Bits and Pieces

Rough draft is going good on the NaNoWriMo book.  I got most of chapter two done yesterday, but had to stop when I ran into a bedroom scene and it was 5:30–far to late in the day to tackle something like that.  Yep, a sex scene–in chapter two.  Soooooo not like me, but it feels right to have it there, so there it is.  I was aiming for different, and different I got.  I have to say that the entire NaNo experience is really something, and if you are a writer who doesn’t get a lot of encouragement from the people around you, just jump on and try knowing that this is a trial run to see what it’s like.  You don’t have to be the best or keep up with everyone else, just be there and feel the energy.  I’d love to be your writing buddy.  NaNo’s search engines suck, (giving only the first 20 alphabetical responses to any search) so here’s a direct link to find me and “buddy me.”

The UK is busy developing reprints of the entire series, and I’ve got another cover to show you.  These aren’t out yet, but WOW!  I really like them.

And if you’ve not yet voiced your opinion in the preliminary voting atGoodreads, that is still going on for a few more days.  There are some fabulous book there, and I believe you can cast a vote in each category.  Goodreads choice awards 2011  (It takes forever to load because of all the covers.)

I’ll be trying to finish out chapter two and get the dialog down for chapter three today, so my word count won’t show much of a change, but the foundations will be set for me to hammer on Wednesday.  🙂


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  1. I admit it, as usual I gave up with NaNo. It always seems like it happens at the wrong time, usually when I have no clue what I’m going to do for it. So I’m doing short stories and kicking off my own latest tome and not worrying about cracking a word count.

    So, frankly, more power to your elbow.

    And now I need to find time to actually read more Hollows books. Has anyone got any time they could lend me?

    • That’s the best thing about writing, Tharcion. It is always there waiting for you when you have the time to give it. 🙂 Maybe next year will work better for you!

  2. Heya Kim,
    just wanted to tell you that my Insider arrived today and that I am totally hysteric! This is the coolest thing ever produced in book history (and I have to know, I studied it)!!! It’s so big and shiny and although I haven’t even read it yet I saw Jinks’ curses and the brimstone cookies and and and *squeeee* 😉 Totally made my week!

    • Aimee! You got it! Yay! -big silly grin- It sounds like it was worth the wait for you. I’m so glad you’re excited. It really was amazing for me to see this come together.

  3. AKR (Trinidad)

    Whoa …!!! Hold up …!!!
    That cover’s hot ..!!! Hmm I think I remember the others you showed us some time ago ….
    So how come the UK get to use faces, and the US versions don’t? Is that a publisher thing or a personal author thing?
    If that’s Ivy she’s got the smoldering sexy look down pat ..!!

    Hmmm I’m no writer … so I’m not into the NanoWriMo …. but if that’s a place for all you budding bestsellers to flex your stuff by all means … enjoy …!!! Flex … I’ll just keep reading … ❤ ❤ ❤

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • It is, isn’t it, AKR. I think they are trying to tap into a different market. Most authors published with one of the big six publishers in NY don’t have a say what goes on their foreign edition covers. I’m no exception. However, my UK publisher does share a lot with me and my editor here in the states, and for that I’m extremely thankful. These are beautiful covers.

  4. Hi Kim So glad you are having fun in NaNo. I am too. I finally quit trying to writ a book and just get down a dcent rough draft i average 2000 words a day or better. I am puttng in all my dialouges,crazy thoughts and fun things,(like songs playing in the background,foods they like etc.)thisis giving me plenty to work with wheni rewrite afterwards and dinind some cool scenes i will keep too. I love your cover, that is awesome, I voted early in good reads adn was glad there was more than one category so i could vote for both of my favorite books this year! Good luck,Im pulling for a win for Pale Demon!!

    • Cathy, that is exactly the way to write. Your pace, your style. You will have more fun that way. Congrats for finding peace with your writing. 🙂

      Thanks for the vote! 🙂

  5. SiSi

    Glad that your NaNo novel is going well. I’m still having fun with mine–just threw a couple of bodies into the mix, and now I’m having to figure out exactly how they ended up in that parking lot, not to mention in my story 🙂

    How different is your writing process for NaNo from your “normal” process? And if it is really different, do you find it difficult or fun or both to change things up?

    • SiSi

      By process I really mean your daily approach to writing–I know you said that you didn’t do as much detailed outlining before starting the story.

    • Hi Sisi. Sounds like you’re moving forward! Excellent! Me too.

      I’m actually following my usual pattern to writing rough draft pretty closely. I cut out my usual step of making a detailed outline for each chapter this time because it is all new material, and I don’t have to be as careful that I don’t mess up the magic or bring in something that won’t work later on. The world is much smaller, the character count at three right now, and I killed one.

  6. You can also vote for Kim’s Blood Work for Best Graphic Novel over in Goodreads. Just saying check the other categories people ’cause I just did. 😉

    • You have three chances to vote at Goodreads during the month of November:

      Opening Round: October 31 – November 13, 2011
      Voting open to 15 official nominees, and write-in votes can be placed for any eligible book (the fine print) SO GO VOTE FOR BLOOD WORK AS THE BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL IN OPENING ROUNDS FOR THAT. Yes, I’m shouting because yelling sometimes gets your attention. You have to write it in at the bottom. The site will find the book and take your vote (so I gotta go blog about it – LOL). 😉

      Semifinals: November 14 – November 20, 2011
      The top 5 write-in votes in each category become official nominees. You can vote for one of the now 20 nominees in each category. Additional write-ins no longer accepted.

      Finals: November 21 – November 30, 2011
      The field narrows to the top 10 books in each category, and you have one last chance to vote.

      Winners will be announced in December.

    • rmind me the day of the other two rounds please! i have mempry deficiet and cant remeber the dates!! i dont want to miss out!

    • Cat, now I’m being teased because when I got the post on the Michigan landing page for Localism it resulted in my NY Localism page being nothing but Kim on the entire page 1. (Stalker much? – LOL)

      I gotta go find something local to write about for Localism (which will be on the TX landing page, which will probably be all Jaye and Vicki which of course leads/links back to Kim – LMAO). Yeah, I know… I am sooooo easily amused (happy sigh). I have to curb my ebonics and write something useful on Examiner next. Gotta get Blood Work votes. What were they thinking? Geez… 😉

    • Thanks. i did vote already,i just dont want to miss the next rounds. lol i even got to write in my other favorite author since ii voted for pale demon and bloodworks i still got to write in on another for hit list bylaurell khamilton and i wrote in romance for Patricia biggs rivermarked. lol

    • Patricia Briggs is mad cool. I like her stuff. She was fun to listen to at Comic Con. They all were. 🙂

    • If you havent read the mercy thompson books you should. So awesome. Fabulous characters. I promice you will laugh and cry (i cried a lot_ gasp alot and read a book a night! I loved the videos you showed Thanks

    • Thanks, Tann Starr! I’ll try to remind people here, too.

  7. Jan V.

    A sex scene in Chapter 2?? Hmmm.
    Now. If only we could get Trent and Rachel to do that. (smiles)

  8. Very cool to see all my NaNoWriMo writing buddies doing their thing at their own pace. We’re in a “write in” and on “lock down” in Starbucks (is that even possible? What were they thinking? I thought these things were done at a library? LOL).

    I’m drooling over your UK covers. Those girls are gorgeous and that cover is mad cool sexy. Makes me wish they were the ones selected for the TV project (which I can’t wait to watch – happy sigh).

    I have a Realtor gal pal in NC who goes to the UK three times a week because she also works for the airlines. She keeps telling me I should come with her as a guest on her flight and stay in her hotel room (because we all know I need a keeper and frequently wander off to photograph and blog stuff – LOL). She has crazy frequent fly miles and several free tickets waiting so getting my hands on your new covers is added icing to the temptation in ways you just can’t possibly imagine.

    Too bad I hate planes (sigh). I drive everywhere but may have to do this little adventure after more covers come out (and I talk hubby into going). I am not afraid of flying but there has to be a word (or therapy phrase) for hating to wait around in airlines, eh? Just the thought of long term parking makes my virtual head thunk on the digital table.

    Fun is watching other writers with their writing faces on. I guess we all make faces when we get into our characters, eh? I’ve been giggling for the last hour writing inappropriate responses to snarky dialog for an interesting chick (who can’t get over the fact I actually scowl or laugh while writing) so I’m playfully misbehaving for my new NaNo peep so she can “fix” her dialog. She keeps reading what I’m doing and worrying about not doing what I’m doing. I keep telling her no one should do half the things I do (unless sleep deprived, surly and off meds while PMS-ing on caffeine and sugar – evil grin). Yup. I’m embracing my uber-geeky dark side (silly grin).

    Happy writing, Kim and enjoy your evening.

    P.S. Sex at chapter 2 is very new and unusual. Looking forward to reading all about it. 😉

  9. Prep work does eat up thinking time but it’s so necessary for some stories. The NaNo website does have some buggers with the buddy thing as well the forums but it’s okay.

    I haven’t updated my word count in days — a low priority — focusing on the writing which is going slow due to my head cold brain. Getting better and anticipate a few marathon days in the near future to catch up. Meanwhile, I keep writing notes and the occasional catchy prose to stay with the flow.

    Newest incentive — Srivener for Windows is finally out and any NaNo winners (50K by 11/30) get a 50% off coupon. Whoot!!!

  10. Marsha

    I got my vote in last week. Here’s hoping you make it to the next round. If we have anything to do with it you will for sure. I would love to try NaNo, but there is no way I can come up with that many words in three weeks. I think I’d bore you to tears reading it too.

  11. Hey Kim!
    I’m glad you’re doing NaNo… I actually considered entering but all I’ve ever written was fanfics and I don’t think I could pull as much as it’s required but I’m glad you’re having fun and so many of your fans here seem to be having a blast!
    I’ll try to gather some courage and send you my Halloween pics!
    Anyway, I wish again I could buy from BookPerk but they do only National and as you know I’m across the Atlantic.
    I tried checking website’s like amazon but it does not specify if it’s the first edition glow-in-the-dark… if you have any ideas please let me know!!

    • It is a lot of fun, Florencia.

      Hey, you’re running out of time to send me a photo, so if you’re going to, do it soon! Contest ends this Saturday.

      I don’t have any suggestion, but I do know all the books available right now are first edition and should have the glowing cover. The second edition have not yet been printed, so if you can find someone who says they can ship tomorrow, you got a first edition. NIcola’s has them, for sure, and they ship to the UK.

  12. I wish I could join NaNo and write with you. But timing is everything.. and it’s just not my time yet.
    How interesting that there is already a bedroom scene. Sounds steamy.. and FUN.
    Thanks for the apple advice. I’ve had a few 🙂
    I’m finally on book 3 in the truth series. Very interesting!
    And all the Halloween pics are amazing! w00t!

  13. Wow, wow, wow, that cover is *so* pretty!

    Do you still find getting covers still exciting or does it lose something after awhile? (Is it normal to keep your cover on your phone and show everyone, because I’ve been doing that, lol).

    Good luck with NaNo, a love scene in chapter 2? VaVaVooom. I just have airpriates, lol.

    Hugs and cupcakes

    ~Suzi and Missy, too.

  14. MelanieS

    I’m so geeked to have you as a writing buddy.

    I don’t participate in NaNo with any real hope of hitting that 50k mark at the end of the 30 days. I can’t write during the weekend at all. During the day my children are demanding my attention. At night I’m exhausted. This year though all of my children are in school full time! Woowhoo! First time in 15 years that I haven’t had a young child at home during the day.

    I’m hoping to keep up this year with my days fairly free.

    Do you find it hard to not edit/revise during NaNo? Every year I’ve tried NaNo, I find it impossible to not edit and revise while I’m writing. This year I am fine with ignoring most of the stuff.

    And yes, the energy over at the NaNo site is awesome! I wish there were some day timers like myself so I could go to a write-in.

    • Ooooh, you never know. That empty house in the afternoon is a potential gold mine! -laugh- Just have fun with it. 🙂

      I don’t have a hard time not editing, no. This is my standard way to write rough draft, anyway. But I do make lots of notes.

  15. Randy

    Hi Kim,

    I’m so glad that you decided to jump into the NaNo pool after all, and I’m double-glad to have you as a writing buddy. I have to say that I’m finding it very liberating to write with forward progress, rather than optimal quality, as my primary goal. It’s fun to just keep it in high gear and see where it goes.

    Happy writing,


    • Hi Randy. 🙂 I’m glad too. I’m hoping to catch up by the end of next week. And I agree. It’s very satisfying to see word count go up so fast. Totally.

  16. Lesley

    Argh, I was looking forward to Nano, but I just don’t have the time. I can’t believe how much time teaching and grading is taking this semester! It’s especially annoying because I have an outline ready to go. Grr. At least I love my job… 🙂 Next year for sure!

  17. SeattleRobin

    I’m cracking up. My NaNo ended up in the bedroom in chapter two also! Thankfully, it wasn’t a scene that called for much detail and I faded to black. The juicy stuff will come much later.

    • Ha! I was going to fade to black, but then went with it. Soooo glad I did. It’s going to get bad now, and having that affirmation of love and connection is going to make it worse.

  18. Howdy ma’am,

    Sounds like you’re having fun with NaNo. This is good, people in your books die less when you’re happy.(JK)

    The picture of the new cover art looks very very good. The only suggestion I’d make for it is to have Rachel and Ivy switch places, since Rachel is the main character, If I didn’t already have 3 copies of it(paper back, hard cover (signed), and Kindle) I’d buy it in a heart beat.

    I actually have things to do today. Grocery shopping(I like ) get my med records FAXed to Savannah, and take the mighty Fuzzy in for her annual check up.(no so much fun there)

    Have a wonderfulfunfillexciting day!


    • Jan V.

      You like Grocery shopping??
      Damn. Too bad we live so far apart. I’d pay you to do mine.(wink)

    • I like it because I get to pick out what I’ll be eating for the next 4-6 week. My sister made some white chili with chicken and it was good. I think I can make it better so I got the stuff to make it. Then I found some Christmas Cookie ice cream and of course I had to have it. 🙂

      To make it even more interesting, we just got a new Piggly Wiggle store. Now the IGA has some competition and I don’t have to drive 10 miles to shop at Walmart.


    • I am, Vampy. I have a feeling that with 12 covers to do, there will be one with Rachel in the foreground . . . -laugh-

      Have fun shopping! I love shopping as well since it gets me out and I actually see people.