood. Remind me tomorrow, and I’ll tell you what it’s going to be called. :-)”

  12. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Mmmm, love buckeyes. Always had them out for Christmas time at my Granny’s house in Kentucky, along with bourbon balls and divinity. Good memories. Don’t hear of ’em much in Missouri now, but when I go home for the holidays, somebody has made a batch I can hunt down! I should start making them….although that would be very dangerous because I wouldn’t share, but rather eat them all myself!

    Rain, rain go away. It’s 60 here today and not feeling Christmas-y.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours by the way!

    • I always make a huge batch, thinking they will never get eaten, and then the boys find them, and they vanish in three days. Sigh. But that’s a good thing, yes?

  13. Authortracker is the perfect countdown 🙂

  14. Indy

    Mmmm….I do love Buckeyes. Being I’m originally from Pittsburgh, they tend to travel over the Ohio border. 🙂 However, I don’t see them as much in Indiana. That is just sad. PB & Chocolate are a perfect pair….like Rachel & Ivy. 😉 ~Indy

  15. Sadie

    Your candy looks wonderful. Those delicious treats originated in my home state of Ohio, I believe. We used to stop at the candy store to pick some up before flying back to California.

    I’m very excited about the chapter release date, I signed up right away for notification!

    • Thanks, Sadie. I’ve got an informal poll going on at FB, and it seems that they are most prevalent east of the Mississippi, centering around MI, and OH, with some Georgia and Pennsylvania seeming to get the most hits. I think you’re right they originated with the name buckeyes in OH.

  16. Laurie

    Buckeyes are a big hit here in western PA. I actually have Holidays Are Hell, but I don’t think I read it.

    I wish the Perfect Blood chapters were available to read in December instead of January. But as soon as I actually get the book, it will be read in a matter of hours…then I will be sad…for another year.

  17. “Holidays Are Hell” is being sent to my Kindle as I write this. Your candy looks yummy and is more than likely a regional treat.

    Woke up to fog this morning and a light dusting of snow. The sun returns later today but will only stick around until tomorrow when another storm system moves in for a wet weekend.

  18. Colleen

    What is up with the rain in December here? The Farmer’s Almanac said it would be a wet winter but I thought that meant snow.

    I just bought Holidays Are Hell because I can’t remember if I read it or not! If didn’t, I am excited to but if I did then it will be perfect motivation to get my unruly book list in order. Everything is on paper but I am thinking I need one of the book list apps just for this very reason!