I call her, Ms. Reed.

I finally got my rewrite of book 11 done on Tuesday, and it’s ready for my editor.  That freed me up tremendously, and with nothing huge scheduled to land on my desk for a while, I can NaNoWriMo!  I’ve often played along, but never officially participated.  This year, I signed up, so if you want to be my writing buddy, I’m there under Kim Harrison with the burning bunny avatar.  I’ve got two buddies the last time I looked, and both of them are leaving me in the dust as far as word count.  I can really see how this can keep you motivated.  I’ve got to get some words down.  Someone help me here . . . do I have to search my current writing buddies out and “buddy” them as well, or is it automatic?

So if  you’ve been to NaNo and seen me there with my paltry 100 words, you will note that I’m working on something not Hollows related.  My editor was not wowed by my offerings this September in terms of possible next-series, and I came up with something new in the interim.  I can understand why she wasn’t roses and candy.  I suck at writing, I excel at rewriting, and much of what I gave her was not what I’d be writing on in the actual series in terms of characters anyway.  I gave her worlds and magic systems, and I’m character driven when it comes down to it.  My schedule has gifted me with time, so I’m dropping back and just writing a damn book–for me.  It might never see the light of day, but I’m up an hour earlier this morning, sitting at my keyboard, dying to get words on paper, so I don’t care.

I got much of my prep work done yesterday, picking out a title (which has changed already), names (most of them are weaving terms), assigning rules to the magic (because without rules you are at a severe disadvantage in what-comes-next), getting the beginnings of character profiles in my thoughts, and writing out a three-page synopsis.  I usually will take a few more days at this point and write out more detailed breakdowns of each chapter, but because it’s so new, I’m going to forgo that this time and begin writing from the synopsis.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind and makes me like this project more than the others I could be working on (besides the last Hollows book) is that my main character is happy with her life and herself.  She is productive, and good at her job, and is in love.  She is, again, the girl next door–before everything falls apart and she has to scramble to figure it out.  I know her issues, and I like her already.

I’m writing the first chapter today, and her name is Taylor, Taylor Reed.


P.S.  Pictures of the event at Nicola’s are up.  They have lots of signed HOLLOWS INSIDERS and will ship.


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  1. sean

    Ifiedell, i’m at least sure that if your Taylor Reed writing ever does see the light of day, that i’d be fairly interested in reading it. I’ve really much enjoyed most of your other works thusfar, and i have no doubt that any new series that you may generate will be no exception.

    At the moment, i’m brushing up on the First Truth series. I read the first book years ago because my high school library happened to have it, but sadly it didn’t have any of the other ones. I’ve only just finally gotten around to buying Hidden Truth and begun reconnecting with the series. Dusting out the cobwebs in my memory so-to-speak, and have been delighted to find that i still remember just enough so that i haven’t had to reread the first book just to make sense of what’s now going on in the second.

    On another and completely random note, i’ve recently discovered mushroom hunting. Sort of like freestyle hiking/scavenger hunt, but with a tangible reward. Found buttloads of Chantrelles, a few choice Lobsters, some lemony Admirable Boletes. Even just considering that Chantrelles alone sell for about $26/pound, and that in two days i’ve easily gotten upwards of 10 pounds of them, i’ve prolly saved myself more than $300 at the supermarket. It’s kind of fun trying new things :).

    But that’s enough of my incoherent, sleep-deprived rambling for now. Time for my restless self to get some shuteye so i’m not too zombified tomorrow.

    So g’night y’all. I suppose i’ll check back in later.

    ~Sean W.

    • Thanks, Sean. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Truth books. They are near and dear to my heart.

      Happy hunting! About the only mushroom I feel comfortable collecting is Morels.

  2. Victoria Eskey

    Hi Kim! I am so happy to hear you are participating in NaNo, and happy to hear you have found Taylor Reed to spend time with. 🙂 My main character is not in such a good place, she has lost absolutely everything of value and meaning in her life, and is having to solve the murder of her husband and young son with minimal resources in Empiric Rome.
    I am about halfway through The Hollows Insider, I keep wanting to pick it up, but I have to stay in “my world” and can only play in “your world” for a page or two. 🙂

  3. Hmm. Taylor Reed?.. I like it. I also like she is the girl next door type. All kinds of good stuff on her plate.. with a side of everything falling apart. Now that is exactly what I can relate to. lol. Yin with the yang. Mmmhmm.
    I love reading about characters with issues. We all have them. Big or small. Then when/if said character gains strength from it.. it’s a good reminder of the rainbow after the storm.
    Would I have to be part of NaNo to read what your working on?

    • Hi Lynn. I’m not going to post my ms, so the only way to read it is if it finds publication. We’ll see. This is like a three-year out project.

      But I am going to put up the first paragraph of each chapter as an excerpt at NaNo.

  4. For some reason, when I search for you, I can’t find you. It will only return 20 results. Any ideas on how to find you? I am using the search feature…

  5. Pi

    Hi Kim,

    For me this is a pain, but I’m sure you will be glad to hear the answer I received from amazon uk about “The Hollows Insider”, which I pre-ordered (copypasted):

    “(…)Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience about the delay in dispatching your order, but “The Hollows Insider” appears to have been a surprise sellout.

    When you placed your order # xxxxx, we believed we had access to more copies – we then discovered that every one of our distributors had rapidly sold out.

    Major distributors have thousands of copies on order from the publisher, all apparently awaiting the next print run. As soon as more copies become available, we’ll be able to dispatch them to our customers.

    When your order is ready to be dispatched, we will send you an e-mail message to confirm the date, contents and method of delivery(…)”… yada, yada.

    Well, it seems on Europe has been a success! You may think about making a stop around here on your next tour (cough-cough). I’d buy it in USA, but the shipping costs make me shiver. I didn’t get the glow in the dark edition, but I’m happy for you!

    Pi (Spain)

  6. whiskers11

    Even if something will never see the light of day, it’s still good to write it down. You never know what’ll happen. =) I’m sure it’ll be great. I added you as a buddy. After about three days I’m up to about 5000 words. I’m sure your stuf’ll be awesome! =)

  7. jkh

    Congrats on your participation in NaNo. I know you’ll settle into the groove and just have a ball. I’m not going to participate because I don’t feel ready to do such a thing, and I’ve got a little too much on my plate right now. But I’ll be thrilled to watch you all play with it.

  8. This has me grinning from ear to ear. Mrs. Reed, indeed…

    I’m glad you’re writing a book for you and looking forward to the next bit of Kim-Fabulous mischief with complicated magic systems. The Insider world book has my head spinning in all sorts of interesting directions and you’ve now got me world building with my gang intelligence files so go, go, go, write, write, write, more Kim, more Kim (silly grin).

    P.S. You don’t suck as a writer, you are mad fun to read. I habitually re-read you (and so do my bookies). Glad you are doing NaNoWriMo. Psst… Writing buddies are not automatic. You pick your NaNo peeps and they pick their NaNo peeps. That means the top section of your Writing Buddies page are who you select to keep track of and the bottom section of your writing buddies page are the people who have selected to keep track of you (“Buddy Of”). Sometimes people/sections match, sometimes they don’t. It depends upon both parties mutually selecting each other.

    Most of my writing peeps keep track of me on Facebook and Twitter and are still debating doing NaNo (the word count pressure is on – LOL). In my case, there are 7 of us over there right now with 4 of 7 keeping tabs on me regarding my word count cheer off. Jaye Wells has been tweeting about world building so I was happy to read you are cooking up magic systems today. I’m in Starbucks tackling my world mythology outline for lunch before I hit the road again. 🙂

    I would not have thought about world building for paranormal gangs but the Hollows Insider triggered thoughts that wouldn’t go away. It reminded me about my excel spreadsheets and I had to actually go find my old floppy discs and my Mad Dog USB floppy reader (LOL).

    Yup. I really do have gang intel files and flow charts in excel (said the ex-gov. investigator with fascinating reports in storage) and I’m now creating paranormal tats, scientific systems and complicated technology for new cybercrimes in a parallel world while trying NOT to inadvertently create “The Crook Book” by being methodical. That book really does exist and the government had to pull it off of a lot of shady web sites because it was a well written, detailed, efficient and effective crime manual (LOL).

    I was blessed to read the Secret Service copy at a cross training seminar sponsored by ATT regarding cell phone cloning a long time ago and am still in awe of how brilliant some of it was. Very organized, fun, easy instructional read authored by Anonymous. I’m thinking I could do that on a whole new level in an alternate universe. Um… does that make me a bad mommy blogger? Okay, wont blog details of this while writing the manuscript (LOL).

    Smart criminals are uber-scary, kind of fascinating to unravel and have detailed criminal manuals and crime handbooks so I’ve got my characters actually conducting mock legal investigations explaining/discovering some neat stuff by people who make calculated risks and bad decisions. I figure I should stick to what I know (music, art, real estate, law enforcement) and tweak it like “a nut job” playing in La La Land.

    Rumor has it I sort of belong in the mystery/suspense/thriller/urban fantasy crew but my gal pals say if I write more sex I can join RWA (LOL). I haven’t joined anything professional yet because I obviously need a keeper for writing for four genre categories (and we’re still fixing me). I need to be fixed for SciFi. Rumor has it I’m tech-complicated so we need to get me writing on a fifth grade level (which is kind of fun). If my Autistic 9 year old doesn’t get a concept I have to throw it out of the book or re-write it. That’s the “Invader Zim proof reading rule” so I’m story-boarding cartoons while I write (LOL).

    I’m also trying to talk Paul Slaybaugh (http://actvra.in/msG) and Andrew J Lenza (http://actvra.in/msH) into doing a quirky anthology with me because our multiple ActiveRain blogs have huge followings and they’re flipping hilarious Realtors to hang out and blog with. We plan on having mad fun with NaNoWriMo and I’m looking forward to entertaining my editor in January with an extra manuscript (if we behave/misbehave on time) at NaNo (poor Debi – evil grin). How can I not take a crack at that? My Realtor friends are flipping hilarious and we enjoy lots of dark and twisty moments because real estate can be hell, neighbors mean, buyers/sellers/renters delusional/crazy and meeting complete strangers in empty houses sometimes equals crime scene. If you guys really knew what we didn’t blog and joke about your hair would probably stand up on end (LOL).

    Yeah… this is really gonna be mad fun to tackle because we’re in kiss-and-tell/kiss-of-death mode while I’m on the road (LOL).

    Sorry I missed Ann Arbor. Looking forward to catching you on your next book tour.

    Happy writing, Kim. 😉

  9. Hi Kim!!!

    100 words is *okay* I’m making slow progress on book 2 of my series myself. Fortunatly, my deadline to deliver it is *not* Dec 1, lol.

    I added you as a buddy. I’m sovereignqueen.

    New series, and new characters — that sounds so much fun. Good luck!!!!!!

    hugs and cupcakes


  10. Happt Friday ma’am,

    Have a great weekend.


  11. Kay

    I’m gnatty28 over at nano, having never participated before. I’m up to about 1300 words after 3 days… lol! I haven’t written fiction in about 15 years so this is really freeing in some ways. I don’t know how to buddy but I’ll go over there and look to see if I can figure out how to do it. Feel free to buddy me in the meantime.

  12. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim Its Jim from warren-Good on the title,one of my art teachers (When I was getting my BFA after I retired) always said the title is the most important part. He pointed out that Picasso once soldered a set of handlebars to a bycycle seat,and bronzed it.If he had called it handlebars or someting it was dead. He turned it upside down and called it Minotaur, and sold it for 250,000 in 1920s dollars.Maybe turn a book upside down?

    • James R. Fox

      P.S. Ms Kim I’m on the Villages comp which others use,(Haven’t got mine up yet) so no NaNo this year. Maybe I’ll unload something next year. Still trying on “Run Screaming in the Other Direction or How to Raise a teenage girl by yourself when You are 50”

    • I love it! That’s a great story.

      You should write that book. Seriously.

  13. Hey there Ms. Harrison,

    As you should’ve seen – I added you as a writing buddy. 😉 As a NaNoWriMo ML I’ll urge you to join your local region and attend Write-In’s. 😉 Also – if all else fails, join my region! 😉
    It’s great to see you there! I’m well into my work, 10206 words and counting. But yes, I know you’ll catch up…
    I can’t help but wonder… *sneaks up from behind*
    TAG! you’re it. 😉

    Enjoy it!

  14. Hi Kim So happy you are doing NaNO! I am going to add you as abuddy too if I can figure it out. I am characteer driven to driven too. I have to really work on the plots. This being quantity over quality i am writing all my thoughts in the dialogues, Going crazy with the descriptives,and not worrying so much with perspective . Im putting in all my actions,plots and scenes. i am having a blast!!! Ill have plenty to work with on my rewrites. I started writing for me and I love it and if it works out All the better. SO good luck on your new series and NaNO.

  15. Tim Collins

    Dear Kim,

    Your new project sounds like a excellent begining of a Ripping Good yarn! You have been blessed with a number of interesting projects. Xmas has indeed come early for youI

    I ran across the below site that May give you some ideas for outfits. I also see some things that AL would be interested in, that “other” project you are finishing. And yes, my bad tooth hurts like hell, but is getting better. Though 1 month for the root cannel is a rather bit too long a wait.


    Yours in Space and Time.

  16. I added you to my buddy list. I’m quillandink over there. NaNoWriMo is the perfect place to dump words on the page and not be concerned about style, chronological order, or sense.

    Even though you’re not working on a Hollows story, I’ll bet some magic sneaks in someplace – I started out with a murder mystery but became anxious after Day One and switched gears. I decided I’m not ready to write a murder mystery — need to complete an unfinished first draft so that’s on the desk and is going well. Call me a Nano Rebel but that’s how I roll.

  17. Aww, now I feel really bad that I didn’t enroll in Nanowrimo >.< Unfortunately time is not on my side in November with exams coming up and thus lots of studying that has to happen 😦

    You've made me curious about your character and the book already! So maybe I'll go and peak once in a while 😀 Good luck to all you wrimo's!

  18. SiSi

    I added you as a buddy–I’m “okgo” on NaNo.

    Not sure I’ll get to 50k because I’m going on vacation the last two weeks of the month, but decided the other day to join in anyway just to give it a try. Apparently I like to follow up my procrastination by diving into situations with a high risk of failure. But I am up over 1000 words after a late start, and I have been enjoying myself.

  19. Maryellen

    YES!!! Writing buddies with the Great Miss Kim! 😀

    Mine will never see the light of day i’m fairly sure of that, but it’s an idea I’ve been toying with here and there, rather like a cat returning to its favorite squeaky mouse. So I finally decided to get it down. I have no idea if it’s 50,000 words worth of an idea, but what the heck, right?

    Have a wonderful day! Race ya to 50K! 🙂

  20. A new series huh? Awesome! I love your writing Ms. Kim! Glad you are getting to participate in NaNo this year. When you are done with that there is another writing challenge that Kait Nolan set up last year that gives you a more laid back challenge for those with really busy schedules. It’s called ROW80. (Check it out here: http://aroundofwordsin80days.wordpress.com/ ) It gives you 80 days to write your book with twice a week check-ins and support from other writers as well. Pretty cool. They do this I fours times a year so you can jump in any time.

    Good luck on your new series and I can’t wait to read the next Hollows book!

  21. MelanieS

    Woowhoo! I just added you as a buddy. I’m “CrazyMomofFive”.

    I’ve been preparing for about a month now for NaNo. My NaNo is a four story anthology. I’m writing it for my 15-year-old daughter. We love reading together and she’s the one that got me hooked on Urban Fantasy.

    I even made a character website/blog so my daughter can have a little interactive fun. The website is based off the MC and my daughter gets to reply as the MC of the second story.

    I didn’t get to write at all yesterday.

    I did cheat and start a day early though. So, I’m not too far behind.

  22. CAB

    “I’m dropping back and just writing a damn book–for me. It might never see the light of day” …. personally I would read anything that you put out there – I’d certainly give it a try just because it’s you and everyone should have a chance to try their hand at something different.

  23. Randy

    Awesome. I’m diggin’ the whole idea of NaNoWriMo, and very nearly keeping pace so far despite a couple of extended workshifts this week. Welcome aboard!

    Happy writing,