United Kingdom Reissue covers

The UK is going to be reissuing the earlier titles soon, and I am lucky enough to be able to give you a first look at a few of them.  Lookie, lookie!  Aren’t they beautiful?  Love, love, love these.  I’ve been all morning trying to get these on my website’s revolving banner, but it’s as if there is a ghost in the machine.  The HTML is not how I left it, and I only got one out of three working.  Weird stuff going on . . .

We’ve also got the first Halloween photos coming in.  yay!  Contest  Something for every category, already!




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42 responses to “United Kingdom Reissue covers

  1. Those are gorgeous covers! I love what they did with them. I’m glad I finally came up for air to read this. I just hit Starbucks about 40 minutes ago. Had a fascinating day doing writing research interviewing my law enforcement buddies on forensics and police procedure at the criminal court house. Looking forward to doing something interesting with NaNoWriMo.

    I would love to buy these just for the covers alone (happy sigh). Stephen wants to frame all of the jackets from the hardcovers. That kid sure knows how to keep his Mama busy. Poor Mikey is in Walmart going crazy now. We’re working on your Halloween contest trying to design an interesting pumpkin to carve. I’m treating it like a wee people sculpture assignment (evil grin).

    Enjoy your evening. I love my book. Thank you. 🙂

  2. She-ra

    Is it silly that it makes me happy to see Ivy on a cover? That she looks pissed off about it is all the better 🙂

  3. Zeenat

    Is it just me or is it the same girl as on the cover of A Perfect Blood?

    Looks great!

  4. jkh

    I have (well, had) frizzy/curly/kinky auburnish hair. A little chemical assistance would have made it really auburn/reddish. But I never had the patience to grow it long enough for braiding. If I could have visualized my hair looking so fan-daaamn-tastic I would have endured the couple of years to get it.

    Still not sure if I like the full-face view, I like the mystery of not seeing a face, but the covers are gorgeous.

  5. Jade/Third Coast

    I really like the covers, good choice of models. Is that Rachel’s aura surrounding her head or just a symbolic way of saying she’s smokin’ hot. LOL!

    The one of Ivy makes me think she is saying “Back off with the camera, Jenks!” I think Jenks would be the only one brave enough to take her picture with that look on her face. I am not quite sure how he would accomplish that considering his size, but I have faith in his resourcefulness.

  6. I LOVE the Rachel one, but to be honest the girl they have for Ivy….not a big fan of,lol. She looks a bit er…manly in the photo (sorry to the girl/designer!) not exactly how I pictured her 🙂 I adore what they did with Rachel’s hair!! The smoke is a cool effect. Thanks for sharing, Kim!

  7. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren on my last day on this comp. I am working to get access to another one. I love those covers! They are great. As to your HTML going wonky,remember, everyone online is being assimulated by the kimkardashian borg.Hee Hee,

    • jkh

      Jim from Warren: Please send your email or snail mail address to janisharrison@msn.com. Smudge and I are in the middle of a debate!

    • James, e-mail me your address CTannStarr@yahoo.com so we can keep up. I have a poster I need to send you and an autographed Blood Work for Smudge (silly grin). Stephen the Minion Blur insists that your kitty needs a KH kewl book to sun spot on. I do almost everything my 5 year old tells me (evil grin). 😉

      My parents, sister, brother, and some cousins are in Greeleyville SC waiting for me to invade their kitchens. Wanna BBQ with some fun foodaholics let me know. I throw great social media parties. 😉

    • Hi Jim. You take care. I’ll be looking for your posts in the future!

  8. Tim

    I assume the second one is supposed to be Ivy? These are great, but I still have some affection for the Russian covers. 🙂

  9. Sylvia Duarte

    Sooo love your books especially pale demon writing from Yuma az. thanks can’t wait til the next book release

  10. Candace

    Wow, those covers are gorgeous!

  11. I like them a lot! Though I’m kind of attached to the old covers! On the other hand reissues means (IMHO) more readers! 🙂

    Anyway as I promise… a bit late but here’s a picture of how Finland’s looking these fall days:

  12. If that’s Ivy she looks possitively bad***. They are beautiful covers.

  13. Howdy ma’am,

    The covers look great. Now I’m going to have to go to England(via the interwebs) and look for the rest of them.


  14. These are awesome!

    I might have to get a friend to pick these up for me so I can have the covers.

  15. Gorgeous! These are much better than the other UK covers.

  16. Wow! They definitely look dangerous to mess with. I like it! 🙂

  17. I love what they did with their hair : D Especially Rachel’s. The effects are pretty awesome and again: Love that braid. Hehe.