A Perfect Blood ARCs Contest

Yep.  The ARCs are in!  I just got my nine Hollows ARCs to give away to the category winners of the Halloween Costume contest, so if you’ve not sent me your Halloween photos, now is the time.  I have almost caught up to Halloween’s flood of entrants, and if you sent me a photo before this Friday, it should be up by now.  🙂  I want to thank everyone who has entered.  This is the fifth year that I’ve done this, and it just keeps getting better and better.  Category winners will receive a signed ARC of A PERFECT BLOOD, and since they are in my office right this second, I can ship them out the week the contest ends.  (which is like this Saturday!)  How to enter  This is usually the only way I give ARCs away.

If you are still looking for your signed copy of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER, you may want to take a look at BookPerk.  This is a Harper promotion site that features their authors with fun offers.  Until they last, they are offering a signed, first edition Hollows Insider along with a free copy of Dead Witch Walking.  Shipping is free.


Lots of you have been asking for hints and spoilers for the upcoming release, and I do have some good news for you.  There will be an excerpt in an upcoming, specially priced e-version of Every Which Way but Dead (Not yet, soon.)  I will also be revamping my website in the coming months and will have an excerpt there as well.  Harper Voyager usually has several chapters that they release early, and if you want to get in on that, you might want to sign up for their Author Tracker.  I can’t paste the widget here, but there’s a sign-up box on the front page of my website.  At the left hand sidebar

I had a great weekend working in my yard.  Got the leaves out of the beds and off the lawn, and even put in a few bulbs.  And . . . I got my hat done.  It’s blocking right now, but when it’s dry, I’ll post a picture.  🙂


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26 responses to “A Perfect Blood ARCs Contest

  1. It’s almost that time again I see. 🙂
    Very cool cover art, I forgot to say it last time. Good luck with your NaNoing this week! I’ve been Week Two’d by work. *facepalm*
    Still at 20K.
    Happy writing!

  2. Kim, a big thanks back atcha for running these fun contests.
    The books look lovely! /drool ..and I always enjoy seeing the “that was easy” Staples button. I had a trainer from a job awhile back that would hit that after every lesson.

    Grats on finishing your hat and getting stuff done this weekend. Mine was a bummer cause I caught a cold, my car needs a fix, and my washing machine decided it didn’t want to wash anymore clothes…EVER.
    BUT.. I got this really cute knit raccoon hat. O well, carpe diem. I’ll take what I can get.

    • I love my “easy” button. It gets smacked only a few times a year. If I had a ‘you suck” button, it would get smacked a lot more.

      Ooooh, sorry about the bad luck! As my Aunt Susie always said, go eat an apple.

  3. Alicia

    Will this special Every which way but dead e-book be available to all (still can’t get the normal one in Ireland for kindle). Really enjoying rereading the stories yet again during my morning commute. Just missing number 3. Really wish I had a good halloween costume, really want one of those ARCs, so exciting!

    • That is really weird, Alicia, that you can’t get it. The only thing I can think of is that they pulled it to avoid people buying it right before the special offer and then complaining.

  4. SiSi

    Glad you had good weekend working in the yard–the weather was perfect for it!

  5. Happy Tuesday ma,am,

    I had a rough weekend at work. My back is really telling me about it. Oh well, I guess it means I’m still alive. My dentist’s wife gave me the number of a really good Doctor in Savannah. I’m gonna give him a call.

    After work Sunday, I went over to my sisters. to play some cards. Four out of the five of us were there. Fun was had by all.

    On the 11th, were all getting together for a fish fry and family birthday. With a brother and sister both moving back here at about the same time, we didn’t get to do any of our birthdays. I’m officially on VayCay now.

    Just like everyone else here, I’m chomping at the bit for A Perfect Blood’s release and signing tour. I hope to see you in Atlanta withe a new copy of A Perfect Blood and my Hollows Insider.


  6. No photos from moi for the ARC but I did buy “The Hollows Insider” over the weekend and am enjoying all the back stories and released documentation.

    I live at 5100 feet here in the hills of north central Arizona and we had snow Friday night (about an inch). This morning, I woke to a good 3 inches of fluffy white lounging on fences and pine boughs — felt like Christmas morning 🙂 It’s melting fast in the winter sun but still, so pretty.

    I’m slogging my way through a backlog of writing for NaNo – caught hubby’s head cold yesterday and am currently not a happy girl (sniff, cough). Taking it slow today at the keyboard in between comfy food breaks.

    • Oooooh, I hope you like it, Jeannie.

      Snow, eh? Yeah, that sounds about right. Sorry. 🙂

      Very cool on the NaNo progress! I’m finally starting to move a little. The prep work can really slow me down.

  7. twiser

    Did I miss the special e-versions of the first two? Damn 😥 All the best series 😉 are doing special rereleases that rock. LOVE deleted scenes!!! I got a e-read just for those.lol Any anthologies to tide the ever so impatient ones(me) over?

  8. SeattleRobin

    I just read that you’re officially participating in NaNo. Very cool. I hope you have a blast with it! Especially since you’re getting to play with something that’s just for you.

    Interesting that your character is Taylor. Taylor is the name of my NaNo character’s great grandmother who survived the apocalyptic plague. So I approve. 🙂

  9. AKR (Trinidad)

    …. wow … seeing the ARCs contest means it’s not long again for the rest of us … ❤ ❤ ❤

    I can't wait …!!! Gosh I hope you surpass your magic unleashed in Pale Demon …?!!! That was just magnificent …!!!

    So this is book 10 … *sigh* … what are we going to do when it ends …?? I don't recall have you decided whether it's 12 or 13 books??
    That cabinet of awesomeness better be full ….lol because we got decades of reading to be fulfilled … ❤ ❤ ❤

    Have a great week all …

    AKR (Trinidad)
    Enjoying the sights and smells of fall …<3

  10. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. So glad you did have a Good Weekend,I did too. Amazon got straightened out, and I got my Hollows Insider,and even though they were out of glow in the dark covers,Smudge declared a Kim Harrison Weekend. I even had a french baguette with sweet butter on it. We Were Livin’ large in the Village! Have fun in the NaNo,sounds great.

  11. Wow, I got so excited seeing the book! *happy dance* I wanted to enter the Halloween costume contest, but couldn’t find the categories? Where do I find the categories?

  12. Diva

    I won’t win an arc (didn’t enter) but it makes me very excited just to know that you have them and that they’ll soon be out there. This will be the first book that I will be reading in real time, so to speak, since I’ve only just discovered your books in the past six months or so. I’m going to try to be very good about spoilers, which means avoiding those early chapters if I can. I’d say I have about an 11% chance of being successful in fighting off the temptation. 😉

    • Hi Diva. I’ll open up a spoiler page for taking questions when the books come out, but be careful. It’s really easy for an excited reader to just blurt something out!

  13. I sent Sophie’s pic in… Aaaargh! I want one sooo bad!!!