Travel day/signing at NYU bookstore

It’s a travel day, so no long post from me this morning.  I hope to see some of you tonight at NYU. I have a feeling it’s going to be a smaller event due to the circumstances but you never know.  🙂

6:30 PM Kim Harrison at NYU Bookstore for signing and Q&A
726 Broadway (at Astor Place)

And then it’s Comic Con!!


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24 responses to “Travel day/signing at NYU bookstore

  1. I’m dusting off my press pass just for you (LOL). Get ready for some major mischief. I’m seriously pimping your book tour (evil grin)

  2. It was very cool. I’ve been up all night with Jen sorting photographs ( and working on a couple of YouTubes. We just dragged ourselves into Starbucks for breakfast. I need sugar and caffeine. Looking forward to NYCC later and will have the first of four new YouTubes posted before lunch. We finally figured out how to get a 1.3 gig 17 minute clip compressed into an 804.54m file without killing each other (happy sigh). We’re watching it upload over Tazo tea. 79 minutes left to the next blog post… (LOL). 😉

  3. Christian Turner

    Hi! I’m emailing you on here cuz I didn’t know how else I could. Me and my gf is a huge fan of Black Magic Sanction and we was wondering how can we get the rest of the books in the Rachel Morgan series? And also,will you be coming to Muskogee,OK or near by there anytime soon? Thanks!

    • Hi Christian. Sometimes it’s hard to find them on the shelf, but your local bookstore will be happy to order them for you, and there is always ordering them online. I don’t think I will be going to OK for the next trip, but on Monday, I should have a list of cities for the next tour. Hopefully I’ll be close enough.

  4. Can’t wait to see pics. Have fun fun fun!

  5. Have a safe trip!!! I am so sorry I cant come!! You will do grea!! you have lots of devout fans!! Hope you dont get to wore out! Have fun!

  6. Good luck, wish I could go! I’ll have to make sure to catch you next time you come to Iowa.

  7. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Have a safe trip,hit no rainy days,and enjoy your signing and Q&A with little or no lower back pain (Wish I could stay the same,3d straight day of rain here.)

  8. Diva

    Take no prisoners! 😉

  9. Jen

    er safe travels 😛

  10. Jen

    Good luck Kim & save travels!