Pale Demon lands top honors at B&N’s best paranormal fantasy releases of 2011

I was shocked and terribly pleased this weekend to find out that Pale Demon was picked by Paul Goat Allen as his favorite paranormal fantasy release of 2011 at Barnes and Noble, and I just had to share the news with you!  To see the entire list, click.  Black Magic Sanction made the list last year, but this year, Rachel is heading the list!  Go Rachel!

I’ve been there myself to peruse the list, and I must say that I’m gratified to see the level of talent that the genre has brought to the shelf.  Wow.  I agree with Paul that it’s the mixing of genres that is the core strength of Paranormal/Urban fantasy, and it’s that which is going to keep the good stuff coming.  Personally, I can’t wait to see what the next ten years or so are going to bring as styles evolve and new blood enriches the field.


Oh!  I forgot to mention that Blood Work got an honorable mention, as well!  That really surprised me as it was such a new storytelling technique for me, and I was involved from the ground up.


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  1. Congrats! My poster arrived today, yay! But I couldn’t test the glow yet. Anyways, wanted to hug the postman xD
    Have a great day!

  2. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Major props Kim! Its wonderful when others celebrate and respect a wonderful imagination as urs. You tell a good story. I adore ur work. What can I say.. u had me hooked on the very 1st page when Rachel and Jenks share a few words involving looking like a hooker and smelling like a drunk bat. Cheers to ur success .. and then some!

  3. rebnkc

    Congrats Kim! You and Rachel deserve it!

  4. mharvy

    congrats… i’ve read it and i say you deserve it… i’m looking forward to rachel’s next journey 🙂 and i miss trent and ivy…. these are characters that stays in our minds after reading the series 🙂

  5. Congratulations Kim on a well-deserved honor! Not a bad way to end the year. B&N is my go-to store for books and such. I know, big box store and all but there are no independents in my area. Glad to see your talent recognized there!

  6. Congrats to you. Go Rachel ! ! ! That is so awesome… It is my favorite book of all of them. LOVE THAT BOOK!!! Can’t wait for the next book!

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  8. James Proudfit

    congrats from proudfit

  9. Congratulations! Nice to see Pale Demon on top of the list, which is where I think it belongs :).

    The list included other authors I really like, along with some new names for me to check out. The only problem is that I can’t keep up with all the books I want to read now, and adding more authors will make it even harder! Still, that’s not such a bad dilemma to have.

  10. AKR (Trinidad)

    Finally B&N get’s with the times … 🙂 Congratulations!!
    Slow and steady Ms Harrison … ❤ ❤ ❤
    Slow and Steady …. just like I've said before … look how long it took the world to catch onto Lord of the Rings … 😮

    🙂 ❤

    AKR (Trinidad)

  11. Congratulations, I also see that blood Work gat an Honorable Mention!

  12. Congrats Kim! Glad to see that they are recognizing what the fans knew all along….Pale Demon is awesome!!!!

  13. Howdy ma’am,

    I think I understand how you feel about the CW project. We’ve all seen how good or bad adaptations can come out. If I were in your position, I don’t think I could keep mt big mouth shut.

    I remember how upset Dean Koontz gets when he’s unhappy with a finished product, Stephen King is just the opposite. He says once they buy the rights, they can do what ever they want, it’s theirs now.

    I also had to go get “Endangered Species” fr my Kindle. Congrats to “Phoenix” for getting published. I hope this is just the beginning to a bright career as an author.


    PS I almost forgot, Congrats Kim for Pale Demon and Blood Work! I’m very happy for you.

    • Thanks, Vampy. I appreciate that.

      About the CW . . . I fall in between. I would like to be involved, but know the danger of being the annoying author who ticks everyone off and kills the project. Besides, I want to see what they can do with my characters.

  14. “Pale Demon” deserves to be at the head of the list, Kim. It is the best in the series, but the others are just as good. I see you also received an honorable mention for “Blood Work”. Congratulations on both!

  15. >I didn’t know L.A. Banks had died. That’s sad to hear.

    >I would have to second his comment on a lack of new talent. Kevin Hearne is the only new paranormal writer I liked this year.

    >I appreciated the love he showed you, but I can’t agree with the proclamation about 2011 being the best year ever in paranormal fiction. Yikes! Not even close. How can I get behind a list that doesn’t have Ilona Andrews on it? Or Gail Carriger? Or Jocelynn Drake, Faith Hunter, Richelle Mead?

  16. Gail S

    Hi Kim, What a great honor! Great to know that Paul is a fan, and shares what all your fans believe. 🙂

    If you ever have any doubts as to our accomplishments, just re-read this article. 😀


    • OMGosh, Gail. Paul has been a Hollows reader since day one. I don’t have many of them who have been with me that long, and I really appreciate them.

      Thank you.

  17. Dominique Z.

    It makes sense that B&N is finally caught up to what we have all said, that your books are amazing! Kudos to you and the Hallows.

    • Thank you, Dominique. B&N has been behind me for a while, actually, but it’s hard for an urban fantasy to compete with the huge number of books out there. That’s why seeing it recognized makes my smile a lot brighter.

  18. Go Rachel yes but Go Kim even more! Congrats! Tomatoes all a round! (to go along with someone elses comments) 🙂

  19. Marsha

    A well deserved accolade. I’m not that familiar with all of the other authors and will have to give them a try.

  20. Colleen

    Big fat congrats! You deserve a celebratory tomato 😀

  21. twiser

    You(and Rachel) no dout deserve it!! I also have every confidence you’ll be there next year with “Perfect Blood”. I read some of the list(not all) but I think he left some good series and authors out! But at least he got #1 right. Congradulations! I’m sure the other authors are thinking the same of being next to you.

  22. AKR (Trinidad)

    Sweet ….. that tattoo looks amazing ….
    Hmmm does this mean Rachel finally gets her pack tattoo … lol
    I don’t think she’s going to be happy about the size of it …
    Are Ivy and Jenks going to have to go and hold her hand … 🙂
    Man … I can’t wait for Perfect Blood ….!!! 🙂

    Ms Harrison, I just have to say your Hollows Book is genius .. GENIUS I say …. I finally got my copy …[long story there that I’ll omit]
    And *sigh* mine glows in the dark …. 🙂
    I skimmed through it, and gaped at the nice glossy pages and the different formats and I love your approach …

    So now I’m actually reading it 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤
    *sigh* makes me wonder … what are we going to do when it's all over … :-/
    CW better get it right …lol

    Have a great week all ❤

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • AKR (Trinidad)

      **Sorry that should be the Hollows Insider is genius!
      Hmph!! Kind of takes the impact away when I don’t even get the title right .. sorry .. :-/

    • Mmmmm. I can’t wait for you to get A PERFECT BLOOD, AKR. She does indeed get her pack tattoo. 🙂

      I’m so glad you like the Insider! Thank you! It was . . . incredible to try to put together, and a testament to my continued investment in the series as we head toward those last few books.

  23. mila

    kim, what an achievement – and so well deserved! can’t wait for the next installment, which will, hopefully, include more of the trent factor. 🙂

  24. Diva

    A big congrats to you and Rachel! That is awesomesauce. Having just read through the entire series months ago, I can unequivocably say that Pale Demon is my absolute Hollows book as well as one of my favorites in the genre. Prior to reading your books I was about ready to give up on urban fantasy but Rachel pulled me back in. And from what I’ve been able to see from my internet wanderings, Pale Demon seems to be the favorite of not just reviewers but regular ol’ readers too. Personally I think it’s the Trent factor. People just can’t get enough of the elf. 😉 Al and the demons too. Most UF books place all the focus on vampires – and don’t get me wrong, I love me some vampires – but elves and demons are a breath of fresh (ever after) air. 🙂

    • I gotta agree. I love vamps and all (they are actually my #1 under normal circumstances) but the Hollows has done a fantastic job at fleshing out other species and making them super interesting and fun. Dangerous, but still fun since the series isn’t Dark UF. Awesome job, Kim! I’m so glad to see The Hollows getting the props it deserves, especially Pale Demon since it’s now my favorite.

    • Thank you, Diva! That means a lot to me! And I’m glad you’re not giving up on urban fantasy.

  25. Marilyn Armstrong

    I just broke down and ordered the hard cover version of PD. I already have it on audio and on Kindle, but I love it to death, figuratively speaking, and couldn’t resist. It’s a major breakdown for me because I had vowed NO MORE BOOKS a few years ago after husband and I finally found homes for close to a thousand books collected over our lifetimes. Remaining are reference books on Chinese porcelain, Hollywood, baseball, and astrology plus some signed first editions and miscellaneous rare books and a few favorites with which we cannot part … into which category you fit. We are such book junkies. Video stores never tempted me, but oh the smell and feel of new books in print. Yum! So Pale Demon is on her way and you will be on MY bookshelf.

    I am SO glad that you are getting the recognition you deserve … about time!

    • Wow, thank you, Marilyn. I know how precious that shelf space is, and I appreciate that Pale Demon made the cut! 😉

      And thank you. It feels good to have one’s work recognized like that.

  26. Congrats to Kim and Rachel! and let’s not forget Ivy and Jenks! 😉
    I loved Pale Demon, it’s in fact one of my favorites. I’m also happy to report that I finished Blood Work *sighs* I just can never get enough of Ivy and Rachel. Now I gotta ask. This graphic novel is going to continue, right? right?
    I know I have the enthusiasm as much as the imagination of a 6 year old…
    Good Thing I still have the Hollows Insider… 😉
    Have a Nice weekend Kim!

    • Thank you, Florencia! I appreciate that. And I’m so glad you enjoyed Blood Work! Blood Crime should be out next year, yes. I don’t have a release date yet, but I’m doing the “page proofs” over the holiday break.