Forgot about this . . .

I am occasionally asked if the short stories originally published at the end of the mass market releases of the first few hardcovers will ever be available, and up until now my answer has been to mention the upcoming short story/novella collection that I’m guessing is going to come out sometime late next year.   I totally forgot that my agent came to me a while back with the chance to get THE BESPELLED out there ahead of that.  THE BESPELLED, which is from Al’s point of view, tells of his luring of Ceri into his service.  Al’s blue butterflies, which are starting to crop up more and more, are first mentioned here.  It’s not very long, but it is in there!   DEMONS just came out, so it is probably still on the shelves.


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  1. Unfortunately this isn’t available in ebook form (either on B&N or Amazon). I won’t buy a paper book anymore unless I am getting it signed or it is a collectors item.

    Oh well. Hopefully your short story collection will contain what I wish to read.
    Thanks for the heads up,

  2. My boyfriend got me a kindle today as an early bday gift. Can u say noob? No clue how to use this.. but luckily I’m a quick learner. Perhaps I’ll make this demon book my first.

  3. Carolyn Peabody

    where is this being sold.. or do u knoiw when it should arrive at lirbraries?

    • jkh

      My library (Seattle) doesn’t give us a clue about acquisitions, but it will probably be in the 2012 budget if then. My fave indie has it for like $20+. Can’t do that…I ordered a copy from Amazon for less than $10 (+S&H of course).

    • I’m not sure, Carolyn. Amazon has it. I’m assuming that Borders does as well. This is not likely going to be a huge seller, so finding it on the shelves for any length of time is going to be tricky.

  4. AKR (Trinidad)

    Hmm interesting ….

    Should I be ashamed to say I’ve never read any of those other authors??
    Looks like this is another must have… 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

  5. jkh

    Ooo! Ooo! Another good book to chase down! I’m beginning to really enjoy anthologies — they’re like samples of a bunch of authors. And then I find new, delicious writers!

  6. awesome now two more books on the list. i need to read faster and gt a whole room for my books!1

  7. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren.Quigley is home, wobbling around the house and swearing in felinese.Also showing off her bandage.AND I will have to give her meds everyday,and you know how cats jump up and down begging Oh, Boy! Meds! Please give me more meds!
    P.S. Almost forgot.we have sunshine today

    • james so sorry to hear about quigly hope it gets feeling well soon I thinkid just as soon face off with a werewolf as give a cat meds!!OUCH

    • jkh

      Have you tried PILL POCKETS? They’re available at the big pet supply centers. I think. We have a local chain, Mud Bay, that carries them, so I think the PetCo/Smart places have them. Also, my sis and BiL slip their geriatric cat’s thyroid meds into a little bite of cheese (he loves cheese) or steak. I even use tweezers to hold the pill and get it into the slit so I don’t flavor the treat with the pill.

      Poor Quiggles. I hope her stitches don’t pull too much, and she gets allll better real soon.

    • That’s wonderful that Quigley is home again, Jim. You take good care of her, and she will keep you safe from mice in return. 🙂

  8. Oh I LOVED that short story!
    Unfortunately I had borrowed that book from a friend so I haven’t been able to read it again. 😦 I may have to look into that book. 😉

    I love short story anthologies. When I was rereading the Dresden Files I read Side Jobs alongside it and (probably because it was new material) I found myself hurrying through the book so I could get to the short story. I can’t wait to see your short stories in an anthology. Will it be solely Hollows or will there be other short stories also? Garth Nix’s “Over the Wall” was a short story anthology with a novella from his Abhorsen Trilogy but the rest were just random short stories and I LOVED it.

    On the short story line, I’ve also seen a LOT of YA writers releasing free short stories or novellas for ereaders in an attempt to get fans hooked in. I’ve been downloading the to read between books, and most of them are… meh. But a few have been very good. Would it ever be something you or whoever makes those kinds of decisions with you would consider for either your Adult or YA work?

    I’m full of questions today!!

    • Hi Stephenie. I grew up on short stories and have a definite idea of what they should be like, and yes, when they are good, they are priceless.

      I will likely not release any short stories or novellas for free unless it’s through my publisher. (As in their idea, not mine.)

  9. SJD :)

    Will the bespelled be in your anthology as well? And omg I just ordered this online 😀

  10. OMG OMG you and Neil Gaiman in one book! Make my day! 🙂

  11. Kimber

    so is THE BESPELLED in the Demon book? If not where could I find it?