And it was all yellow . . .

Everything outside my window is yellow this morning, the trees, the ground, the air.  Everything.  I think it’s cool that in the trees everything is yellow because the green is just not there anymore and the yellow that has been there all the time come through, and on the ground the green is simply hidden by that same yellow, (what was once hidden is now hiding what once hid it) and the air is yellow because of all the orange light bouncing about.  There are only one or two days like this out of the entire year, and only a few hours where the light bounces like this.  You’ve got to be in the right spot at the right time, and hope there’s no wind.  I’m glad I got to see it.  Yellow air tastes different.

I found something fun for you over the weekend.  I know I keep talking about it, but the first ten pages of the Hollows Insider are up for your viewing pleasure.  These first ten pages give you a good idea of how the book is set up, each chapter beginning and ending with one or two interoffice memos from Kalamack Industries, followed by Devin’s journal entry, and then the supporting documents that he has found or is using to further his claims that Rachel is a menace and should be put away before she destroys Cincinnati.  It’s only ten pages, so you don’t get to see anything but the banshee in this excerpt, but I’ve got them all listed right down to the trolls.  Enjoy!


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  1. PlayStationGal

    hey Kim it’s PlayStation Gal! I didn’t drop off the face of the earth! Loved the excerpt and also saw the Demon book so Amazon is happy with me again. And Discover card. 🙂 Once again I’m taking a class – tv is boring. And it’s amazing how easily I get back in to the “no sleep” mode although it hasn’t been too bad with just 1 class and no overtime at work. But I got nostalgic, thinkin about how I used to check your site out when I was getting tired. Anyway, gotta go, hope all is well with you and yours

    • It is so good to hear from you again! -grin- And I’m glad you liked the excerpt. I can’t wait for this to come out. They bribed me to NY with the chance to sell 100 early. -laugh- Enjoy the class.

  2. Alexa

    I loved the excerpt, can’t wait to get it! these are going to be a very very long weeks until my copy arrives…

    I´d really like to live the season changes like you do, see such pretty colors must be inspirational, I like changes. Here where I live there are only two, dry and rainy seasons, means everything is very green or very brown, luckily my house is in front of the Caribean sea, so, you can see every shade of blue you could imagine throughout the year.
    Enjoy the fall, love you from south…

    • I can’t wait either, Alexa. I really can’t.

      Mmmmm, I like the seasons, but having them means you need to suffer through winter. It does make you appreciate the summer and fall more, though. 😉

  3. Fall is the most beautiful season of all 🙂 Reds and yellows everywhere!
    I really enjoyed those pages. Can’t wait for more!

  4. This made me have to listen to the Coldplay song “yellow” 🙂

    I’ve had such a great day. Thank you for the Happy Birthday Kim! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. /blush

    Beautiful description of the trees, the ground and the air. LOVE ❤

    How cool to get this tasty tease today. This fan-girl is super happy.

    Time to wind down and scan some pics my grandmother sent me today. There are a couple I had never seen before. Cheers to meomories.

    • I had the song going through my head all morning, Lynn. 🙂

      Oh, have fun with the photographs. I’ve got one of my house from the late 1800’s, and it is fascinating.

  5. AKR (Trinidad)

    Yellow …. hmmm lovely ….
    All week I’ve been seeing yellows, oranges, and red ….
    But I guess that’s how it is in Canada … maybe as it’s a bit further north ?
    It’s gorgeous …. and the warm weather this past Thanksgiving weekend was the best ..!!! So everywhere I go I feel like there’s a sweet smell in the air …. I’m being told that’s the smell of fall ?!!

    I think we’re going to get our pumpkin soon …. now that’s getting cooler …

    Thank you for the sneak peek ….
    I love it …!!! Can’t wait to get my hard copy …

    Have a great rest of week all … ❤ ❤ ❤

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • Hi AKR. I’m going to guess you’re a few weeks ahead of us in color if you are in Canada. We haven’t gotten our pumpkins yet. I’m sort of waiting until Comic Con is over to relax and enjoy Halloween.

      You have a great week, too!

  6. We’re in Starbucks gathered around our laptops wondering why we’re being tortured with such a slow download as we Oooo and Aaahhh and drool over the prospect of hoarding our gorgeous little PDF tease (LOL). I am very excited about buying a couple of pre-orders of The Hollows Insider (happy sigh).

    I’ve been up since 2AM and a wee bit twitchy. We’re gearing up to do NaNoWriMo and having a small cow because they purged all our buddies and profile info during the site update (head thunks against the table, eyes rolling with a very melodramatic sigh because it took forever to find ONE friend- LOL).

    1 month to complete 50,000 words of something new… Wordy C is about to get mad wordy because I want to see if I can seriously write on demand without whining about it (Oh Joy!). I have my fingers crossed because Amy DeZellar may be my kick butt author buddy for this bit of writing mischief. My other Facebook peeps have chickened out already so I guess I have to hang with a real author and behave (because the professional pressure will be on – silly grin).

    I’m lurking on your blog re-reading all of your writing advice. I will be beta testing Scrivener for this project. So far I have posties and index cards everywhere (LMAO). I’m hopelessly disorganized so I’m taking a caffeine break. Reading about your golden air taste test has made my evening. I’m going to sit here and imagine what it’s like to wake up to a yellow world.

    Sounds quite enchanting…

    Enjoy your evening, Kim. 🙂

  7. I loved this! cant wait to get mine!1 Not long now. Got to share somehting funny. this mornign I was cleaning house and sprayed my air frehner and had iol in hte pots and the cndles, Hubby comes in and sneezes say Cathy you went overload on the cinamon. i say All the best things smell like cinamon! Apple pie Apple cider –Trent Kalamack. He say Cathy You read too much!! I think a nce slice of apple pie and pale demon sounds like a nice way to end the day!lol Have a grat day!
    I bet the yellow was pretty!

    • OMGosh, that is too funny, Cathy! I love it! I’ve been writing Trent all week, and yes, Cinnamon and wine. Mmmmm.

      We might get another yellow morning today. There is fog . . .

  8. Steve

    Love the look, can’t wait to get the full book. I preordered it awhile back. Will make for fascinating reading. =)

    One small observation: The reporter (Devin Crossman) said he bought 2 jars of Honey (double the fee to watch the documents) but his expense report only indicates 1 jar.

    Yes, yes I know, I may get to far down into the details =)

    Fall, what’s that? The high tomorrow is supposed to be 100 her in the greater Phoenix area.

  9. jkh

    Our lawn is greening up (!) after its summer dormancy, with the return of the rains. We’ll probably need to mow through November. But the trees and shrubs are turning fall colors, mostly just drab yellowish-brown because we don’t have sharp frosts to turn the leaves stronger colors. We have been promised La Nina winter, so I’m looking for the tread thingies I got for my dad and me last year. They slip over your shoes and give you a much better grip on the snowy/icy walkways. He’ll fuss about it, but at 95, fall prevention is very important. Looking at my calendar, figuring it will be two full weeks before my pre-ordered Hollows Insider arrives. Such a long two weeks…

  10. I totally agree with you. This weekend was the most beautiful Michigan fall day. The smell in the air and the colors were just outstanding. The way the light played on the leaves making the yellows shine and the oranges look like fire, was incredible. I’m glad that you were able to get out and enjoy it.

  11. Hi Kim 🙂
    Thanks for the sneak peak! Looks excellent, now I really can’t wait for my Insider. Congrats on the amazing job!

    Here it’s also very yellow and orange, it looks really pretty. I’ll try and take a picture today.

  12. Victoria Eskey

    I lived in Seattle for a year, and the colors there are beyond amazing…… But back here in Central Texas, not so much. But the temperatures have dropped dramatically, 63 in the morning!!

    Love, love it!!

  13. Very nice. I’m looking forward to the whole book. You don’t run across them much, but there are in fact firshee (or fearshee), the male version.

  14. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Its Jim from Warren-I totally love the Hollows Insider exerpt.Smudge is sitting on my lap, she likes it too. I can’t Wait!(Sob).Oh. did you see the great vid on the news or YouTube as to why you need a bike helmet? A guy in a mountain bike race out west got taken out by an irate antelope whose nap was disturbed. The antelope’s horns crushed his helmet, but the guy only got knocked silly,no real injury.Given all the wildlife in Michigan,I think all michiganders should wear them.(love the word michigander,always makes me hear the geese honking in my front yard. I live close to a game preserve with a lake on the flyway south.They sometimes stop off to graze.) Have a great day, and watch for flying antelope and geese(more likely to see geese)

    • Trust me, Jim, helmets are not optional in my neck of the woods. I like my brain, and the brains of those living with me, functioning normally, thank you very much.

      Besides, have you ever put on a bike helmet? They have designed them to be so comfortable that you seriously don’t feel them after the first three seconds. And if you do, you need to switch brands until you find one that fits your head. It’s truly amazing.

  15. Howdy ma’am,

    I live in the Emerald world. (Emerworld?) Every thing is a brilliant green, except the sky. It’s amazing.

    I remember when I came here to live. I had been living in central California for about 8 years. It’s mostly brown and orangish there. It was so green here, I almost felt like I was in Oz. The munchkins were replace by rednecks that can’t drive but still Oz.

    Really looking forward to release day. As usual, I will resist the sneak peak.


  16. Diva

    Yellow air…very cool.

    Also very cool is The Hollows Insider. And now so very close too!

  17. So cool. I can’t wait to get my hands on it… It’s sad but all the bookstores we had around here were Borders so they all shut down now the closest bookstore is an hour or so away, so I got it pre-ordered which I do with a lot of other books but your releases I always was at the bookstore literally as soon as they were unlocking the door. I had done that for so many years the ladies at the bookstore were never surprised to see me hovering by the door on your release dates. It’s sad I miss my local bookstore.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Val-its Jim from Warren. I know how you feel.When I lived in Youngstown,there was a bookstore and a library branch in walking distance-only 2 miles.I walked that far in 1st grade,no schoolbus in the little farm town I was born in unless you lived outside town limits.There were only a few murders on the way too.(The local street gang kept an eye out for me,I used to be the counselor assigned to their mother or sister(,a gangbanger who can’t go home to his mom is in big trouble) I was totally heartbroken when they closed in the same month,both claiming the hood was too rough.Bunch of wimps!

    • A bookstore near us closed too! I used to walk to it to get all my books. It’s a pain to get to the next closest book store as well. It’s a shame to see the stores run out because of nooks and kindles. Whatever happened to good old fashioned paper?

    • I have a dream that bookstores will start to slip back into old nooks and crannies, Val. Give it some time. They won’t be the same, but they will be there.

  18. MelanieS

    Oh yes! Thank you for the sneak peek. I’m so excited!

    I’m in West MI. The leaves are all turning beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. I love it. Hate the rain that’s coming though. It kills my joints.

    The only exception to this is a particular yard I pass every morning taking my children to school. As you drive down the street it’s very obvious this is a “nice” neighborhood. Everyone’s yards are darkening green, trimmed, and tidy with leaves kept raked.

    Then suddenly you come across three homes all in a tight line. Beautiful lawn on the left, beautiful lawn on the right and smack dab in the middle is this lawn that looks entirely dead. The hilarious sight of it is that the lawn is this perfect rectangle of dull yellow, dead grass and on either side of it the neighbors grass is perfect dark green of autumn.

    And to make it better, the other day a very large, dead tree branch was added to the front of the lawn near the sidewalk. No tree near it though. My husband and I cracked up laughing. It was the perfect creepy scene.

    • I bet they have a species of hot-weather grass that hates the cold snap we had. I don’t particularly like hot-weather grass. It’s invasive and nothing eats it.

  19. We are still pretty green on the east side but it looks like October is coming back this weekend. I am waiting for the band of trees across the street to turn color..then it will feel like fall..well that and come cider.