Time to snuggle in

Bit of a cold snap settling in, so I’m content to sit at my desk and type today.  Yesterday was not bad as far as work goes.  Got another chapter done.  It had one of the most difficult writing techniques I’d ever worked with in terms of getting my idea across of what was going on and still stay in first person.  I wouldn’t want to try this five years ago, but I think I have something I can tweak and have it be successful.  I’ve never seen it done before, though I’m positive it has been.  I don’t read as much as I should.  Meh . . .  What are you going to do?

Anyway, it left me in a rather confused state of mind, (though pleased) when I printed out the rough chapter and filed it away in the cabinet of awesomeness.  My outline is shot to pieces by what happened in said chapter, but that’s okay.  I’ll work back to it after I take care of this one thing that evolved.  Today should be fun as a secondary character comes to terms with that he has grossly underestimated Peri’s abilities due to his pride and inability to separate her from his past, and that his failing to accept it has caused Peri great pain when she trusted him to have her back.  It’s kind of like “I don’t have to pay attention because she can’t hit the ball that far” but involving guns and bad guys.  I love my secondary characters.

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  1. Howdy ma’am,

    Today was take the dogs in for their heart worm shots. There is a procedure for this and If I mess it up it will end badly. Fortunately, it all went well.

    There was one dog that thought attacking Big Boy was a good idea. His owner was smart enough to take him outside, BB is very friendly but he was getting upset. A 115lb upset dog is no fun. I’m glad that’s over with.

    Seeing Little Girl up on the table, ready to get her shot made me Flashback 3 years to the first time I took her in right after I found her. She was a tiny, fuzzy and frightened puppy back then. Now she is a big, fuzzy frightened 50lb dog.


  2. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Its great seeing how over time skills can transform. What could/would stump u then, doesn’t now. Growth ftw. I had a poster in my mailbox this evening when I got home. It made me feel special. Its going up on my bedroom wall. The glow effect will go great with my star lit ceiling. 😀

  3. Ken S.

    Kim said: “It had one of the most difficult writing techniques I’d ever worked with in terms of getting my idea across of what was going on and still stay in first person.”

    Can you let on what that technique was without giving anything away? I’m a budding writer myself and a total sponge when it comes to the craft

    • Hi Ken. It really isn’t a formal technique, but what I was working on was multiple, small flashbacks in quick succession. Film can do it easily, but literature has a harder time, especially with the small, tiny, fast ones I was aiming for. It takes a lot of prep work to put in word clues that the reader catches fast. I wanted Peri confused, but the reader to know what was happening.

      Good luck with the writing!

  4. AKR (Trinidad)

    Hi Ms Harrison …
    I must say this whole winter thing is new to me…. not that I’ve never experienced it, but not so much the transition ….. looking at the changes from summer to fall, to winter …. is AMAZING ….

    You mentioned once before that it is character building and I’m beginning to see where you’re coming from with that …lol 🙂

    We had a little sprinkle of snow .. nothing much … it last all of one day it was sooo PRETTY ..!!! Needless to say it’s been an adjustment for me but not an uncomfortable one … (as yet!!) …

    SO just to play catch up …
    I’m looking forward to catching the sneak peek of Perfect Blood, maybe my next visit to Chapters … 🙂 otherwise I’ll have to wait on Harper Collins …(Sigh) …

    Re: the possibility of origami burning bunnies freebies …. maybe you could provide the instructions and some lovely paper and your adoring fans would relish in the joy of creating it themselves ..lol
    Just a thought … it would be easier to ship ….lol

    Anyway happy hump day all ..and have a great week … 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • I’m printing out instructions this weekend and going to give it a go. I’m sure I can find my paper . . . somewhere . . .

      Hope you have a great weekend! And I’m glad you’re appreciating the transition. The sun is rising so far out of place now.

  5. SiSi

    It is very cold out, but at least the sun finally made an appearance! Of course, it appeared just as I was leaving for work this afternoon and it will be dark when I leave here, but I did get to see some sun. Hope you got the chance to enjoy it.

  6. I so miss getting on here everyday. How I hate not having internet at home.

    I’ve been making leaps and bound progressing with my novel using some of the organizing techniques you’ve told us about. I’m on my 3rd outline, each one becoming more detailed. Then I’ll start trying to write. 😀

  7. Hi Kim! I love reading about your writing process, especially as I slog along with my sequel draft. Congrats on hitting 50k for NaNo, BTW. 🙂

    It’s windy here, but not cold. For some reason I am longing for snow.

    Have a great day!


  8. I love it!! Pride is such a dynamic character flaw, it blinds us in a way few other things can.
    I’ve been working with what I thought was a secondary, peripheral character, my assassin, but he’s evolving, and now he’s in four chapters!
    It’s gotten cold down here, finally. 27 degrees, and frost on the cars in the morning!!

    • I had a smart woman rake him over the coals, and he did manage to fix things, though the fix is going to complicate things.

      Very cool on your progress! I always like my bad guys.