One moment, please . . .

Last night’s signing was fabulous!  I hope to have pictures of the event up soon, but the honest truth is that with the Halloween costume contest going, I am all pictured out this morning and I can’t bring myself to open up a new page.  (forgive me. . . .)  I’ll have them up by the end of the week, but it was a great event.  We gave away a lot of books, the last of the Hollows t-s, and EVERYONE MUST TAKE A CUP OF CANDY!!!  Yes, it is true.  I made everyone take my leftover Halloween candy home with them.  (laugh)  Backlists were signed, and I got an agreement from the store to continue to supply signed (not personalized) copies of The Hollows Insider.  If you’re interested, give them a call.  They have the first edition, glow-in-the-dark copies as of today.  Nicola’s 734.662.0600

I’m feeling somewhat bombarded this morning, so I’m going to leave you with a picture of my raspberries.  They gave me about a pint of fruit this summer, and I’ve been snacking on the much larger berries that they decided to produce this fall.  We had our first frost, but I think they will finish ripening.



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  1. Jan V.

    What a good time on Tuesday night. So good to see you and Guy. And Thank you so much Kim for taking the time to chat with me, and for personalizing my stack of books that I brought (and there was a butt-load). I’ve never been to Nicola’s, but I did get the chance to bs with her and her staff while I was there. Very nice people.
    Looking forward to A Perfect Blood, and the book signing in Detroit.

  2. Howdy ma’am,

    That’s it, I got nothing…

    Oh wait, I did get to hang out with my 2 sisters and sister in law. We had dinner and watched “X-Factor”.

    Last night when I was going to bed. I was reaching for the remote to turn off my TV. TYPO(older cat) was in bed with me and started growling at me. I pushed her out of bed and went to sleep

    In the morning I found out why she was growling. It wasn’t me, there was a strange cat in the house and she doesn’t like him. I let him out the window after petting him a little. That’s the second time I’ve caught him in here.


  3. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    O man.. I had a feeling I should wait a few days on sending in a couple pics.
    Your berries look yummy. They made me buy some raspberry jam at the market today. Mmm.
    Good idea giving out the candy bags. Eeeek, I’ve been eating our xtra candy and know its going straight to my ass. (X.o)

  4. The raspberries look delicious! I remember picking wild blackberrries all over S.C. when I was a kid, but you don’t see them very much anymore. I tried blueberries in my backyard, but the birds always got to them before I could.

    • I used to pick wild blackberries over at my Uncle’s. I think the bushes are gone now, but that’s probably why I planted raspberries. That, and they are my favorites. 🙂

  5. jkh

    Oh, I envy the raspberry eaters. My digestive system can’t handle the seeds, so I have to juice them, work some of the pulp through the screen, but that’s just not the same as whole berries. With some lightly sweetened yogurt…Yum.

    You’ll probably find that your plants will bear heavily next year on the new canes that grew this year. My folks used long, long pieces of tulle draped over their berry bushes, clothes-pinned here and there to keep the stuff in place, to reduce the bird (and squirrel) predation. When they had all the berries they wanted, they put away the tulle and let the critters feast.

  6. Hi Kim,
    It was great to see you last night, Nicola’s Bookstore was such a nice place and the employees were really pleasant and helpful! I really enjoyed the smaller crowd, it was relaxed, more like hanging out with friends. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and for the giveaways! Added bonus for me was the perfect day for a road trip!
    Your raspberries look yummy. Each time I tried to grow them, the birds made off with them before I had the chance to harvest. 😀

    • It was great to see you too, Gail! I can’t believe you drove all that way! 🙂

      The give-aways were fun, yes. I normally can’t do that, but with a smaller crowd, I feel more free. 🙂

  7. Victoria Eskey

    I can’t brag about any lovely berries, but a patient of mine (and yes, my favorite patient) brought myself and my co-workers a H.U.G.E! platter of buttery sugar cookies…… that was an amazing treat, He told us to watch out for a tray of brownines… O_o!!!
    I my copy of the Hollows insider arrived! and it’s glow-in-the-dark, yay!!! and… ahem… maybe sometime it will also be autographed!

  8. No need to ask for forgiveness you work your little fingers to the bone, and all your fans appreciate everything you do. So sit back, have a cup of tea with your raspberries and enjoy the “fruits” of your labor. You deserve it : )

  9. SiSi

    You know, I never even thought about introducing myself as SiSi until I got home last night–laugh–I think I’m just so new to online commenting that I forgot all about it. Or maybe I just have trouble keeping all my alter egos straight . . .

    Hope you are enjoying your raspberries and the sunshine and feeling less bombarded.

    • -grin- It happens all the time. I once had a woman bring a picture of her avatar, and yes, I then knew who she was.

      Thanks. I’m feeling less bombarded, more focused. 😉

  10. Man you are busy! take a breath.those rasberries look great i think i may plant some next spring. i sur ebuy enought . im finishing my cherry tomatoes stilll got a lot on the vinee but we will get frost soon im sure. have a grat day! oh i got over 3000 words yesterday on Nano,actually got enough to double my daily goal!

    • I think the berries we pulled off paid for maybe two of the plants, but seeing as I got them buy one, get one free, I do think that they paid for themselves the first season.

      Congrats on the word count! Just 47,000 more to go? -grin-

  11. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim Jim from Warren-Wow! great raspberries! That’s one of the things I miss most about not having my own house anymore(Old age is not for sissies!) I had a big piece of land an my own raspberriy bushes in my garden.I had black raspberries,and they produced all summer.Black reaspberries plus sugar and cream for breakfast!. Now I get oatmeal No milk or cream,and Splenda) (Type 2 diabetes which I control with my 1800 cal dietYech!) I hate giving myself shots,almost as much as giving my cats shots, which I had to do for Quigley every day when she got home from the hosp (The vet gave me a box of pre-loaded syringes for her pain and anti-biotics) I did all my late wife’s med, she preferred to pass at home after we were told she was terminal, my foster daughter and I took care of her along with the visiting nurse.So, I know what to do, I’m a lousy patientWell, have fun with the candy(Big Jelous Sneer)

    • jkh

      NO MILK for your oatmeal? How dry. Try some soy or rice milk if dairy’s off your list. And try some STEVIA powder instead of Splenda, if you don’t care for that chemical aftertaste. And I cheerfully use the teensy insulin needles rather than cope with the side effects of those diabetes pills. ‘Course I have a generous fold of extra skin to inject into…

      The important thing is, Jim, we’re still young at heart!

    • I hear you, Jim. Guy and I are working hard as we remodel to make our home as wheelchair accessible as we can so we don’t have to move unless we want to. 1800 calories? I got you beat! I aim for 1500, but because there is no issue, I think I cheat and hit 1800 most days. -laugh- It’s really hard when I keep making candy and pie.

      That was a wonderful gift you gave your wife.

  12. YUMMY raspberries!.. nature’s little pillows of juicy sweet tartness.

  13. MelanieS

    Pay day is tomorrow. Know what that means? I get a copy of The Hollow’s Insider! Woowhoo!!

    Sounds like the event was a blast. Hopefully one day I’ll get to one. Can’t wait to see some pictures. (Don’t worry, forgiveness isn’t needed! You’re awesome!)

    Love the berry picture. My three youngest children are super excited. My hubby decided to plant four pumpkin seeds from our carving pumpkins into a planter that did house a poor cactus that took a tumble. The cactus belonged to my eight year old and he was devastated. So, hubby+empty soil+pumpkin seeds= four quickly growing plants!

    He really didn’t think anything would happen. Now the 8 year old is excited about the pumpkins. Where the heck does a city family put growing pumpkins in Nov.? Eek! To save our son from being once again devastated we’re calling the school to see if the high schoolers want to add the plants to their green house to grow. LOL.

    • Whoo-hoo! I love paydays! I hope you get your copy and that you love what you find, Melanie!

      Mmmm, about the pumpkin seeds. Yes. That is going to be tricky. Good luck!