Signing at Ann Arbor, MI tonight!

I’ll be at Nicola’s tonight at 7:00 to sign The Hollows Insider, and since it’s likely to be a somewhat smaller event, I can slow down and sign your back list, too, if you feel inclined to bring them in!  We’ve still got a few Madison books to give away, and, er, candy, a few T-shirts, and of course Rachel’s conference badges.  I am looking forward to seeing some of you there.  This is the first time I will be signing at Nicola’s, and they have gone out of their way to make available to people unable to get to an event the chance to get a signed and personalized first-edition, glow in the dark cover Hollows Insider.  You have to put your order in now, though, so I can sign them when I’m there.  Give then a call at 734.662.0600 Price is 25.99 plus tax and shipping.  We may be able to continue this after tonight, but the book might not be personalized.

We had a great Halloween night giving away candy on our doorstep.  I just about panicked at one point because of the number of people standing at the bottom of my porch steps wanting candy.  If we had run out then . . .   Seriously, it was fabulous fun, and some of the costumes have had a lot of thought put into them.  I’m still getting tons of photos from you for the  A Perfect Blood ARC contest.  I try to give everyone a day at the front page of the contest before I move them back, so please be patient until I get to yours.  🙂  Contest!

I also have a few more links from Comic Con that are still coming in.  The first is from Publishers Weekly, the second from MTV  🙂

It is also National Novel Writers Month, or NaNoWriMo for those of you in the know, or simply NaNo, where thousands of published and pre published writers hammer out 45,000 (?) words in one month.  I was hoping that I would have this rewrite done in time to start with you and play along on the sidelines, but alas, it is not going to happen this year.  I’ve got about three days yet to wrap it up, and then a week to plot before I can do a big push of rough draft.

The best part about NaNo is that it’s not quality that is your measure, but quantity.  The goal is to push out as much tripe, garbage, and “word vomit” (pardon me) that you can so that you can find both the satisfaction of completing a novel, (no matter how sucky) and realize that in that mess of words is a story that is GOOD!  You just have to go back and rewrite it–after you write THE END, and not a moment sooner.  It’s kind of scary how close this NaNo method to writing is to mine.  Interested?  Here’s the jumping in point.


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28 responses to “Signing at Ann Arbor, MI tonight!

  1. my dearest kim
    can i just say a massive thankyou for my copy of the hollows insider,it arrived today and iam touched that you even signed my page!!oh and al’s blue butterfly is fantastic too,your the best.
    also just to add you must be so proud of the insider you and your crew have done an out of this world job on it,it really blew me away with the details,how its laid out,postits,handwritting etc its perfect!!!
    perfect,perfect,perfect,you rock mrs harrison!!!!i will treasure this for the rest of my life and when iam gone my boys will have to fight over it as who gets to look after it!!!lol
    hugs and best wishes

  2. Hello Kim!

    I enjoyd reading the Rachel Morgan Saga so far, but today I am not ONLY here to make you big compliments about you stories, but I want to ask you for some little help. I am student of social works in Germany and writing my last “exam” about vampiremyths and -boom in different media and what they express about human emotions and wishes and what that means for our work. I just want to ask you if it is possible to ask a few little questions via mail, so I may find an answer to my theme for there is not so much literature on the market refering to “Vampires and Social Works” 😉 so I have to find some answers by myself. I would be very thankful to get a yes 😉
    Have a nice day, Svenja

    • Thank you, Svenja. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the books. I’m sorry, but due to time constraints, I am unable to talk with you about the vampire myths. I wish I could say otherwise. I wish you all successes with your exam.

  3. SiSi

    It was great meeting you tonight at Nicola’s, and a bonus that I ended up with a t-shirt and a Madison book. I do have to confesss that I left without any candy!

    I also wanted to thank you for being so friendly and generous. When I worked at Borders I got the chance to see many authors, and not all were willing to sign old books, and chat with everyone in line. Kudos to Nicola’s, too, for letting people bring in books they bought elsewhere. Made for a very fun night.

    • Hi Sisi! Well, shoot! Why didn’t you say you were SiSi? I never made the connection between you and you. (pout) That’s the trouble with pen names, eh?

      I’m glad you had a good time, though. Wish you had taken some candy. -laugh- It’s calling to me from the kitchen.

  4. Happy Day After ma’am,

    Sounds you had a great night last night(Halloween). I hope you had a great signing. I wish I could have been there.

    Oh I saw in yesterday’s posts you saw Grimm. It seemed a lot like Buffy to me but with guns. If you get a chance, check out Once Upon a Time. I really like it. You can watch the pilot on Hulu.

    I hope you get to check it out.


  5. I was very disappointed with Halloween this year. We went to our annual Halloween Party at out favorite dive and though a transformer blew and the power was mostly off, with the occasional flickers on, for the first couple hours we were there, we still had a wonderful time. But since we just moved into our house, we didn’t know what to expect for trick-or-treat goers and sadly, we had only around 25. 😦 **sigh** My pup was a big hit though in her costume. The kiddies just loved her. I will be submitting pictures for the contest tonight I hope.

    So I believe I read that you are coming to Boston on the Blood Work Tour??? I just may be able to make that signing!!! 😉

    • Boston is on the tour, Jessie! Yes! I can’t wait.

      Sorry you didn’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters. I went 13 years with zero, and am making up for lost time.

  6. So glad you love trick or treaers like i do I set up a cool station with dishes with hadns that grab atlakiing head etc. we have a blast i have 150-200 kiddies come by a year. its a top on my favorit things list!

    I started my Nano at midnight last*noparties or write ins around her so im on my own with just mt writing buddies but it is all cool* I got in1009 words by120 and my eyes started crossing and i gave in to bed. gonna do about 1000 moree today or that is y goal anywy for a *cushion* I am trying to not just do garbage. i am trying to do my regular writing,though I am putting in all dialogues that come to then ill edit later.I am hopeing to have at least 50,000 semisensible words and better than half a finished first rough draft. Good luck to you !! seems we have a similar writng style. Good luck on you event tonight!

  7. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim Its Jim from Warren here. Glad you had a great Walpergis nite,we can’t do it here traffic regs,but we do have a party during the day for littles whose grandparents are raising them,likemy next door neighbors.Hope Comic con can talk you into another graphic novel,I still want to se Rach shoot Ivy with a sleep charm and write idiot on her nails. (Demanding fan hint,hint.)

    • Hi Jim. I do have one more Graphic Novel in the works, but I’ve no idea when it’s going to come out. Alas, this one does not have that scene in it. -laugh-

  8. Oh yeah – it’s NANO time boys and girls. I’ve just finished all the procrastination time allowed for today. I’m about to hit the keyboard and begin my murder mystery, write for 1 1/2 hours, grab a quick lunch, then pack up and head out to our local coffee shop for our region’s first Write-In where I’ll write for another 2-3 hours.

    I know that you write like this every day, Kim. When I grow up (who am I kidding) I want to discipline my writer self just like you ;}

  9. SeattleRobin

    Just heard the news about the Hollows for TV. Very exciting! And scary! Here’s hoping it turns out more like Blood Ties from Tanya Huff, where they were able to stay true to the flavor of the books despite the needed changes for a different medium. And not like the poor Dresden Files.

    I couldn’t focus on serious prepping for NaNo this time, so decided to do something really wacky at the last minute that no one could possibly take seriously and pants it to see if I could have some fun. 559 words so far. 🙂

  10. Ahhh. A big sigh of relief this morning as my power came back. We were out a couple days and it caused a bunch of chaos. But today is a new day.. and a new month. Here’s to looking at your cup half full.

    Have fun tonight! Your SOoo good to your fans!

    Perhaps some year I’ll join in this NaNo. Writing can be a lot of fun and I use to be so good at it in school. The quantity rather then quality makes the whole thing seem less frightening.

  11. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Just ordered my signed copy…merry early Christmas to me. :)~Indy

  12. 😎 I’m not ‘officially’ signed up for NaNo, but I am participating in my own way. This year, I thought I’d go “old school” and write everything in longhand.(laugh) I don’t know why i find the prospect of this so fun – maybe it reminds me of when I was a kid earnestly filling up notebooks with self-conscious prose. The computer is a valuable tool, but there is a certain something about pen to paper.

    Q>In the MTV Geek article it says the panel of writers agreed that “you have to create a character you love and then destroy them.” I’ve heard other writers say this(and a few disagree) and I wonder if you could elaborate?

    • I like old school handwriting i usually do most of mine then type into word and consider it first rewrite because i usally add or take a wya some cathc afe error on the way. this is my first NanNO and am working on my first novel. series actully doing bok one and 2 simotaneously–one is started 2 im doing for NaNo. I seem to destroy a lot of characters I love,hmm .To make a character stronger the more hurt and problemsthey run ito makes them stronger, then there are the ones we love and eveetually thier stiry line runs out or we need room for new so why notkill them off and make them martys!lol

    • Long hand works for me, Antonio. I do a lot of prep work that way.

      Ahhh yes. That comment got a big laugh, but I was truly not amused. Needless to say I don’t agree with it. My intent is not to crush my characters, but to give them the experiences that make them fulfilled. Sometimes, most times, that experience is hard won, but no, I don’t create a character I love and then destroy them.

  13. im so excited about the new book cover! =] and my for my birthday my mom ordered the hallows insider for me. ^_^ since i can’t be at any of your signings because i have school. one day i will go to one of your signings i hope. i dream of having my books signed by you.

    Your the best kim.
    YOu gave me the best birthday gift ever! =]

  14. Randy

    Hi Kim,

    Getting my literary rear in gear and cranking out some serious wordage is exactly what I need. Thanks for the link to NaNo.