If you can make it there . . .

I’ll be singing this under my breath next Thursday, believe you me, when I sign for the first time in New York outside of a conference event.  Yikes!  It was very much a spur of the moment thing, and I don’t know how my PR person managed it, but I will be at the NYU bookstore on 726 Broadway (at Astor Place) a week from today at 6:30 pm for Q&A and a signing.  This is not associated with comic con, so you don’t need a ticket to join in.

Unfortunately we were not able to swing an early release of the HOLLOWS INSIDER here, but they will be taking count of who promises to come back and get it when it is released, and I will sign stock before I leave on Sunday so you can get one with my signature on it when the time comes.  I have a feeling that there are not going to be too many of these signed, first-edition, glow in the dark copies floating around, and I am excited to be able to get a few more of them out there.

This is my first time signing in NY, and though I would love to imagine that there are going to be scads of people, I’m pretty sure that with only a week to get the word out (and an understandably limited tour since it’s not a regular book) there’s a good probability that this is going to be one of those relaxed, take your time, sign all your copies kind of event that is nice once in a while.  So if you’re in the area, stop in and see me!  I’ll have my signing pen and answers to all your Hollows questions.  🙂


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  1. Hi Kim,

    so bad that n.y. is so far from here 🙂
    Have fun- and when you got new questions of the hollows…please post it 🙂 than i can read what the other want to know and i hope – thats the right questions for me .)
    you know…my english and so…*smile

    Have a verry nice time in New York…sending greetings to n.y. and to you 🙂

  2. Sung

    I will be there!! I was so sad when you couldn’t come to New York for your Pale Demon tour but now i am floating in happiness (: I will most likely be at comic con as well. So excited!

  3. jkh

    I believe you are seriously underestimating your fanbase. Be prepared for hordes of goofy admirers.

    • Any other time I’d be right there with you, JKH, but this is so spur of the moment that I”m going to be fighting a very small window of opportunity to get the word out. It’s not that I don’t have readers in NY that would come to a signing, it’s that there isn’t enough time to contact them and let them know about it. But any signing is fun, and I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Victoria Eskey

    I’m can’t manage a trip to NY, but it’s sounds like a blast!
    I’ll just have to wait until you mosey-on down to Texas to meet you in person ^_^

  5. Howdy ma’am,

    You know I’d love one of those special signed glow in the dark insiders too. You know I’d never Ebay it or anything like that. >wink wink nudge nudge<

    In the mean time, I heard a funny joke on the radio and want to share it,

    A teacher tells her fifth grade cllass to pay attention as she starts putting math problems up on the chalk board. As soon as she turns around and starts writing she hears a boy giggling.

    She faces the class and ask the boy why he is disrupting her class.

    "When you went to writing on the board, I saw your garter."

    "Get out of my class room!. Don't come back foe 3 days!"

    After he left she resumed her work and soon hears another boy giggling.

    "Why are you disrupting my class?

    "Well, when you started writing, I saw both your garters."

    This made her very angry. "Get out of my classroom. I don't want to see you here for 3 weeks!"

    She decided to erase what she had on the board and start over but she dropped the eraser, While she was picking up Johnny gets up and heads for the door.

    "Johnny? Just where do you think you're going?"

    "Well ma'am, after what I just saw, I figure my school days are over."


  6. KeeleyS

    Why? Why that weekend? Any other time… My sister-in-law’s baby shower just HAD to be that weekend. Maybe that won’t notice if I’m not there. Probably, since I’m hosting it, dang it! Oh well, at least I pre-ordered on B&N. Any chance you will come back for A Perfect Blood tour? Or better yet, come to the Philly area?

  7. I wonder if my gf’s boss would fly me there for the evening. He flies himself to Florida all the time. Hmm…

    Are all of the Hollows Insider copies glow-in-the-dark or just some? If mine doesn’t glow-in-the-dark how do I get my hands on one that does?
    Does it glow in the dark so you can read it without a booklight? 😀

  8. so happy for you!! wish i could be there but I’m so far away some day I hope you get close enough I can actully comee to one!

  9. You should have seen my face at the end of last month when I panicked and thought I’d forgotten about the release of the Hollows Insider! It took a whole minute for my brain to remember what month it really was and calm down.
    Kim, do you know when you’ll be shipping the signed copies for the photo contest winners? I may have to pick up a regular “reading” copy on release day 🙂

    • Hi Sara. I’m not sure when I’ll get my copies. I’m sorry. Sometimes I get them a week ahead of the release, sometimes it’s a month afterward. If I don’t have them the first week of the release, I will go buy some and get yours out to you.

      It looks so cool . . .

  10. Kat

    Dear Kim
    Thank you so much for writing such fantabulous books. They are my favorite. I’m looking forward to A Perfect Blood very much and can’t wait to see if there are any more inclusions of the blue butterflies. What I am dying to know is if the shampoo Rachel uses is based on a real life shampoo, as it sounds like it smells delish. Thanks is advance if you happen to reply

    • Hi Kat. Ahhh, I made the shampoo up. I used to use a strawberry shampoo once, and one that smelled like citrus, and putting the two together just made sense.

  11. I wish I could be there, I’m a huge fan of yours bit I’m clear across the continent, out here in California. I would love to get a signed “Glow in the Dark” copy. How can we do that? or any other signed copies? I’m not having good luck with The Booknack, my order was “lost in the mail” and now they don’t have all the books I originally ordered : ( Please let me know if you’ll be coming to the West Coast or where I can purchase signed copies. Have fun in NY.

    • Hi Kathy. Mmmmm. I’m sorry to hear about the issue with the Booknack. That’s not good at all. Give Guy an email at vampcharms@comporium.net and tell him you talked to me here. We won’t be able to help with the HOLLOWS INSIDER quite yet, but we might be able to swing something with the stuff the booknack doesn’t have. Unfortunately with us being out of the office next week, you might not get a very fast response.

      I’m going to see if I can’t find a store we can work something out with for signed copies of the HOLLOWS INSIDER.

  12. Drat NY is so close yet so far from Virginia. Hope the signing goes well. I know this question has already been asked but if we preordered the book from say Amazon will it be glow-in-the-dark?

  13. Sigh. Wish I could pop in. If only I had a twitchy, witchy nose like Samantha from Bewitched. Have a wicked good time. I’m very envious of those able to see u next week and at the comic con. I was hoping to attend the latter but, alas.. “I can’t go for that. No, no can do”

    Thanks for being amazing to ur fans! All the extra things u do for us is wonderfully appreciated!

  14. wait, so not only did you have glowing posters, but also glowing books? How awesome! want want! 🙂

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Amy-Its Jim from Warren. I THINK the pre-orders are glow in the dark too.I have on on order, and I’m lurking in Ms. Kims bushes waiting for glow in the dark posters(now that my cat Quigly is out of the hospital). You may also work a deal with CTannStar, she says she will try to help.Rem though,Ms. Kim no longer mails stuffs to Germany due to customs problems.

    • Hi Amy. Yup! The first editions of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER will be glow in the dark. Too cool for words.

  15. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. Wow! that sounds like superfun!!(Not the clean-up dingie, the one with party-time) I hope its GREAT!Now all you have to do is get to Praha and sigh all the books about Rachel Morganova. That should be real,I understand from some of my friends there that the citizens of Praha are real party animals.

  16. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Did you say there was going to be ‘glow in the dark’ copies of the Hollows Insider? That’s pretty cool. Is that something we need to pre-order?~Indy