It’s definitely a TGIF day here.  The week has been rainy, cold, and damp.  I’m afraid it has seeped into my work, but since it takes place in March, rainy, cold, and damp fits in there, too.

Yesterday’s work went pretty well.  I didn’t end up writing that new chapter after all.  Five minutes into looking at my work, I realized that the following chapter (that was mostly fine as it was) would fit better before Ivy showed up, so I worked on a new transition and shifted it forward.  It works so much better now, and it was an easy fix.  I did manage to break into the new material I was hoping to work on yesterday, but obviously it’s not done.  So today I’m working with Ivy.  She always tires me out mentally, so Friday is a good day to do this.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do this weekend.  There’s a meet to go to, and more apple cider/doughnuts to get.  I’ve already got tapioca soaking, and a new pie tin that is dying to be used. (We’ll see.  I’m not keen on pie just yet.)  The fireplace has been on, which means I’ve pulled my yarn back out.  I’ve stopped making knitted veggies and started on a new scarf.  I’ve not had a new one in about four years.  It’s a series of interlocking circles, and I’m designing it myself–no pattern.  It’s coming along pretty well, but it doesn’t quite have the look I was going for.  I’ll finish it, but I’ll probably make another one using a different technique.

Guy promises me we will have a manic Monday on Monday.  He’s up there right now getting shipping prices and counting boxes.  I’m thinking it’s going to be books this time.  Lots of books.


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  1. AKR (Trinidad)

    Awww another Manic Monday ….
    Steupsss I mean YAYYYY!!!
    BUT steupsss b/c I wouldn’t be online during the day to partake …

    Ah well ….
    Have a great week everyone …
    (It’s getting cccccooollldd ’round here ..) …lol

    AKR (Trinidad)

  2. hi c tann star kim is so awesome you and I also have a common friend sian young!! do you write too?

    • I write way too much and have angst about publishing (LOL). I promised my editor I’d hand the manuscripts over January 1st so I’m obsessing with my gal pals at improving my quirky little collection of noir. 😉

      Sian is wonderful! We instant chat in FB all the time. Since I have to pass her to get to where I’m going I asked her if she wanted to tag along and go to Kim’s Nov signing. We’re hooking up with another Kim-Stream FB peep in Cinci Valerie Adkins McDaniel for Skyline chili.

      Sian and Valerie are helping me with my Localism blog by showing me some PA and OH historical sites to photograph and write about. I am in a win win situation because I get to hang out with some really nice people, do my pretend job and chat about Kim with awesome fans.

      I love social media. If I can steal Val for the 4 hour ride to MI I will (because I such a naughty blogger and love company on road trips – LOL).

  3. My week has been full of rainy, cold, and damp days as well. We had an amazing thunderstorm the other day that scared me out of a photo-session in Brooklyn (LOL).

    Thanks for the answer the other day. My gal pals are reading the drafts helping me pick a genre to stick to. We’re tweaking me and having mad fun being silly about it. 😉

    Looking forward to a peek at your scarf design and Manic Monday.

  4. Kristin Clifton

    Just curious on your Tuesday plans…. you wouldn’t happen to be dropping into any book stores around the Lansing area to crash any YA discussions? I saw you’ll be there in 2 weeks for a BIG day but I was just wondering… 😉

  5. What I did this weekend. I hope this link works, it’s grainy due to lack of light. It captures the first buppy steps of Cobweb and Miranda and Chrys, the grandma, attempts at being sneaky. Cera is a proper alpha, all it takes is one look:)

  6. Hi Kim. Thanks for your blog and insight on your writing. ilearn a lot. mostly that im not crazy or doing somehting I shouldnt be. So now I am glad tolearn that even the pros have folders. i have them for everyhthing i write lots of dilougues or scenes that ilike for future use and some i know will never go in the books but are so fun to write (like gratuitous sex lol). So if you have folders i can kepp all my millions of folders. funny as organized as i am i stil cant find things lol and reewrite theen find so i have choices of the same thing lol have a great weekend. Wehad a craft festival here but it had more imports booths than handmade I was disapointed. I got out my yarn too . working on my halloween dishtowels and some loomhats for the kids at chusrch for christmas. Have agreat weekend!!

  7. Ah, we are going to have one of those absolutely beautiful weekends we get so few of down here. Perfect weather for getting out and about. Just about everyone is taking advantage by holding festivals everywhere. I will probably volunteer at Bark in the Park for our humane society, it’s always so much fund to see the dogs in their costumes. I still envy the fireplace since we are still too warm for ours yet. Have a great weekend!

  8. jkh

    My contribution on the toll Ivy takes: I imagine that Rachel is more like the Inner Kim, but Ivy is “whole cloth” i.e., takes a bit more work to fabricate her turns of thought and reactions to things. Not to mention how serious she usually is. Sigh. She holds so tightly to her feelings, she never relaxes enough to be punny or giggly.

    Enjoy your autumnal weekend, Kim & Family. Drizzle a little maple syrup into that apple pie you’ll make (McIntosh apples, of course) and stand back…

    • Ivy is a complex character that I know what she’ll do, I just don’t like getting into her head and dealing with the emotions.

      Ohhhhh, the pie was good. It didn’t even last 12 hours.

  9. TGIF! My GOd, I’m so happy, It’s been so busy at work and to be honest the first part of my Friday was awful, at least Until I went to pick up my new car… YAY!
    On the other hand we had a warm day today 68 F which for Finland at this time of the year is extraordinary. Hopefully it’ll continue during the weekend so I can cut the grass and spend it outside with our cats.
    I’m glad your work day went well and it’s progressing, of course we trust in you. I’m sure you’ll blow our minds!
    Have a super Nice weekend!

    • Congrats on the new car, Florencia! We hit about 68 on Sunday as well. It was sunny for the first time in two weeks. It seriously hurt my eyes!

      We’ll probably have one or two very nice days yet, but they are going to get more and more rare . . . Hope you had a great weekend!

  10. Mmmm… books *drool*
    All of the books I just ordered from are on back order. Including Blood Work. >.< It gets me grumpy pants.

    Speaking of yarn… I should really work on my mother's scarf this weekend. Unfortunately I'm working on a round loom and I started using several different techniques to make it, and I don't like the yarn. So unlike hats that I can make in a day. It's slow going. I have to get it done though, because I need to make a ninja mask and a scarf for myself to match my hat before winter. And I need to make my grandfather, great-aunt, regular aunt, two uncles, and an uncle's finacee hats all before Christmas.

    Because everyone is getting a hat… everyone… O.O

    • Yikes! I’ve heard that from people ordering from Amazon, too! Sounds like they ran through their first printing. That is A GOOD THING!! But not if you’re waiting for your copy.

      Have fun with the yarn!

  11. Sara

    You know, I was thinking yesterday about the kitchen sex scene (less about the actual kitchen sex, more about the idea of a whole scene being yanked), and then about the new character who was removed and we’ll never know about. It’s only you kindly sharing bits about your process that allow us to know what goes on during writing.

    It would actually be kind of cool to have an “extras” section of novels on occasion. Like how dvds throw in deleted scenes, director commentary, and stuff like that. I’ve only read one book with writer commentary and notes in the margins and it was *awesome*. If only printing mass amounts of books wasn’t so expensive, I bet it would be more common. I know I’m not the only one who appreciated it in Blood Work. 🙂

    Mmm…enjoy your fireplace. Our fall keeps coming and then going back in to late summer. It’s so weird. One day it’s chilly and *very* fall, the next it’s around 90 and super sunny. Confuses the crap out of my sinuses.

    • I could do that, Sara, but I’m afraid I might misremember what I finally went with and create mistakes in future books. It’s hard enough remembering all that info as it is . . . But you’re right, it would be very cool.

      I hope your temps even out. We’re just cold right now. So glad the rain is gone.

  12. James R. Fox

    Hi jkh-Its Jim from Warren-thank you so much for the heads up on wordpress. I now have a Kardashian free-zone to talk on I am still trying to inform wordpress that their site is down for their auto notification for e-mail. All my other e-mail works fine,and the support at AOL showed me how to test my system for e-mail probs(I don’t have any) so its possibly on their end It could be my internet portal(we have a little one-lung phone co here in Warren,ATT-Yahoo doesn’t service my county),so I’m not totally sure of it. That’s why its so maddening that I can’t talk to their support.

  13. Antonio

    You have a file labeled ‘Kitchen Sex’ in The Cabinet Of Awesomeness! Hahahahahahahaha…OMGosh, that is funny. I’m picturing it inbetween files labeled ‘Jenk’s Kids’ and ‘Kim’s Maple Candy Recipe.’

    Ivy. I miss Ivy. The last few books, even when she’s in a scene, I miss her. Those first 5-6 books were my favorites. Am I allowed to say that? Have I worked up enough ‘fan cred’ over the years?(grin) Sure, vampires have become overexposed in recent years, but when it’s done well – and your vampire system, and memorable vamp characters, are so good – it just adds an extra “something” to a story other supes just can’t match. Not that my opinion means much. I know, I know—it’s a long series. I get it, I really do. It’s just so rare, as a book lover, to fall in love with a series and storyline, so don’t mind me. Can I ask: you always mention that writing about Ivy takes a lot out of you. How so? 😎

    • Irene

      Ooh good question! I love it when KM gives us little insights into Ivy. Also, I miss her too. I love her character flaws and all. But I can definitely see how trying to write her character is more difficult than others. But that’s why I love her!

    • I have a file labeled “kitchen sex” Yes. -grin-

      I miss Ivy, too, but I’m enjoying what’s going on in Rachel’s life more. (shrug) Ivy was one of the first female vampires as a main character, if you can believe it. Not the first, just one of the first.

      Ivy’s character is was traumatized and mentally abused as she was growing up, and she’s still fighting to regain herself. Now that she is healthier, she’s not nearly as interesting, which is why she’s sort of faded out of the spotlight. She’ll be back. The last book is all about Ivy. (mostly) Putting my head into an abused character’s mind is hard. That’s all.

  14. Ahhh an Ivy Friday. I call that a good mix. 🙂
    Crazy how September flew by. I love October too, so its goodbye September, hello October. But jeez, father time needs to slow down a bit. Or maybe its just me..
    I like that your making your own scarf. Last year a friend from back home mailed me one she handmade, and I treasure it. Have a great weekend Kim! I’m gonna enjoy today’s beauty since weather guy says my weekend will have rain. But I don’t always trust “weather men/women”.. so here’s hoping.

    ps. I missed out on yesterdays post… Sex scenes are great. But I’m glad you know when to pull it and put it somewhere else if it works better. I’m such a hopless romantic sometimes.

    • Hi Lynn. I’m not so sure how warm this scarf is going to be that I’m making, but we’ll see. 🙂 I like how it looks.

      Hope you had a great weekend. We actually got sun!

  15. TGIF! Or, as my eccentric French professor used to say, “Dieu merci c’est vendredi!”

    Your weekend sounds lovely. Under normal circumstances, I’d be all geared up to watch some football with my alumni friends, but with the way my Rebels are playing this season, I’m pretty sure we’re going to get beat by Fresno State (embarrassing!), and I probably shouldn’t be in public for that spectacle.

    BUT! I am very excited because I won a $150 gift card to Amazon– courtesy of The Pioneer Woman and my plethora of knowledge about “Titanic”– and the first thing I did was preorder my copy of The Hollows Insider! 😀 Can’t wait to have it in my hot little hands!

  16. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren I wish you a very happy and creative weekend, with no rain and little or no lower back pain(always a good wish over 40) We are on our 7th straight dayof rain,so Smudge and I are limping arould like we are old or something.Oh.I checked the coyote report since I couldn’t remember if you had them or no. You do,so it’s very wise not to let Alex and Zander out by themselves. A blank pistol is good too,(so nobody gets hurt),but I don’t know if they are legal in MI.Coyotes are not afraid of people,but your county wildlife office should have some info.(Did you know a pack of Coyotes lives under the Hollywood sign out in Ca.?There’s a movie about them even)

    • jkh

      Re coyotes: a couple of pie pans (metal) or pot lids, clanged together a la cymbals, chases off crows, seagulls, stray dogs, etc., so I’m sure they’d put the hustle into coyotes’ retreat.

      Hon, have you tried glucosamine with chondroitin? I sure notice the aches more when I’ve run out before Pay Day. And formulations are available for our companion animals, too–you could check with your vet.

    • Hi Jim. So sorry about the rain. I think you’re getting what we got. Sun finally came through this weekend, so maybe there is hope for you soon.

      We have more fox around than coyote, but yes, it’s always a concern for me.

      Didn’t know about the pack under the sign. Too cool!

  17. Howdy ma’am,

    Thanks for another hard week of work. Thanks for taking the time keep us up to date. I think I can safely say we all appreciate it.

    What ever you do this week end, I know you’ll do at full speed. Looking forward to Manic Monday but I’ll miss it. I have extra shifts to work and no access to anything until I get home. Good thing I already have all of your books. 🙂


    • PS

      I’m tweeting Ellen again.

    • Full speed is about what we did, Vampy, which seems odd because I sat in front of the TV a lot, too. Caught up on my movies after a 13.5 mile bike ride. Went to an early AM cross country meet, hit the farmer’s market and cider mill, ate doughnuts, made pie, tapioca pudding, half a hat, and stained a pole for a curtain I want to put up. Went for lunch with relatives in town. Even wedged a bit of shopping in (for the pole) No garden work at all. Sigh. No wonder I’m tired. -laugh-

  18. SiSi

    You’ve written before that you find it difficult/tiring to write Ivy, and I just want to thank you for your efforts! Ivy is my favorite character–partly because I’ve been a vampire fan since running from school to watch Barnabas Collins in the original Dark Shadows.

    However, I’m not an indiscriminate vampire fan. There are lots of vampires out there who bore me or gross me out. I like the balance you’ve struck with Ivy as she battles her own nature. She’s the tough loner who’s also vulnerable and wants a “family.” She loves Rachel but has come close to killing her. She sees Rachel as someone to protect, but also as someone who can protect her. She doesn’t want to be who she is, but still uses her skills to her advantage.

    I also like how she’s changed and grown over the course of the series. So thanks for keeping up the good Ivy work, even if she makes you tired.

    And I know what you mean about the rain. (I live in Ann Arbor.) While dark and rainy days can be fun, I’m ready for some sunshine.

    • Hi SiSi. I think you just dated yourself. -grin-

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying Ivy. She means a lot to me. I want her to grow and be healthy, but the better she does, the less interesting she is, so I’m finding a new balance with her. You won’t see it for a few more books, but she’s sliding into a new role, one I really like.

      I’m just outside Ann Arbor. It felt really good to see some sun this weekend.

  19. Diva

    TGIF indeed! With four kids ranging in ages from 14 to 2, and all in various activities (the older ones at least), my weekends are usually planned out for me. Then there’s the hubby, the three cats, and a full-time job. And I wonder why I’m always tired. 🙂

    And I think I’ve gotten a tad confuzzled. This is work on book 11 that you’re talking about, right? Or are you still tinkering with book 10?

  20. Tim Collins

    What? Karen/Scarlett’s knitted scarf wore out!?! Egads! How embarassing! I’ll give her a proper thrashing when I get home! Meanwhile I’ll look for some wool yarn. That will last longer. Karen’s scarfs, hats baby blankets have been selling at a nearby “Everything” store. I have a really cool handmade, soft leather breif case I got there. Everything there is made by hand. And to think it started out as a comic book store… TGIF! Tim