Kim Harrison’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest, 2011

Yep, it’s that time of year again, and I am gearing up for another costume contest.  I’ve been doing this since 2007, and every year it gets better.  Some of you have participated in past years, but do go to the website and read the rules and guidelines.  I’ve got a new email to send your submissions to, and I’d hate for your entries to be lost.

As in past years, I’m putting up advanced reader copies (ARC) of A PERFECT BLOOD for the winners of each category. The contest is open to readers worldwide.  I’m not sure what I’m going to give to the grand prize winner, but I’ll come up with something. . . .  They will also get the ARC.

Don’t submit pictures unless all involved agree, and in the case of minors, parent’s permission is required. Sending me a photo means you want it on the internet. I pick the category winners by what I feel like and how full the moon is, but the grand prize is chosen randomly from category winners. Chances of winning depend upon number of entries, and there is no cash value for the prizes. Please drop over to the website for the full rules and regs and a description of the categories as well as the email to send your entries to.  Kim Harrison’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest.

I wish I had a photo to decorate this post with, but with the trip to NY for comic con, I have yet to decorate.  (sigh)  This weekend, I think.  (grin)

Here are links to past winners.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  You guys will always blow me away with how great you are.  🙂



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17 responses to “Kim Harrison’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest, 2011

  1. yay! Halloween Contest time! This year I’ll go and bake some pizza bread. Maybe I’ll carve something scary into it. Does that count, too? 😉

  2. Whoo!!!! : D Excitement! I’ll be attempting to do something this year!

  3. I am hoping to have some fun cool pics for this years contest. Last year was a lot of fun. I am floored with the talent we all have.. as well as the love for the books and halloween. Here’s to another good run!

    Also I am with jkh on the countdown. I made sure to pay more to get it delivered on the sale date! Let’s see if the mail guy comes through for me..

    Do you dress up Kim? If so.. would you be willing to share what your dressing up as? 🙂

    It was another eeyore kind of day.. but I’m ok with that since it goes well with my home made soup! Have a splendid day!

  4. jkh

    This is off the topic, but I wonder if any of us has an e-mail address for Jim-from-Warren. Or maybe even a snail-mail address. I’ve begun an intense correspondence with Smudge, you see…

  5. jkh

    I just don’t know how you manage to do it all. I think your attention to health and balance in your life is probably a good foundation. Also, you lack the procrastination tendency with sometimes just cripples me. And I think you must be a pretty good juggler, to keep so many “balls” in the air. I commend you!

    I am literally counting the days until the release of the next book. If I’m very, very lucky, Big A will have mailed it out early, and I’ll get it on release day…

  6. Howdy ma’am,

    All of your past winners are very impressive, way out of my league. How about a 500 word essay about how deserving a loyal devoted reader should get an ARC?


  7. I know we’re planning a rather group photo this year with our Wonderland costumes. We’re using our pets as some of the characters so I’ll look in the rules and regulations and see who to email if I have any questions (Guy probably?)

    I love your Halloween contest! I definitely remember some of my favorites and I hope I can best them this year!

  8. Linda Lou

    This is my first posting ever…anywhere. How exciting. I’ve been stewing for a few days and I can’t stand it anymore. You’re not coming to Houston on tour?? I know a certain pyromaniacal songwriter that’s really upset about this news. Since I’m not on Facebook yet (I’m a world class procrastinator) I guess complaining here won’t do any good. I’m just disappointed ’cause my 4 song CD has grown to 10 songs with 2 new ones inspired by you…well… by the cabinet of awesomeness (hee-hee- I love it). I’m still hoping it’ll change and I won’t have to wait another year…or so.
    I’m going to go be depressed now.
    On a happier note -it finally cooled off here in SE Texas. I love the fall! -esp. Halloween!!

    • I’m sorry, LInda Lou. I’ve been to TX a few times, so I’m sure I’ll go back. They want to send me to new places, so that’s where I go.

      It’s cooled off here, too. Cold!!!

  9. WiseFather

    Many people look for Halloween costume ideas, but I have put together a list of fun things to do with your Halloween costumes even after October 31st. If you have your own funny ideas I would love to hear them.