Good and Bad

Good News:  It snowed!  Seriously, it snowed?  I took this at about ten last night when it was just beginning to stick.  Fortunately Guy and I are pretty well set for the season.  Most of the holiday lights are up.  We have a puppy shelter erected for Alex and Xander, the tender plants covered, and a new, industrial grade de-icer in the pond for the fish/birds.  The fish seem to really appreciate it.  You can see my tiny birdbath/fishpond in this picture if you look close.

Good News! Today is the last day to vote in the Goodreads contest, so if you haven’t picked your faves from each of the categories, you’ve still got some time..  Goodreads best read of 2011

Good News: Every year, Harper Voyager has a special ebook release of one of the back titles for a specially reduced price.  This year, they slid an excerpt of A Perfect Blood in there as an bonus. This year’s title is Every Which Way But Dead, so if you have been looking to add to your e-book shelf, and get a sneak peek at A Perfect Blood, here’s your chance.

Bad news?  It’s not out yet.  But it did pop up on B&N and Amazon as a pre-order, if you can believe it!  B andN Pre-Order special edition of EWWBDAmazon’s Pre-Order special edition of EWWBD I’m sure that a Sony version will be available closer to the release date, so please don’t panic!

Good News: The invoices for Manic Monday’s glow-in-the-dark posters are out, which means I will soon have my kitchen table back as they are shoved into the mail.  Tour T-s will start to go out after that, so please be patient with Guy.  He’s a little overwhelmed right now.  Want a tour-t or freebie?

Bad News:  It snowed!  The predicted 3-5 inches actually turned out to be 3-5 inches.  Go figure.  Everything is going to be a slippery mess, even if it is the most gorgous morning I’ve seen in almost a year.  Temps are probably going to melt the pretty off and leave the icky.  I’m trying to convince Guy to shovel the walk so it will dry instead of ice.  But seeing as he’s the one that’s going to do the work, I will probably have to include cookies in the bribe, ah, negotiations.

Really bad news: I devoted my night last night to helping Guy with getting the first batch of Perfect Blood freebies SASEs out the door, which meant fast food for dinner.  I truly love my fast food, mostly because I don’t get it that often, but this?  This don’t look nothing like the picture on TV . . .  ??!  It is so pathetic, I had to show you.

Yumm, yumm!


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  1. We need more witches in high-heel boots. Seriously.

  2. Gorgeous pic Kim!!!
    Here in Finland we keep waiting for it but it hasn’t snow yet. I think it might now we’re on December and the temperatures are going down all the time. ALso it helps since the days are so short and it gets dark so early it’s always nice to see some snow.
    And btw… I’d love a pic of Alex and Xander!

    I got mu invoice fot the poster yay! it’s already paid so I’m doing my part to try and get your kitchen promo-stuff free! =p

    My hubby always reacts better to negotiations with some nice butter shortbreads! I have a super easy recipe if you ever need one! 😉

    And buuu to your burger! I’m a sucker for junk food (funny since I’m in the health area) but still… well at least it tastes good and it’s cheap! =)

    Hope you win on Goodreads! God knows you deserve it!

    • Oooooh shortbread. I love making shortbread. Post the recipe? I’ll try it out.

      I think they put a appetite promoter in their food, because I swear I’m always more hungry after I eat a burger than before. 600 calories and I’m hungry? That’s like a Thanksgiving day plate all wrapped up in one lousy burger and fry.

      I’ll know about Goodreads on the 6th. 🙂

  3. Jan V.

    I seen a movie called “Falling Down” awhile back with Michael Douglas, where he went postal when they served him a cheeseburger that looked like that…lol (he was a tad unstable)

  4. twiser

    Tis the season. Hope snow stays away here for 2 or 3 more weeks =D I hope that the Perfect Blood preview is more then the 14 pages in Pale Demon!?! 14 pages was an incredible tease with all the new characters in just those few pages. Already preordered EWWBD, won’t miss this time 😉

    • Mmmm, I’m trying to remember how long the first chapter was, and I think it’s 14 pages. That’s it. My publisher might release a few more chapters later on, though.

  5. Hi Kim!

    My daughter’s school had a fundraiser at B&N tonight so I grabbed a paperback of PD(my poor hardcover is beat already). Totally cool inside cover! I also ordered the Princess series since they evidently don’t keep them on the shelves. Hopefully, they will tide me over till February. I’m prolonging the suspense before reading the exerpt of Perfect Blood!

    You should have grabbed a pizza. No such thing as a bad pizza. Molto bene!

    • BTW, I met a fellow fan while standing in line. She saw the book and was like I love Kim Harrison. Pretty cool!

    • Oh, that is too cool, Keeley, running into another Hollows reader.

      Yes, you’ll have to order the Dawn Cook books. They have been out for going on ten years, and that they are still in print is kind of nice. 🙂 They don’t put books that old on the shelf anymore.

  6. Your photos do make the snow look pretty, which sorta helped me accept that I was flying home to the first snow of the season. At least it had melted off my driveway by the time I got home tonight!

  7. I just saw you have a Xander– I DO TOO!!! My lil man is almost 9!!! I’m a vet tech and this is the first time I’ve seen his name spelled the same as mine… So now that I love your books, I think your the coolest pet owner too!!

  8. Jessica

    Kim, you always share the details of your day with us so I thought I’d share this with you.

  9. Stephanie

    The top picture that you posted makes me think of that scene that you wrote where Rachel had Takata over for the Solstice, and they are in the backyard by the bonfire. I did remember that, right? We’ve had icky, cold rain here in Georgia, so I don’t know if that’s better or worse than snow- probably better. Good luck with the snow!

  10. I have a question about the signings. I am going to both Florida signings and have nine books (not including Madison Avery) for you to sign please. You have not been here since Daytona so they have piled up. What is the limit of each signing? As well as if I bring in my tour tee from 2008 that I am retiring will you sign that as well?
    I already ordered my Perfect Blood Tee so I will be wearing that to get into the group pic. I know that it is not at least until Feb., but I like to be prepared rather than disappointed.
    Thanks, Christina

    • Hi Christina. There are a couple ways you can handle it. First, you can wait to the end, where I’ll sign and personalize everything right then and there. Or you can bring a bunch of friends and I can sign and personalize them to you through them, two at a time, one right after the other, or you can have me personalize two, and you can get back in line and so on, or I can personalize two, and just put my name on the rest while you wait. 🙂

      I will be more than happy to sign your shirt, yes! See you in Florida!

  11. jkh

    Oh, yuck. That is the saddest “McCaca” I’ve seen lately. Of course I don’t see much of them since I just don’t eat them. Try reading “Fast Food Nation,” and you’ll be hitting the organic farmers’ places and considering being a near-vegetarian like me.

    You can have the snow, and just keep it. Snow in Seattle is a nightmare.

    Thanks for all the info about publications. I’m still trying to decide whether to go for a Nook or a Kindle.

    • I don’t eat it often, but I do eat it. There’s been more research done into making it taste good than be healthy, true. I’m hoping that that lab-grown meat product is developed. I’d eat it. I love my meat, but not so keen on how we get it to the table.

  12. Pretty snow pics, Kim. We’ve got a cold front moving in tonight with rain and snow predicted for the next few days – a welcome forecast because we need the moisture in any form. Temps dropping out of the 60s and into the 40s – now I can wear those sweaters I’ve been knitting all year!

    Sad burger, girl. Those are the type I try to leave wrapped up as much as I can while I scarf them down. Hope it tasted better than it looked.

  13. 😎 What does it say about me that I’m now hungry for a cheeseburger? (sigh) I need to lose weight, like, yesterday. We got a bit of snow here in southern Ohio last night, but it’s almost burned off now.

    >It’s that time of year already. Three months till your next book and already there are 12 customer reviews on Amazon and somebody is auctioning off a APB ARC on eBay for $150. You know, if the tv show gets the go-ahead this summer/fall, this kind of thing is going to be magnified tenfold. People/fans will be clamoring to talk to you about the Hollows and by then you’ll have moved on to a new series, right? Are you going to be cool with that? I guess it’s a good problem to have, all in all.

    >I noticed you are scheduled to make a stop in Cleveland this year. I don’t know if you and Tim like the occassional beer, but if you do, and you have time for dinner, I’d reccomend checking out The Great Lakes Brew Pub on Market street. It’s housed in buildings that were once a burlesque house and the law offices of Elliot Ness. Nice.

    • Hi Antonio. Yep, I’m not surprised about the ARC on e-bay. I don’t condone it, even if I understand it.

      Thanks for the recommendation. I might go just for the atmosphere. Wow.

  14. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Poster.. check! (Batgirl luck!) T-shirt.. check! Burning bunny pin.. check! Fan-girl palooza.. check! (0.x) Thank u!
    Love the pics of the snow. Do u have big snow boots with skull laces ready?
    That burger does look sad. Like someone sat on it lol.. and it reminds me of those silly “where’s the beef?!” commercials. Besides, I’m more interested in the cool stuff behind it 😉
    have a great hump day.. &ur stay warm!
    *Lynn Calderon

  15. Howdy ma’am,

    Wow a drive by posting by Faith Hunter herself. How cool was that?

    Snow is all pretty but I really don’t miss it much. I do like it better than our ginormous ‘skeeters.

    I had lol, I’m making my own cheaseburger (burning?) Now.
    My burger was done and it was sooo good! I love cooking and eating my food. You’d never know it to look at me. 😉


  16. Hi Kim,

    Yes, the snow was gorgeous this morning! Not so much when I had to drive home from work in it last night though. Drove an hour, didn’t see one MDOT truck. GRRRR. Your pics look beautiful. Love the one at night with the Christmas lights. Have you heard anything from your publisher yet on when you will be able to give sneak peek chapters on-line for a perfect blood? Fingers crossed it will be soon.

  17. Hey, Kim! I enjoyed the pics you posted! And THAT is one sad looking cheeseburger… But as long as it was tasty that’s all that matters. :p Went to Books A Million yesterday and bought yet another copy of PD. I figured I’d kill 2 birds with 1 stone satisfy my craving for that excerpt of APB and then use it as a Christmas gift for my niece Sabrina.

    By the way I loved that the first chapter ended with Rachel’s thoughts on Trent! I really miss Al…Can’t wait to dive right into that book!

    Have a good one! Val~OH

  18. I got a poster! yaaayy!! 🙂 Fangirl is happy 🙂
    Snow is far away from Germany, over here it’s been 12°C on Sunday! jeesh… Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Its Jim from Warren. Yay for the snow(as long as its yours) and yuck on the food-you should have ordered fried pickles, they taste much better than fried mess on a bun. I voted again for pale demon,Smudge and I will bring you home yet.(Smudge disguises herself on-line as a jumped up primate(her term)

  20. Diva

    That IS a pretty pathetic looking burger. Yep, yep.

    So the de-icer will keep the fish from freezing? Hope so b/c now I’m going to worry about the little buggers.

    Looks like you won’t be hitting Texas at all this book tour. I think you came to Houston last year though, before I discovered your books. 😦 Maybe next year?

    I think we need Guy to take a picture of you making a snow angel. Yes? 😉

  21. Marsha

    They never look like they do in the advertising because half the time they don’t use real food in the ads. I’m with Mud. That looks like a special dog treat to me.

    • Oh, I have no illusions that it was in any way shape or form something that was actually beneficial to eat. But it tasted good. They wouldn’t sell any if they used real food in the ads.

  22. Tiffany

    That don’t look good sorry u had to eat it. We got a little bit of snow in Cincinnati but none was sticking I don’t really like to drive in the snow people get crazy. Also Thanks Kim and Guy for taking the time out of your busy days to do stuff for your fans I got a poster I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. Thanks sooooooooooooo much Kim and Guy!!!!!!!!!

  23. I already went and preordered 🙂 I also paid my invoice for my poster like as soon as it hit my email box – I was that excited!

    We got about 3 inches of snow by me too. I heard Lansing got like 10 inches. Crazy! The drive in was not bad at all – thank goodness.

  24. Sean Sullivan

    Ms. Harrison I hope you have fun holidays. I like your tree and light show,

    I hope you have a good day.

  25. You couldn’t have done pizza? That is what I give to the dogs for rewards after a successful track!

    Yay! Poster and T-shirt. I’m easy, happy holidays to me!

  26. Colleen

    We only got a dusting of the white stuff here but it was enough to mess up my morning commute! I am sorry but that thing on the bun doesn’t look enough like food for me to want it, yuck and poor you!