If you are in Michigan . . .

Books gone.  Thanks everyone!  Guy will be sending out invoices over the next couple of days.  We’re really kind of swamped right now, but we both wanted to get these books out the door.

If you are in Michigan, or more specifically, Lansing; or if you are within driving distance, or just like a road trip, I am doing a precious few appearances to celebrate the release of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER this week and next.  This is very much a spur of the moment deal, so there will likely not be the number of people usually present at one of the signings related to the regular spring tour.  That means smaller numbers, and more of a chance to get your backlist signed.  Not to mention getting your hands on the first-edition, glow-in-the-dark Hollows Insider.  (Only the first editions will glow.  Pre-orders from Amazon and Borders should get the first editions, but after that first week or so, you never know.  It depends on sales. Signed books are going to be even more rare as I’m not getting out much.)  Guy and I are also debating taking some free Madison books to the two signings to give away that might otherwise be a Manic Monday.  Speak of which, I’ve got one going today at noon.  Info is down below.

But as for the signing, I will be kicking off the release of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER at Schulers Books and Music tomorrow night after normal work hours.  I’ve signed at Schulers before, and I love the store.  They have a nice place for me to hide before the event.  (ha!!)  And coffee/tea to enjoy.  I hope to see some of you there!

Schuler Books & Music  2820 Towne Center Blvd; Lansing MI
7:00 pm

Manic Monday!!

Because we clearly don’t have enough to do this week, Guy and I are going to have a Manic Monday this afternoon for several sets of the first three Hollows books in German–plus the chance for a signed, glow-in-the-dark cover of the Hollows Insider.  If you speak it, or know someone who does, or simply want three signed books, Now is your chance.

 Guy will begin taking orders at noon today, EST.  (Don’t email him now.  Wait for noon.)  One set per person, please.  The cost covers the shipping and handling.  USA shipments will take two weeks from when we ship, international will be a bit longer as there are forms to fill out and longer shipping times.

Shipping and Handling is $14.38 in the US, $33.58 to Canada, and $53.38 everywhere else.  We are going to try to ship to Germany this time, but please allow a generous time for the books to get to you as everything gets hung up in customs.  To make this as painless as possible for Guy, we are taking Pay Pal only.  Unfortunately we can’t combine any other merchandise in with this, but you will get a collector card that is promoting both THE HOLLOWS INSIDER and A PERFECT BLOOD (It’s got the cover on it.  Bea-u-tiful!)  Everything will come Priority Mail.

If you are interested, at noon, EST today, (no earlier) send an email to Guy at vampcharms@comporium.net with the words German editions 1-3 in the subject line.  If you are among the  fifteen, he will send you an invoice, so please include your shipping address in your initial email. If you are among the first 16-27, you have the option to pick up just DWW.  The cost will go down accordingly, and you will have 24 hours after hearing from Guy to accept or decline the smaller shipment.  If you do not include your shipping address in the initial email, he can not ship you your book(s), and your order will not be acted on.  PayPal doesn’t always put the address in, and it’s frustrating.  We don’t do anything with your address but ship you your book(s).  We don’t have the time to do anything wicked, and I hate it when people sell mine, so . . .

We don’t have a lot of these, and because of the nature of them being translations, I have no idea how fast these are going to go.  As a bonus, the first 10 sets will go out with a signed HOLLOWS INSIDER cover as a thank you.  As usual, I’ll update this post when they are gone to help avoid confusion.  If you miss out, I’ll be having more shipping and handling give aways.  We also still have the Pale Demon Freebies available for the price of two stamps, which are also going out with the S&H books.

PS.  Weekend was beautiful in Michigan.  I got one more ride in on my bike, tidied the yard, and made a pie.  Yum!


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37 responses to “If you are in Michigan . . .

  1. Yay! Finally an awesome author comes to Lansing! I’ll be there at 7 and thank you for making up my mind on whether or not I was gonna get the Hollow Insider. also, never heard of a glow-in-the-dark book before that should be interesting. Been a huge fan of the Hollow Series for a long time, defs one of my fave series of all time.

  2. sean

    Hi there : ).

    Only just recently discovered your hollows series, and quite frankly, i’m hooked : P… I don’t suppose you’d ever be able to come out to the west coast for signings and such, would you :O?

    Particularly Washington state, and more specifically still, the Barnes & Noble in Silverdale would be pretty awesome, even if it is probably just wishful thinking on my part : D.

    Although in light of our proximity to the greater city of Seattle, i suppose you might be more inclined to tour there, if anywhere, given it’s artistic culture, and higher public appeal as an event center, eh?

    Anywho, i’m not sure i’ll even hear back, but i just had to give it a shot. Wouldn’t be much of a fan if i didn’t, would i?

    Best regards, & keep up with the good work. I’m very much looking forward to the release of, “A Perfect Blood” : ).

    P.S. i also love that each of the book titles is based off of the name of a Clint Eastwood movie. It lends a certain character, and well compliments the series as a whole.

    Sean W.

    • Hi Sean. Thank you! I’m really glad that you are enjoying the books so much. I do get out to Seattle pretty regularly, and it’s on the schedule for February’s tour. Check back the first of the year, I might have something more solid for you.

    • Sean W.

      Awesome, thanks 🙂

  3. Rebecca

    I should hopefully be at the signing tonight!

  4. Heather

    Wow, I studied German and collected the Harry Potter set in German to have something to read to try and keep the language fresh. That’s neat that you had those to give away. Stinks I work night shift and am always asleep when you do these. Hope the lucky winners enjoy them!

  5. Hi Kim,
    I’m so excited for the book release tomorrow night. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow and can’t make it. In addition to that, Tuesday is my my Birthday as well. 😦 However, my wonderful husband has offered to go to Lansing for me, just so I can have it on my Birthday. Got to love that guy. Have a great time at the signing.

  6. AKR (Trinidad)

    Yayy another Manic Monday
    I wish I knew someone who spoke German … I would have tried for today’s giveaway …
    *sigh* … One of the few times I was actually present for a Manic Monday giveaway … lol

    Hollows Insider ….. hmmm hmmm I can’t wait ….
    i wonder if I pre-ordered early enough ….I wonder if I would be lucky enough to get one of those glow in the dark copies … ohhhh that would be SWEET …!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed …
    Have a fantastic week all … 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

  7. jkh

    I’ll pass on this Manic Monday offering. I don’t sprechen. And I have no place to put a poster. But I’m happy it’s Monday in Kim’s world, where I get to observe parts of such interesting people’s lives.

    Yesterday I shopped ’til I dropped; made a Costco run which entails the parking lot paso doble, lined up for Costco gas (lucked out there; only 3rd in my line), hit the local super-supermarket and then the local Kroger’s which we call Fred Meyer. By the time I got home I was aching from mid-back to knees and up to my shoulder blades. Hope I don’t have to do that for another week at least. Today I’m assembling a new recipe: olla gitana, which means Gypsy Stewpot.

    Maybe soon I’ll have my preordered copy of HI in my feverish grasp…

  8. Are you still going to Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor on the 1st? I was planning on grabbing my copy there, but if you’re not going to be, then I need to go talk to the hubby about tomorrow night!

  9. Glad you had a nice weekend Kim.(and that I made you laugh) 🙂
    I’m looking forward to getting a special delivery tomorrow of your Hollows Insider. W00t! SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!
    Good luck to all for the books!
    By the way.. I misread the last bit and thought you tie-dyed the yard.. MINOR details. ><
    meh.. It's Monday and my brain is being stubburn… I'm off for coffee. Have a great day!

  10. Totally dig the translation of the German titles. Wish I had a German-speaking someone to gift them to. Despite my German heritage, I only speak the few terms of endearment that my granny used with me as a child.

  11. Howdy ma’am,

    The good news, All I have to do is get on 75 and drive north to Lansing.

    The bad news, it’s just over 1000 from here and I’m working extra shifts this week.

    Oh well, I sent off my email to Guy so maybe I’ll get lucky there. I forgot to include my zip code. If I am selected, I’ll send it then. Right now might be a bad idea.

    My copy of the Insder should arrive tomorrow. It’s almost like Christmas, I’m so excited! It’s been a long wait, I remembr way back when you started telling us about the idea for it.

    “All good things…”


    • I remember your email coming through, Vampy. It’s a good thing you sent your zipcode. Guy was getting very strict! 😉

      I hope you like the Insider. It was truly a labor of love.

  12. Jan V.

    I love Manic Mondays. Seeings I don’t speak a lick of German, I’ll pass on this one. I didn’t know only the First Editions of The Hollows Insider glow in the dark. Hmm. I pre-ordered mine a month ago on Amazon. It better glow in the dark, or Amazon and I are gonna dance..lol
    Lansing is just a little too far for me, but I will see ya in Ann Arbor.

  13. Jessica

    The post ays tonight for Lansing Schulers – you meant tomorrow right?

  14. Wish I could come! Sometimes work gets in the way of life.

  15. If only I had a car and no school I would be there!!!! Sorry my life sucks with being, you know life 😉 Have great fun at the signing!!!!!

  16. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Do you know if we can order a signed copy of the Insider from any of the places you are signing? Thanks.~Indy

  17. It makes me extremly sad that I will miss the book signing here in MI again. =( I have school during the signing and can’t miss class. you are one of my favorite authors and would love the chance to meet you in person. I hope the signing goes well and I can’t wait to own my own copy of the Hallows Insider.


  18. MelanieS

    Oooo Oooo oooo! It’s my birthday today. What a perfect gift it would be to get to Lansing today. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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