We got snow again!  Just an icing, crusty and not very nice to walk in, but pleasing to look at.  I’m thinking it’s going to last until about three, and then be gone.

Work was slow yesterday, but I did get a chapter finished.  I’m about halfway through, and I had to reassess how the magic worked.  It wasn’t anything I wasn’t expecting.  I’ll probably have to take a day off when I’ve got 100 pages left to do the same with the relationships.  Evolving, evolving . . . this one feels pretty good, and it’s starting to firm up nicely.  This is going to be one ugly rewrite when I get to it.

Not much more going on at the Harrison household . . .  Next week is the big push.

PS  winners of the Goodreads best read of 2011 are up at their website.  We didn’t get it this time, guys, but it was fun to be a part of this.


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12 responses to “Snow

  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    No snow yet for me. I think mother nature is trying to make up for the lousy Halloween weather we had. Its a shame u didn’t win on goodreads.. but making the mark of finals is quite nice in itself. Keep up the good work! I’m trying not to go bonkers with Christmas around the corner.

  2. Hmm, nothing I voted for won on Goodreads. But I’m predicting a win for A Perfect Blood next year.

    Interesting to hear you say that your book is starting to firm up nicely and also that it will be an ugly rewrite. That’s what I’m feeling about my NaNo writing at this point. I know that what I have written is a jumbled up mess, but I actually feel pretty good about the story that’s hidden in the mess.

    • That’s just it, SiSi. You can’t expect your work to be shiny right out of the box. Give yourself the freedom to expand and change things, and good stuff happens. It’s also easier on the soul to let things go if you know you might have to change it.

  3. Too bad about not winning the list, Kim. You’re still a fav in my book reads.

    Our snow moved along and the sun now takes over but the cold air plans to stick around a few more days. I finished the boys next door hats and am duplicate stitching first name initials on each.

    A short story is on the list of things to finish today as well as the continuing research and development of a nonfiction project (started during NNWM and now in the goal setting stage).

  4. Marsha

    I’m sorry you didn’t win. Obviously none of my choices did’t made it.

  5. Howdy ma’am,

    Sorry for the over long post yesterday. I’m glad you liked the bunnies. I was watching a pod cast about a new game. In the game, one of the characters is constantly making origami bunnies. You know the rest.

    If it’s something you like doing, they’d make great freebies. Just put a disclaimer on them. Something like, “Not responsible for any damage caused by burning the enclosed bunny.”

    TThere are videos of course. This one looks like your current burning bunny and is easier to make than others I have watched.

    Have fun!


  6. Diva

    Hi Kim,

    Is this still your NaNo novel that you’re working on?