I broke the 50,000 word ceiling yesterday on my NaNo book.  Whoo-hoo!  I was thrilled to see that there was a nicely large slice of my writing buddies that had beaten me there.  It reminded me of the friendly competition that my writer’s group had when we were going full throttle, four or five of us driven to get that golden ring of publication–and all of us having the talent to reach it.  It was an amazing circle led by a gifted writer, Faith Hunter, and I bow to her generosity of spirit and willingness to help others on this road.  She will always be in my mind, the better writer, if for no reason other than that.

It never ceases to amaze me that the act of writing is so simple when you break it down, and yet publication is elusive.  It hinges on time, spousal support, luck, perseverance, luck, perseverance, and some luck.  Oh, and perseverance.  The best part is that the more you write, the better you get at it.  You can’t help but improve if you put the time in.

So I’ll be putting more time in.  I’ve got two more months of work on this current project before I can go back and start to fix it, and already I feel refreshed.  It’s different from the Hollows in pacing and structure, and I’m seeing that I need to use different techniques to maintain interest and excitement. I have to think about what I’m doing, balancing things by intent, not rote.  It feels really good.  Yep, it feels good.


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  1. Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock is a very close second to The Hollows for my favorite series.

    I’m close to 50,000, much closer than I thought I’d be given my schedule the last two weeks. I may even make it to 50k by tomorrow, although I’m travelling so I’m at the mercy of airplane schedules and weather. But even if I don’t reach 50,000, I’m pleased with where I am, and I plan to stick with this story on into December and beyond.

    Thanks for writing about your process and progress this month–that really helped.

    • Congratulations, SiSi, on the word count. That is a true accomplishment, one that can never be taken or lessoned. Good for you!

      And I’m honored that you were able to find something in my ramblings that helped you reach your goal. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. (de-lurking)
    Awww. You are so sweet! Kim, those writing days are some of the happiest memories of my life. And my pride in you and your work reaches to the moon.

  3. I am jealous…well, somewhat.
    I’m looking at about 43k words for my first try, but I’ve the momentum to finish up the story. I gotta.

    I think I did pretty well, given my day job and a New Orleans vacation early in the month. NOLA tends to be a diva, wanting all of my attention.

    Hopefully back to my main WIP middle of next month.

  4. I hope we will get to read your project one day.

  5. Eli.R.

    I am glad to be among those purple barred buddies mentioned! Congrats on finishing Nano, and on finding new ways to enjoy the craft! I will await the new book eagerly. 😀

  6. Another purple bar winner! Good for you, Kim. Using Nano as a starting block is the best for laying a first draft foundation.

    My goal this year was to punch through a couple of ideas via the Rebels method and I did just that. I now have 1 novel nearly first draft complete, 1 nonfiction how-to that’s morphing into a magical endeavor, and a short story that holds promise.

    To everyone who’s still Nanoing, keep writing. No matter where you end up by the 30th, you’re that much farther than you would have been had you never started.

  7. Yasmin

    Hi, Kim!
    This is my second year of NaNo-ing — which I first heard of here — and I have had a ball! This year’s story is much better than last year’s and will actually have an ending that doesn’t feel forced. Whoo-hoo.

    Just writing for fun and not even CONSIDERING it as a career. I leave that to people like you! 😉

    Thanks for being an awesome writer and making us all feel that we are important as more than part of your paycheck. Hope to read Ms reed’s tale some day.

    • That’s fabulous, Yasmin! Congratulations!

      I hope you get to see Peri’s story, too. It’s got good bones, but like anything that comes off my desk, it needs a lot of work.

  8. Hey there Ms. Harrison, 🙂

    I can proudly say I’m one of those, lol. 😉 I’m on 80K at the moment though I’ll confess I’ve stopped working on my main project and gone to another one with which to beat a mate of mine at a word war we started. (Silly, yes. Fun, ABSOLUTELY!). The main project is there, waiting for me. And I’m pleased with it.

    I’m very excited about your new project and will wait (patiently, longingly) for it. Good luck and enjoy!


  9. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Its jim from Warren. Congrats on the na-no, I do struggle with it still, but practice daily.I gotta find a writers group that I can get to(Transport is a bummer after a stroke,I just made it to 6 blocks) I do great on shots 300-1000, doing a chapter my verbage turns to garbage.

  10. Howdy ma’am,

    Congrats on achieving another goal.

    Faith Hunter, I’ve always thought that was the coolest name. Her Jane Yellowrock series is great. Like the Hollows,, Jane is in my must read category. The supportive nature of authors is a wonderful thing.


  11. MelanieS

    Woowhoo!! Congrats for being a NaNo winner. I’m not that far, and my imagination and dreams keep trying to tempt me into starting new stories, but I’m determined to see this one through. If I don’t my daughter will never forgive me.

    I am writing for my 15-year-old daughter. She was giving me those irresistible puppy eyes so I printed out the rough draft of my first chapter. She sat next to me, tuned the world out, and read it. I watched, worried what her reaction might be.

    The girl then crushed the pages to her chest in a bear hug and looked at me with a joyful gloss over her eyes. I swear I saw strawberry colored animated hearts floating over her head.

    “This is mine, I’m keeping it.” She waved the pages at me. “And I want more!”

    So, yep. Not giving up on my NaNo project.

  12. One of the nicest women I’ve had the honor to meet and to add to my orchid shill list. I love reading Faith’s books. Her jewelry is to die for, as well.

    You know, I owe you for choosing Chrys as the rock monster a few years ago in a contest and ‘introducing’ us “grin”

    For your viewing pleasure, the Muddy Pawslettes:

  13. Randy


    Thanks for the words of encouragement regarding publication, and congrats once more on making your 50K. And you even took the weekends off? You rock!


    • Hi Randy. -grin- I knew you could reach it! You want it bad, and that’s half the battle. The other half is, well, the other half . . . But with out the drive, nothing happens.

      Keep moving forward knowing that every book on the shelf takes time and effort that you never see.