Altered plans

I meant to rip into the text yesterday, but managed to get a total of zero words down.  (I’m not counting the three pages of dialog I’m going to toss)  I knew it was coming, and I even warned myself.  This book is laying down much more seat-of-the-pants than I’ve done in a long time, and I’m not complaining, but that does mean I have to stop about every two weeks or so and take a day to write out a couple of pages of what comes next.   Yesterday was that day, the break from the keyboard prompted by an idea that I’d been kicking around the last couple of weeks but didn’t have in my outline.  Friday I got to the point where I would have to make a decision, and on Monday, I puttered for about an hour with dialog before I pushed back and took up my pencil.

Today, armed with three pages of rough outline, I will push forth, and hopefully get boocoo pages to try to make up for yesterday.  I, ah, also took two hours over lunch to go shopping, ’cause I don’t like crowds and avoid the stores on the weekend.  I’m not sure if my logic was sound.  There was a lot of people out there . . .

Mail call!!

If you Manic Mondayed a glow-in-the-dark poster, you should be getting them today if you are east of the Mississippi.  West, please give it a few more days.  A lot of small post offices don’t know what to do with a tube, and it may sit on someone’s desk as they wait for an answer.  If you don’t get yours by Friday, drop Guy a line.

If you have ordered a Perfect Blood Tour T, they are all in the mail as of yesterday.  Again, please give them some time as the postal service is jammed, but if you feel it’s been too long, Guy will be happy to field your email.  Also, check your order to be sure you gave him your address when you paid for or ordered it.  We still have a small window to get Tour T’s out before the holiday break, but he needs to hear from you by the 15th. (That’s Thursday, I think.)  Click to order Tour T

Guy and I are slowly working through the SASEs for Rachel’s pack tattoo . . .


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20 responses to “Altered plans

  1. AKR (Trinidad)

    I’m thinking the tour t is a great idea ….
    I’ll have to figure out how to order one before December 15th.

    Have a great week all …

    AKR (Trinidad)

  2. Can’t wait til I get my tour Tshirt. Also purchased a burning bunny. They are cute 🙂

    I did lots of shopping today. We even got our Christmas tree. It’s huge.
    Surprisingly, I’m feeling more like a grinch this year though..
    I need to snap out of it!

  3. You ARE human! I was beginning to wonder Shopping always rejuvenates me as I hope it does for you.

    I just emailed Guy for a tour shirt. Didn’t see a PayPal clickie thing on the website. I’m assuming he’ll send me an invoice for that.

    We had a snain, er, row, er, you know . . . that combo rain and snow oobleck stuff today. I took advantage and did a major kitchen scrub down. Now it’s time to eat the wings that have been simmering in the crock pot all afternoon. Yum!

    • I’m so human it’s sad sometimes, Jeannie. sigh

      Mmmm, for the tour T’s, you just pay pal him the money according to the chart at the website.
      He doesn’t invoice them since we are offering them for a couple of months. He will probably email you back, but it will take a lot of time. If you’re trying for that Dec 15th cut off, you might want to just pay pal it.

      Mmmmm, sounds like dinner!

  4. Hope you were able to write lots of words today!

    All of my writing the last couple of days has been for the employee handbook I’m writing for a friend. This is not as exciting as it sounds. But today, just when I thought my eyeballs would fall out, I started amusing myself by imagining the employee handbook for Vampiric Charms. That would be an interesting handbook!

  5. Jessica S.

    Were all the cities you’re touring to mentioned? I thought a week or so ago you said that there were going to be more. What I was hoping for was to see you coming to my city or close to it before ordering a tour t.

    • I have a few more to drop on there, Jessica, but I haven’t gotten the final word, and I’m not going to mention them until I do. I do NOT like disappointing readers. I’m sorry I don’t have the information for you yet.

  6. Howdy ma’am,

    My poster arrived yesterday. Framing it sounds like a good idea. I guess I better go ahead and pay for that shirt before I miss the cut off date. 🙂

    The key for fewer people while shopping is going before 11:00. The closer you get to noon, the more of them come out. I’m no fan of crowds either and have often waited until 3AM to go to Walmart for my dog food and Dr. Pepper. Yep nothing but us zombies here now.

    Happy writing!


    • Whoo-hoo! I’m glad to hear the poster got through. I’m having nightmares about them.

      I went out about 10:00 and was back before noon, and it was still chunking. That little strip mall does a banger amount of business. Wow.

  7. Mudepoz

    Why do I have an urge to use Round-up whilst wearing my T-shirt? 😉

  8. Tiffany

    I got my poster on Friday when I seen it I did a little happy dance!
    My husband even like it the way it show’s Downtown Cincinnati it’s great. Thanks so much You Guys Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Melissa

    You are awesome! I got my poster yesterday now I am looking for someone to frame it, because yeah, it’s that big a deal! Thank you so much fro writing such wonderful stories & that you are so wonderful to your fans is simply amazing! 🙂