Ready, set, whoa

It’s been ready, set, whoa all week so far, and much of the last, as I tried to push forward in this rewrite and had to stop to work multiple issues out.  I’ve hammered through changing some of the characters around, and even pushed through some emotional stuff I wasn’t expecting.  I’ve said good-bye to some things that I loved, threw out the kitchen-sex scene as gratuitous, (which might show up at a later date, so keep your fingers crossed) and shifted Rachel’s mindset around a few new realizations.  I’ve even managed to trim a lot of dross away to make the plot simpler (thank goodness) which really slowed me down Monday and Tuesday.  My own mindset has been thunked out of fix-and-repair and into rough-draft, brand-new chapters which is where it needs to be the next couple of days while I use the middle to end ground before everything hits the fan to get a few thoughts moving in the direction that I want.  More Ivy.  Less complication.

So today I’m writing a chapter of rough draft, which will be slow, but I will get a chapter done today and move forward.  It’s almost the end of September.  I wanted to be done with this by then, but I have to the end of October without cramping my schedule too badly.   And the days just keep plunking onto the other side of the calendar . . .


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  1. AKR (Trinidad)

    we love Ivy …. ❤
    we Love Rachel ❤
    We Love Jenks …. ❤

    We love them ALL … Any combination of events … any way you bring them to us … we lap it all up … feast on it …. enjoy it …. savour it …!!!
    We love sex too ( hee hee) so bring it on …!!! 🙂

    Gosh it feels like FOREVER since I posted in the drama box …
    It has been a while …
    This move to TO has altered my routine tremendously … I got a lil job, which is good … and I'm still on the lookout for a REAL job … 🙂

    I AM, however finding it hard to sneak in my Drama box lurking sessions … :-/
    At least this time I managed to post a comment before I sleep took over!!


    (which rewrite is this Miss Harrison. ..I lost track … A Perfect Blood Book 10?)

  2. lori brancaleone

    I just love your book sand am very glad a new Rachael book is in the works. Also glad you are back in Michigan which is where i live. Although i am getting really tired of all the gray days and the rain.

    • It’s been awful this last week, Lori! If only that low pressure system would like . . . I don’t know . . . move maybe? -laugh- It feels good to be home, though.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you!

  3. Ohh I live more Ivy! Ivy, Jenks and Trent are my favorites. Gratuitous sex sounds good! *crosses fingers*, after all who hasn’t at some point fantasized with a bit of tumbling in the kitchen table/counter? (Or at least I think so).
    Also I would love to hear more about Ceri and family…

    Anything you do, I’m sure it’ll be great! Hope it goes better than you expect!

  4. jkh

    Dearest Kim, you demonstrate so well the lesson that students need to learn sooner than they do: Work ahead of your deadline; then if you hit a need to redo, you have time for it. I learned that at age 24+ when I returned to school for some employment-focused learning, and my niece has naturally embraced it this fall as she transitioned from community college to university. Who cares if the bubble-gummers call you a grind or a suck-up? You can relax at end of term while they’re all in panic mode. Good on yer, luv.

    • I’ve been a “get it done now so I can play” kind of a girl for a long time. Besides, working this way allows me the freedom to pay attention to things that need attention without stress. Crap happens, and I don’t want to be worrying about a manuscript when it hits.

      No one has ever called me a grind, though. -laugh-

  5. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Evil Author!

    I like that “More Ivy. Less Complication.” bit. :-))

  6. Howdy ma’am,

    Less sex, more Ivy sounds like great idea to me.

    “Funny, that’s what Guy tells me, too.”
    I understand why. 🙂

    Yesterday, my sisters ad I saw “A Dolphin’s Tale” We loved it. If you get the time, you should check it out.


  7. Mmmm… more Ivy. That makes me very happy. I adore your characters and am very fond of Ivy. I can’t wait to read what you are cooking up. Anticipation is kinda half the fun… 🙂

    Am I rooting for the sex scene to make a come back? You betcha (silly grin). I’m voting for you to go blow our minds with one of those delightful little twists of emotional revelations you are soooo good at. The cartoons in my head are looking forward to it (as well as everything else you cook up – LOL). This is me whispering grat-sex is a good thing if well written so do go have some fun with it so we can when we read it (wicked little grin).

    Question: How do you determine when something turns into grat-sex while working on your character dynamics and plot/pacing?

    Stacia Kane has some amazing blog conversations about this with newbie writers but I’d love your take on it if you have any thoughts on the subject you might not mind sharing (said the chick brazenly asking for more writing advice).

    Did I mention anticipation is half the fun? Now we’re in Starbucks debating the best Hollows character arch in the sex vs non-sex scenes (LOL). Yeah… I know… I am soooo easily amused during social media Skype parties (silly grin).

    Happy writing, Kim. Enjoy your day! 😉

    • Hi TannStarr. The scene worked as I had originally had the story, but I changed the beginning so much, added in enough emotional turmoil, got rid of a character . . . It didn’t fit. Hence, gratuitous.

      Genre is important, too. What is gratuitous in SF/Fantasy might not be in romance, because the point of romance is getting to the happy ending. Sometimes sex is worked into that happy ending, sometimes it isn’t. Romance has their own sub genres.

      It’s all about knowing what you are writing.

  8. desiree

    Love Ivy her and Trent are my favs. I can’t to read the next one I am getting really antsy!

  9. Wasn’t there a kitchen sex scene in an earlier book? Or maybe it was Al wanting to have a kitchen sex scene . . . no matter. Glad you’re slogging your way through the story, Kim. This time of year is hard to focus – so many pretty colors in the air, so many changes from hot to cold – makes me want to take long walks instead of sitting and writing.

    • I think we got close, Jeannie, but didn’t go all the way. This one did. I’m not getting rid of it completely. It’s got it’s own file labeled Kitchen Sex. -grin-

  10. Colleen

    I have spent most of a week in the hospital w/ a sick family member and am just now catching up so ….yesterday. I am over half silver. I always tell people I am the most natural blonde money can buy! oh and boo, I totally missed the charm bracelets 😥 I hope everyone who got one enjoys them!

  11. David M

    As someone who has been known to skip over a gratuitous sex scene or two, I thank you.

    I probably shouldn’t admit that, especially since I don’t have a problem with sex scenes in theory. Still, they usually end up being awkward for everyone involved. 🙂

  12. Sara

    Oooh! I love gratuitous kitchen sex scene! Hold on to it! 😉 Those are the best kind!

  13. Hi kim. I so know how you feel . It must be in the air. I have struggle a week with one scene/chapter. i finally got it though. I have decided to do some fixing too. plan for the day reread what I have and fix and just move on.i was hoping to have a rough draft done before november and start looking for an editor but I dont think it will happen. it is great of you to share with us fans. It really helps to know that someone as good as you have some of the same troubles I have. So it gives me encouragement. Oh on you r kitchen love scen please rethink it. It would be so cool to have at least a short mild one!!

    • OMGosh, Cathy. I do at least two to three rewrites before my editor sees it, and then up to two more after. That’s not counting copy edit and page proofs. Don’t worry about your pace as long as it’s forward. 🙂

      Rachel needs a good, solid relationship before I can crack into that kitchen scene again. Maybe in the next book . . .

  14. More Ivy is always good. I love her grumpy, protective ex girlfriend facade.

  15. Diva commented yesterday “just keep swimming” and I had to laugh. I got teased two weekends ago when all my friends and family were outside enjoying the BBQ, weather and grown up time and I was caught sitting on the floor in the house with the two year old watching Dory. 🙂

  16. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Its Jim from Warren. Anent yesterdays post w/Joan Jett-did you know she shaves her head and wears wigs?She started when she ran away from home to be with her love Lita Ford, cause she was only 15.She was disguising herself-she and Lita founded the Run Aways and were touring the world when Joan was 16.If you have ever seen her in a wig-less interview, she currently has a blond crewcut.Looks like a Marine (if you have ever seen a Marine who’s 5’1” and weighs 90 some pounds.) See-another alter ego could be yours.I’m trying your sugguestion about WordPress, hope it works,cause I was assaulted by Kim Kardashian again on the way here.Don’t know why she’s so irritating,for all I know she’s a very nice lady,kind to animals or something.

  17. More Ivy sounds great to me. My favorite scenes in the books involve Ivy and Rachel’s complicated, quirky relationship. Thanks for sharing all of your writing secrets witoh us. I will be able to retire in a couple of years and should have time to try and write. You are really an inspiration.

  18. Dina

    Of course, since I’ve just been rereading bits of Pale Demon with all of Rachel’s various sexy men (Trent, Pierce, Al & Ku’Sox) I’m just DYING to know who was the other participant in the kitchen-sex scene. *pants*

    *Tries to be very patient*

    Am finding it is indeed difficult to switch modes from “write” to “revise”. Hoping NaNo will help me out in that regard. Good luck with yours, Kim! I’m certain the result will be brilliant. 🙂

    • I’m sorry, Dina. You will never know who the guy was. I took him out of the last book, and he will forever remain a beautiful figment in my imagination. sigh. But the stuff that evolved from his absence is so much better.

  19. Tim Collins

    Question. Ever ride horses? Dad sold insurance and ran horses on the side. (Then he started to have too many kids…)My most proud possesion for a few decades was a antler hoof pick. Made a cool curved knife. I may still have it, but the wife puts things away so well it will may not be found till we are both gone, and everything is auctioned off.

    Funny that we have similar exsperiences…. Yep, bet you had horses in your life at one time. You know too much about their care…

  20. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! More Ivy is always a plus!!! I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that the kitchen finds its way back. 😉 ~Indy

  21. Mindy

    Sex scene I have to know give us a hint please Im die to know spoile me please

  22. Ah, but we’re getting closer to HALLOWEEN!
    I am so glad you share your writing days with us. I wondered if I was totally stupid to have to add a couple of chapters when I was finished with my first rewrite. *phew* even the pros do it.

    In regards to your blog yesterday. I keep finding extremely long white hairs everywhere. I’d worry, but my hair has been short the last five or so years. My dogs are shedding feathers… 🙂 Bups

    • OMGosh, Mud, adding chapters is totally in line with rewrites. Adding characters, removing characters, yep. Anything goes.

      Your link didn’t work. I’ll have to go type it in . . .

  23. SiSi

    “More Ivy” sounds good to me, and (almost) makes up for the loss of a kitchen-sex scene.

    Good luck with your work. I can’t wait to read the end results!