What do you mean, it’s not Friday yet?

Errrrrrrg, I wish it was Friday.  I’ve got a difficult chapter to get through, and seeing as it’s Thursday, I can’t fudge it and get it only halfway done and think about it all weekend.  I might as well put some real effort into it and actually figure this thing out so it’s in the can by Friday PM.  (Can being film can, not trash can.  I do love my analogies and metaphors.  I like them like kids like candy, use them more than an addict uses a needle, and with as much joy and abandon as a five-year-old dancing.  Sorry, I’ll stop now.)

Costume contest is wrapping up, so if you sent me a photo, it is on the web site.  Don’t see your photo, send it to me again.  However, I did change some of the categories you submitted under, so look around.  :-).  Kim’s A PERFECT BLOOD ARC contest 

Also, the preliminary voting over at Goodreads for the best read of 2011 is just about closed.  Don’t see your favorite pick in the genre line up?  You can add it in at this point.  Next week you can vote in the semi-finals.
Goodreads choice awards

One more thing . . .  I’m going to be going out to Nicola’s in the next few days, so if you want a signed Hollows Insider or Blood Work, give them a call.  They ship world wide.   🙂  Nicola’s–how to contact

And I promised you a picture of my hat.  It finally dried, and I really like it!  I didn’t follow the instructions on it, and knitted it with an inner layer of red.  Next up, slippers . . .


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39 responses to “What do you mean, it’s not Friday yet?

  1. Stephanie

    Super cute hat!
    Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have started collecting all of the Hollows audio books (to make my ride to work more enjoyable), and I am loving it. It is so cool to be able to re-read a series and pick up details that I missed before. I’m on The Good, The Bad, and the Undead right now, and its so interesting to see how blind Rachel is to Nick’s faults. I totally missed that the first time around. As always, thanks for the good reads!

    • Thanks, Stephanie. I wore it last night to a play. 🙂

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the audio books! Thank you. I love putting in stuff that the reader might not see the first time around. Thanks!

  2. Mari

    Hi Kim,

    This is Mari from tons of months ago i think, anyway im still writing non-stop but i just found out that i have to get good marks in E.L.A!

    I’m always too busy reading to do homework but im doing really good now 😀 Oh I wanted to tell you this since im just so excited about it and of all the people in the world, I wanted to tell you the most!

    It’s not all that big though but im still pretty excited that i was chosen out of 200 people to be in a short film thats going to be shooting in my home town in two weeks! I so hope that I can get the lead, being an actress is my second wish right after being a successfull author!


    • Oh wow! That is fabulous, Mari! I hope you get it.

      My closest brush with movies was Wes Craven looking at my house for a possible film location. TG that didn’t happen.

  3. Nice hat. i toohave struggled today .maybe tomorrow will be better for us both

  4. jenetta

    Kim, I ordered a personalized signed copy of the Hollow’s insider from Nicola’s the first time you posted about it on Facebook. I got it in the mail just the other day but was disappointed to see it was not personalized, just signed. I was really looking forward to a personalized copy of the book. Is there any way I could get another one sent out to me? I would send this one back, of course. It’s an awesome book, btw!

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry. There were about three books in the stack that were very unclear as to what they wanted, and we erred on the side of too little. (could have been the person who took the info down) I hate it when that happens. Why don’t you email guy at vampcharms@comporium.net. You can mail it here, and I’ll send you one back that’s personalized.

  5. Cute hat, Kim. And I see that Bis is sporting a lovely red scarf, too. Think of Friday as a bonus day to work out the bugs in your chapter.

  6. SiSi

    Since you were wishing this wasn’t Thursday and loving analogies and metaphors, thought I’d share the weekly Power of Thursday email a friend gets at work. These have been cracking me up for weeks–I actually look forward to Thursdays.

    “Surrounded by an explosive maelstrom of responsibility ‘tis not the time to let go and be consumed by our weekly duties. Let us fill our tanks with the Power of Thursday and pin the throttle so that we may propel ourselves onward and outward into the glory of the weekend.” (Andrew Ribotto)

    In the actual email there’s an accompanying photo that shows three motorcycle riders jumping out of an “explosive maelstrom.”

    Hope you were able to fill your tank with the Power of Thursday!

  7. jkh

    The hat is gorgeous!

    I was seeing a very happy 5-year-old, lolly in one hand, cookie in the other, dancing around the house…Love your metaphors.

  8. You have a pattern for slippers? Can you share it?
    I love the hat. Haven’t tried my hand at felting yet, but seeing the hat makes me want to. 🙂

    • Ahhhh, unfortunately this one is out of a book, so I can’t reproduce it here, but I’d be willing to bet if you did a search you could find a couple.

      I’m finishing one up this weekend, so we’ll see how it felts.

  9. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    More then a fat kid loves cake!.. (had to jump in) ><
    The hat looks lovely! Well done 🙂 I dig the scarf ur lil minion is wearing too!
    Tomorrow is friday.. also 11/11/11, and since I love numbers it should be doubly swell!
    Have a fan-tab-ulous day & weekend.
    As for me, my cold is getting its butt kicked.. my car is fixed.. and a new washing machine is in my near future. Looks like it could be a good weekend!
    An early Happy Veterans Day to u and ur fam. I'm thankful for all who serve and fight for our rights!

  10. Howdy ma’am,

    The hat looks very nice, will you wear it in Atlanta?

    Skyrim is a new game I want. It’s going on sale at 12:01 Friday morning., My Friday will start in a little under 12 hours from now. I need a nap.



    • ~Lynn from Haverhill

      I’m getting that game tomorrow along with Harry potter lego. Sparked interest in me too.

    • Gamespot had a game play marathon podcast today. I watched them ply for about 4 hours. I’ll be getting mine in about 3 more hours. I love The Elder Scrolls games.

      In their forums, I joked that I was either going to make a Harry Potter like character or maybe Edward from Twilight if I could find a away to make myself sparkly. 🙂

    • ~Lynn from Haverhill

      Ha! Nice. I’m a fan of Potter. Read all the books, watched all the movies and really enjoyed the lego game. No offense to any that like Twilight.. but I saw the first movie. And couldn’t get into it. Especially the sparkles! I played a bit of Oblivion.. so I’m interested to see what they’ve done. I love when a game has great customization for ur toons.

    • Probably not, Vampy, but maybe. It depends what coat I bring. Have fun gaming!

  11. SiSi

    A friend of mine just forwarded this to me–Writer’s Digest is offering six free writing books on most of the ebook platforms in honor of NaNoWriMo. The offer goes through Nov 12. I have no idea if these books are any good, but they are free! As far as I can tell you don’t actually have to be involved with NaNo to get the free books.


    That’s the web address. Sorry, but I have no idea how to make it an actual link.

  12. As i read your comments of analogies (which i always enjoy) my 2 1/2 yr old as dancing to the music of one of her favorite cartoons! This was perfect timing; she didn’t understand my grin and giggle though, but thanks for the morning laugh before work! 🙂

  13. Heya Kim,
    happy Friday I guess since you won’t be reading this before tomorrow as I know you 😉
    After hours of sighing, squeeing and taking notes, here is my attempt of a review: http://www.seitenhain.de/bibliothek/urban-fantasy/insider/
    I hope you like it and I could make myself clear, lol!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. rebnkc

    The hat looks fabulous and love the little scarf on the gargoyle or is that Bis?

    Have fun felting and knitting and storytelling.

  15. AKR (Trinidad)

    OMG that’s too funny …!!!
    I too, woke up this morning thinking Happy Friday …. wait a minute …lol …. It’s not Friday …!!!
    AH well …. it’s the next best thing … Thursday …
    So Happy Thursday … ❤ ❤ ❤

    I voted …!!! Yayyy .. and I sent the link for my peeps to vote too ….
    I like your hat 🙂 … Nice colour …

    Well have a great weekend …. 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

  16. Randy

    Hi Kim,

    How crafty are you?! Even your gargoyle appears to be wearing handmade winter wear. Too funny.

    Good luck with your tough chapter. I thought my NaNo story was about a man discovering the supernatural, but as of yesterday it’s looking more like he’s actually losing his touch with reality. What a thing to discover at 15,000 words! My protagonist is losing his mind, and at this rate I think I might lose mine right along with him.

    Happy writing,