Tis the season

I don’t have anything for you today apart from a very cool mention of The Hollows Insider at B & N, where The Hollows Insider made  Paul’s list of holiday gifts for the SF/Fantasy reader.  I can’t tell you  how much this tickles me because part of the reason I ached for this thing to be so extravagant was to make it suitable for gift-giving.  If you want to see the rest of his list . . . When You Wish Upon a (Death) Star: Some Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for the SF/Fantasy Fan

And speaking of gifts, I have a very short story I pulled out of the bottom of the cabinet of awesomeness that I will be releasing here and at my website.  (Not the solstice poem, something else.) So keep an eye out for that!

Work went very well yesterday with another chapter put away and an unexpected, far-reaching twist that came from the plot shift.  Dude, I didn’t see that coming.  Now I’ve got to turn the bow into the waves and rock with them until I get this figured out.  Should be fun . . .


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19 responses to “Tis the season

  1. “With a twist!” ..surfs up Kim. Ride the waves 🙂

    I’m going out gambling tomorrow. Wish me luck! It’s been awhile..

  2. jkh

    A note to Vampyre & other dog people: I thought you just gave dogs heartworm medicine once a month?…

    This new story, Ms Kim, is another whole set of teasers.

    And: Brrrrr! The temps are just staying close to freezing here in Seattle, and the air is holding all the moisture it possibly can, which makes it even colder. My cat is spending most of his days and nights snuggled up to the furnace register. His fur smells positively scorched!

    • Must be some new formula. I give once-a-month, and they think it’s a treat.

      Yes, new teasers, but I’m trying to keep them very vague since this won’t see the light of day for a very long time if ever.

      Stay warm!

  3. Cindy from Brooklyn, CT

    Hi Kim, I love the Hollows books and have currently gotten one of my co-workers hooked on them as well. She’s at a point where one of her favorite characters is going to die (twice) and I’m waiting for her text when she gets to it because I, of course, have not spoiled her.

    I received the Hollows Insider yesterday and stayed up way to late last night reading and finishing it. I also bought it again as a Christmas gift for the above mentioned co-worker.

    Can’t wait to see what date you’ll be in Boston. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not while I’m on vacation. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

    • Thank you, Cindy! I can’t tell you how glad I am that you and your coworker are enjoying the books! Good for you for not spoiling it!

      Whoo-hoo! Thank you so much for telling me about the Insider. This was exactly my intent. To enjoy and share. Thank you.

      Tour dates should be going up soon.

  4. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim It’s Jim from Warren-I’m so glad the writing is going well. my verbage is still gargage. I may have to hunt up an on-line writitng group.

    • Oh, heck, Jim. Mine is always garbage until I go over it a couple of times, and then I still wonder. Do find a group if only to “share your pain of the process” with others. It’s a lot of fun that way.

  5. twiser

    I was just reading the lyrics of Takata’s songs again in my Hollow Insider and I just had to say how beautiful they are. “The Long Breath” hits just as hard as reading “A Few Demons More” and then the end of “White Witch, Black Curse”! Naturally I loved Kisten’s character. With “Footprints of the Ghost” it seems Takata get’s Rachel so much. I didn’t think they were that close? You should get them put to music. Well enjoy the weather 😉 and have a great season.

    • Thank you, Twiser. I really appreciate that.

      Takata has been watching Rachel her entire life. If he wasn’t her father, it’d be creepy. I’d love to put them to music, but I have a tiny dream that will never come true, so I hold on to them and work. And dream. And work . . . and dream, and pick myself back up, and work and dream some more because sometimes the pursuit of the the dream is more important than actually getting it.

  6. Chris

    Sostice poem? Have you sent it out previously? I have not been able to go thru the Hollows Insider yet. Did you happen to include the 12 days of xmas (Jenks version) ?????

  7. Marsha

    *sigh* I think I’m getting too old to handle major plot twists these days. I find myself scratching my head and wondering where did that come from? I’ll leave all that to talented writers like you.

  8. emily

    So which book are you working on right now?

  9. emily

    Ooohhh…an unexpected and far-reaching twist?? I can’t wait to find out what it is! I hope it’s a good twist and not a devestating one!!! Glad your chapters are coming along well 🙂