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This morning I’m very excited to get to my desk.  Yesterday I finally finished the latest run through of the Hollows book after A PERFECT BLOOD, and today I will write the new last chapter.  I’m thinking I can use the original last chapter in a dream at some point.  I don’t use lost chapters very often, and I don’t do dream sequences but rarely, but in this case, I think it will work perfectly in the last book.  The original ending was so very happy, and though I have a happy new ending in mind that a lot of people are going to enjoy, (la, la la-a-a, la, la-a-a-a, la.) it doesn’t have the idyllic feel that the first did.  It was almost a dream to begin with.

This new last chapter has been on my thoughts for at least three weeks, and I’ve gone through three incarnations of it in my mind as I weigh what I need to have in it, who needs to be there, and what has to be accomplished.  Once I have that, I have to figure out where to set it, and that seems to be the problem.  I don’t like going somewhere new for the last chapter, but I’ve done it before, so it’s not out of my writing character.  Today is going to be exasperating, hair pulling, and absolutely wonderful.

The interviews and videos made at Comic Con are starting to pop up!  First is an interview I did with Thea at Book Smugglers.  Book Smugglers is a well-known blog focusing on genera fiction, and it was an honor that I was asked to talk to them.  NEW YORK COMIC CON 2011: A CHAT WITH KIM HARRISON

I also have a three-part, publisher-sanctioned, commercialized video of the last panel, WE’RE NO ANGELS.  It is kind of clunky at the start, and the focus isn’t that great, (at least on my machine)  There’s also a book in front of my face the entire time, which might be why I didn’t have a clue they were making this.  But it makes for a good listen, at the very least.  WE’RE NO ANGELS.




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16 responses to “Interviews and videos

  1. WOW! I love the pics, thanks for sharing!!!
    As for the writing… like the rest said, we trust you. (and thanks for saying it’s a happy ending) Knowing that, I can take anything you send our way!
    I wish Santa Claus would bring me all books ready!!! Waiting for the next book after A perfect Blood is going to be torture!!!

  2. Alexa

    December is always my favorite month, but now I only want fast forward until february.
    In your own words: “God, Kim, you are such a tease!,”

  3. OMG Kim. I must share the thought that crossed my mind as I read your first paragraph…

    Que in “Wayne’s World” -lol.. I know, I know. But I had to go there. Because he had like 3 endings. Each with their own appeal. 😀

    With that being said.. I trust you. 🙂 I know I will enjoy whatever you write.

    About Boston.. I will be there with a group of friends that also appreciate your work. A couple of them actually knew of you before me ><.. and the others came along for the ride when they saw how much I was enjoying them.

  4. AKR (Trinidad)

    Gosh .. I just love it when you give us teasing glimpses like that ..!!!
    Can’t wait for it .. =)

    I need to take some time and go through all the goodies everyone is sharing from NYC .. 🙂

  5. joshua

    Ok, I am officially addicted to the wild witch and her vampire partner and the whole crazy crew. A friend sent me the first audio, as I travel allot and I have downloaded the rest. Bring on more …..( no pressure)…lol Again thank you for the crew wilder than mine….

  6. A video right up your alley.

    No Great Lake States other than Mich. Sigh.

  7. WAS THAT THE FEAKIN WEDDING MARCH YOU’RE HUMMING?! Thanks for the links to your interviews. And my stomach dropped when I didn’t see any Ohio stops on your tour… Kelcie and me had those awesome shirts made to show off to you… Well, if you don’t make it maybe we’ll just take a picture to teger wearing them and post it on your facebook page. Can’t wait for THI to come out next week! Keep it gangst! ~Val-OH

  8. MelanieS

    Ooooo! Could someone build a time machine real fast so we can leap to the release of A Perfect Blood?