I think I shot my wad yesterday with all the news revolving around Comic Con, The Hollows Insider, the costume contest, and oh yeah . . . the little thing about the TV opportunity.  -grin-

I will admit that I’m more relaxed right now than I’ve been in about a week or so, having gotten Comic Con and most of the tour signings behind me.  There was pressing business on my desk as well, which is being shipped off this AM, leaving me with what I’ve been trying to finish up all month.  My schedule looks pretty clear until February.  (dude!) and I’m going to need it.  I’ve been busting my hump trying to get this rewrite off my desk so I can participate in NaNoWriMo from day one, but it looks like I’m still going to be coming into it about a week late.  I’m up to version D now on book 11.  I wanted to turn in version C, but I’m not quite happy with some of the transitions, so I’m going through it one more time.  Tweaking should be minimal, and I’ll probably finish it up by the 1st.  I’ll need a week to plot out the next one, and then I can start to write with all you NaNo’ers.

If you’re gearing up for NaNo and find yourself staring at a blank page, I do have a couple of past posts on how I outline that might help jump-start you.  But please remember that there are as many ways to write as there are people who want to do it, and you just have to keep trying things until you find what works for you.  (I’m thinking of writing something as a Pantster this summer, which both scares and delights me.)  If you click the link, you’ll have to start at the bottom and work up.  🙂  How Kim Outlines

I got my author copies of the Insider yesterday and sent out the thank-you copies to the winners of the reader contest I had this summer for inclusion into the HOLLOWS INSIDER.  If you remember, I actually had the chance to meet two of the winners in person at Comic Con NY, and give them their copy early.  That was Too Cool.


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  1. Claudia

    Hi Kim!

    I’m really excited to receive my copy of The Hollows Insider in the mail. I’m the ‘peaceful mall’ photo contest winner. Thank you for having the photo contests and giving your readers the opportunity to be part of your work. I always enjoy reading everything that you share with us on your drama box. I’ve been a reader, a fan, and a lurker for some years now, but this is my very first time posting a comment on here. I read your posts every day and I really appreciate everything that you share with us about your life and career. Even though it has gotten more difficult to keep up with all of us, you continue to do so, which really shows how much you care about your readers. I hope that you can continue to keep up with all of us for a very long time.
    I can already imagine how cool it will be to see everything about ‘The Hollows’ come to life on television. I’m so excited! Have a very good weekend.

    Claudia : )

    • Oooooh, you should have it soon, Claudia! They went out yesterday.

      I’m so glad that you posted. Keeping up with you guys is hard, yes, but you give so much back that I find myself eager every morning. Thank you.

  2. Stephanie

    I pre-ordered Blood Work and The Hollows Insider at the same time, and darn those Amazon folks, they weren’t going to ship them until both of them were released (stupid super saver shipping). I became a prime member, but then they would let me change my shipping method. So, I have been anxiously waiting, and the day has finally come! I should have two Hollows treats on my doorstep today! I am super stoked! I’ll be at your Atlanta appearance, so perhaps you could sign these goodies for me!

  3. natasha

    Hey Miss Kim,
    wow, congratulations on the possible tv show, thats so exciting!
    I’m also really looking forward to the halloween contest this year (as always) but I had some questions. I’m worried that I’ll send you a picture thats too “big”. How do you know the size of your photo to begin with and how do I compress it if it’s too big? I know it tells me after I’ve sent it but if it’s too big then thats a little late and I do not wish to anger the Halloween Kim (or the most charming “guy”).
    Thanks, Natasha ( from San Diego)

  4. AKR (Trinidad)

    You’re breathing … lol YAYY!!
    Yes we do need to treasure those lulls in our busy lives …

    That’s a good sign … gets the blood flowing … synapses snapping …. which means sparking more good stuff ..
    Loads of which I’m sure will be coming our way ….!!!

    Have a great weekend all …
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    AKR (Trinidad)

  5. We are maaaad exited about the TV op. We can’t stop instant chatting about it (silly grin). That is soooo cool (happy sigh).

    I’m thrilled you’re doing NaNo. I’ve been DM-ing my three writing buddies and have set up my travel schedule so I can get my four hours of writing per day in. I’m on the road for the entire first half of Nov and mapped out every Starbucks from NYC to TX so I can do this (silly grin).

    I am going to be a bookaholic fiend for the second weekend of Nov. I get to go silly over Vicki Pettersson and Jaye Wells at Readers and Ritas. Very cool authors. Thanks for the introduction to .Vicki (who twit-hooked me up with Jaye) and the writing link on how to outline.

    I’ve been sucking up all of your writing advice and having mad fun with my proof readers. Just got two more FB peeps to join “Team Crazy” and promised them the novella after NaNo (LOL). I already gave the book to my snarky attorney gal pals to proof for the murder/thriller issues and have been howling with laughter at their edit notes (e.g. more sex, more sex, more sex). They’re uber-geeky cheeky monkeys so I have to give it to my therapist gal pal next. Unlike Jen et al, Sana is a very well behaved romantic (and is responsible for my current Starbucks fetish – LOL).

    Gotta run. We’ve recorded the rock version of The Lord’s Prayer. I have a funeral to attend after I burn the master for my girlfriend (sigh).

    Enjoy your evening, tweaking and editing, Kim. 🙂

  6. Heya Kim,
    I never thought I could be that much jealous of people having a book. ;P Glad to hear you shipped out the winner packages since amazon apparently needs until next week to send my mom’s copy 😦
    Have a great weekend, I’m going to a vampire ball 🙂

  7. Kim

    Hi Kim Harrison,

    I’m from Holland and I wanted to say that I really enjoyed you’re books about the Hollows! I’ve bought the first three books in dutch, the rest in English (they cancelled the translation).
    Keep up the good work!
    Can’t wait for more books to come!

    PS. I hope that Pierce and Rachel have a little more romance in the future, but then again I also like Trent and Al.
    And what about Rachel and Ivy…
    Kim, you keep us waiting in mystery, I don’t mind 😛

    • Hi Kim. I’m so glad you are enjoying the books. Sorry about the translations not being made. Sometimes they do them all, sometimes they don’t. sigh.

      Rachel is trying to find her happy ending. I’m not sure who it is with yet!

  8. Jessie

    As if being a part of the Insider AND meeting you at Comic Con wasn’t enough to do the Happy Dance for, now you are taunting us with the possibility of a TV series! This would be beyond amazing. Best of Luck!!!! I know adaptations sometimes piss off the hard core fans, but if it is done right, deviations from paper to screen can be really good!!!! Besides, if it were EXACTLY the same, we would know EVERYTHING that happens and what fun would that be??? Well, aside from hearing Jenks “crap on toast” and talk about Tink’s Unmentionalables….**grins**

    We are going to the Annual Halloween Party at our favoite “local” bar this weekend. Will get some shots for the halloween contest to send you!

    BTW….have I mentioned how totally cool it is to see my picture with you in your Drama Box post??? Still happy dancing over Comic Con!!!

    • -grin- I’ve been waiting to put that picture up. It’s one of my favorites.

      I’m totally excited to see how the adaptation to the screen goes. They like a lot of the elements, the soul, if you will. I understand that things need to be lost to effectively tell the story, (because I rip things out all the time that you guys never see) but you’re right that many hard-core fans won’t be happy unless it goes word by word. I’m all for new stories. I. Can. Not. Wait.

  9. I never even knew about NaNo until you and your fellow bloggers talked about it. Sounds pretty cool.

    Glad your more relaxed. You have a good many things going as it is.. then to find out your BIG secret.. well, jeez.. even more going on then we think 🙂

    Kinda nice to slow down the pace and enjoy the holidays and such. Have a brilliant day!

    I’m loving the Halloween contest pics. People are so creative!

    ps. my offer as an xtra still stands.. even if the camera does add 10 lbs.. The Hollows is worth it. X)

  10. I’m doing NaNo. Since Innocent Darkness was my 2009 NaNo book, I thought I’d write the sequel during NaNo, too. I have a very different job now and am teaching an online class in Nov, so we’ll see how it goes. But I’ve got to write that sequel anyway, so I might as well give it a try…

    So, inquiring debuters want to know, it writing the sequel *really* harder than writing book #1, or is it something more seasoned authors say to scare the newbies…



  11. Victoria Eskey

    I’m glad you get a chance to breathe! 🙂 This is my *first* NaNo year, but the *third* NaNo I’m participating in, after the Camp sessions! Good news is….. I have chosen my storyline, and am happily plotting away!
    I’m still tracking my book, but it should get here soon. I’ve had it pre-ordered since April, so 2 more days isn’t tooo much longer……
    I’m picking up the crochet hook this weekend…..I’m much more comfortable with knitting, but my mom is a ‘demon’ ^_~ with the hook, and it’s something we can do together.

    • That is so cool about the crocheting, Victoria. Finding things to do with parents or kids to connect with is sometimes hard. You have to make an effort sometimes, but it’s worth it, yes?

      I hope you get your book soon!

  12. JasoninFL

    Oh Kim I am so excited for the tv show! I will pray it gets picked up when CW selects for it’s 2012-2013 season!

  13. Sara

    Sounds great to free up your schedule for the rest of fall and winter. Nobody wants to be in a hurry when there are chilly days and cozy fires calling their name. 😉 Will we be seeing more knitting projects in the future?

    My Insider arrived yesterday and it is indeed the edition with the glow in the dark cover. Yay! Showed it off last night on the way to bed and everything. So far only had a few minutes to get through some of the species info, but hot damn did you nail the concept of a “world book” through a narrative story. I love it!

  14. Chris Tiglao

    Hi Kim! Congratulations on the new release of the Insider. I know it was a labor of love between yourself and your fans. Also I’m crossing my fingers and doing the “Dance of Joy” for the opportunity for Hollows to be on TV. I read the article and thought they didn’t really do justice on the way that they described your series. It’s more exciting than that. I hope that when it does convert, it keeps to the world and story line you have in the books. Anyhow, wanted to know what the best way was to be able to get you to sign my copy of the Insider, that is without cramping your already taxed schedule. It would totally be appreciated and would complete my entire autographed Hollows collection. = )

    • Hi Chris. Give Guy an email at We don’t do many sign and return books right now, but we can probably squeeze one in if you don’t mind a wait.

      And thank you. I’m totally pleased with the Insider and am thrilled that it’s finally out in the reader’s hands.

  15. I’m glad you’ve got some breathing room for a while, Kim. Although breathing room for you is still a full plate of projects for the rest of us 😉

    This will be my 6th year for NaNoWriMo. I’m prepping for my first murder mystery – not quite as organic as my usual magical realism stuff but I am enjoying the challenge.

    If you’re able to participate, any chance of learning your NaNo name? But that would be like trying to find out Stephen King’s NaNo name — too much to ask for but worth the try. Best of luck to you and to everyone else who plans to play beginning next Tuesday. EEK! I gotta keep plotting . . .

  16. hi kim so glad you have things under control. glad you gonna do na no this is my first one. ithink i will learn a lot from it and then get back on my regular books im working on. I am scared though,i am not a fly by the seat of your pants girl,and dont have a clue what i am doing he he. well have agood day!

    • Under control, but going very slowly. sigh. Just can’t seem to put in the hours I used to. But now that it’s getting cold, things should slow down.

      I’m not much a a seat of the pants person either, but I’m thinking about writing one that way this summer.

  17. Howdy ma ‘am,

    Of course you feel better. You finally told us about a really big secret. Secrets are very draining and tiresome. I know, I kept a few and it was very hard for me.

    If you want to really feel good, tell us more secrets. 🙂

    Yesterday was about the best day ever!


  18. SiSi

    Breathing is good. I’m a big fan 🙂 I’ve been thinking of doing NaNoWriMo for the first time this year, but I’m going to be out of town the last two weeks of November, when I’m pretty sure I won’t have much time to write. I’m still using Nov 1 as my deadline to get a basic outline done, so I really appreciate you reposting your outlining techniques. I’m not much of an outliner in general, so the more specific examples I have the better!

  19. Tim Collins

    Dear Kim,
    Could I play “AL” in the TV series? You have seen my Pic. I would be perfect!
    Big Congrats on the mucho opportunities heading your way!
    BTW… The Wife had a message she wanted me to pass on. But like most Husbands I forgot what it was.
    I’ll ask her later.