short and sweet

Short post today.  There is NOTHING that I can bring to the drama box this morning aside from the fact that I found a beautiful silver white strand of hair yesterday on my keyboard that was eleven and a quarter inches long.  How long that has been growing is kind of scary.

All kidding aside, I like the silver hair that’s been showing up lately.  Life is a series of changes, (obviously) but until recently, the physical changes have all been pretty good, positive things like bumps and curves, such as they are.  (laugh)  Lately, though, they are somewhat distressing and require the instigation of long-term maintenance and/or replacement parts.  (I’m sooooo not complaining, hang with me until I get to the point.)  Silvery gray hair is the first change in a long while that doesn’t make me ache or need fixing, and I welcome it with a wry smile and a desire to celebrate it–a physical sign that I’m still changing, growing, becoming.  Now, the wrinkles on the other hand . . .


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  1. Stephanie

    I think silver is beautiful. I started growing grey hair right on my part in the front when I was about 19. I colored it for years, but recently, I have embraced it. Now, I have a silver streak that runs on each side of my face, and I must say, I actually like it even though I haven’t even reached 30. I call it my “Rogue Streak” a la X-men. My hair is so much healthier now that I have embraced my natural color.

  2. good morning 🙂
    thanks for the little things in side of you- they are soo realy 🙂

    in Germany we have a song: one silver hair…one year is gone…all is fine..that´s clear…and i´am standing bevor the mirrow…and i found a silver hair…etc…:) (here is the song have fun …but… it is german 🙂

    It is one of many more…but it is the first! Gratulation!!!

    Laughing greets from Germany – i love your drama box…

    (and more so sorry for my bad english…lol )

  3. denise

    Feeling your pain…I was 40 when I first started highlighting my hair to cover the grey…other friends I have let their hair completely go grey…not me EVER!! LOL

  4. linda

    everyone else in my family are almost totally white , me not so much maybe because i could care less about the color of my hair (especially since i change the color of it monthly) lol

  5. I love my sparklies and can’t wait to see what they finally end up doing.

  6. Antonio

    😎 HeyHey MissK. I’m not as positive about my aging ‘bumps and curves’ as you are. My greying hair? I’m cool with the change in color, I just wish they would behave–the grey hairs are natural troublemakers, defying all attempts at natural inclusion. It’s a mutiny on my head, I tell ya’, nobody can get along.

    But, speaking of aging by one’s own rules. It was announced that Joan Jett has been nominated for the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Even at the height of her fame, she was a square peg in a round hole, refusing to play the pretty girl or become a parody of her natural tough chick persona. A true outlier, she did it her way. And still does. There’s a lesson to be learned there, right? Here’s a clip of her at age 53…

  7. kris

    If mine would come in all over, I would love those silver streaks. But mine keeps gowing in at my temples, giving me a bride of Frankenstein look that I would rather avoid. So I cover it up for now. I would love a full head of silver hair!

  8. Kel Hinkle

    I stared going grey/silver at age 18 thanks to my spectacular genetics. (insert eyeroll here) I wouldn’t care except that the texture is completely different than my normal hair. The grey springs out with a wiry abandon that makes me look like I have a halo.

    So for now, I use a henna that mimics my usual hair color just to settle the texture down. it does have the added bonus that it turns all the grey to a copper color which looks kinda cool against the black.

  9. Ed

    Well…..that “silver award” is better than no award….Like another post said: I’d take any hair I could. Actually I’m not going bald…..I’m just getting so tall that my head is poking through my hair…..

  10. Carrie Cantwell

    I was born with grey hair (streaks at my temples). My 8 year old and my 10 year old also have grey hair, though not quite so dramatic. It is said that grey hair is to be taken with grace and dignity….a sign of wisdom some say. I laugh because these three traits are something I lack and so do my children! 🙂 Maybe a few years will impove it all!

  11. Heather

    My family goes gray early, even my 27 year old sister has more gray then I do! With my medium golden brown hair tone, I get an occasional silver strand. Somewhat cool..:)

  12. minderbug

    I was fortunate to be born with a birthmark on the top of my head. The birthmark somehow made the hair grow a beautiful silver. My hair is so dark brown, its one shade lighter than black so it looked pretty dang cool (once I’d finished elementary school anyway). I started coloring my hair this year (age 32). I feel fortunate because my mother was completely gray by age 20. She went platinum blonde 🙂 I’m going with red for a while, but you never know. ;D

  13. I’ve had gray hair since I was in my mid-20’s, which I’ve been dying. I’ll continue to dye for several more years. As for the wrinkles, I embrace every single one. I’ve earned them. My laugh lines show that I have a sense of humor and laugh often. My frown and worry lines show that I have friends and loved ones in my life, over whom I worry.

  14. My sister used to always tell me that I should dye my hair because I started getting silver strands. I always told her that I earned every single on and that I could name the experience with everyone. I wouldn’t trade them or the experiences that earned them.

  15. Hey Jen

    I have a couple straggly gray hairs going on. I’m proud of my gray hairs! I earned those bitches~!

  16. jkh

    To all you guys contemplating hair loss: Some guys use testosterone to grow hair, others to do other things with it (smirk). And: If the ordinary growth rate of hair is about 6 inches a year, then 11-1/4 inches is about 2 years…

    When I decided to stop “refreshing” my hair color, I had it frosted–not those clownlike swaths they’re doing nowadays, but delicately frosted. As my hair grew out “au naturelle” things just sort of blended together.

    Now, several years later, I have not only strands of white, but patches. It is a pretty white, inherited from my mother, but it is an age marker that’s for sure. At least it doesn’t ache, like the arthritis.

    • Two years? That’s about how long it’s been since I’ve done anything with it. Cool.

      And yes. It doesn’t ache, or twinge, or make me walk slow, or wince, or . . . whatever.

  17. You know I’m one of those people who doesn’t panic whenever my birthday is close, I’m on my early 30’s and already started to discover some grey hairs as well.
    I do believe that there’s nothing more beautiful that a woman aging gracefully. I love your attitude towards changes, more women should learn from you =D

  18. I grow these beautiful white/silver hairs because my mother’s family goes white early. I actually really like the color and someday when all of my hair has gone the way of Santa Claus I’ll proudly display my beautiful, lustrous, white hair.

    The only problem I’d find is how to do six months to a year of solitary confinement while the white grows out long enough to look like hair and not stubble so I can cut off all my color.

  19. SiSi

    I’ve been finding some of those hairs for a few years now, and I’ve also decided to see them as badges of honor and/or wisdom. Not sure that’s entirely accurate, but my perception is my reality!

  20. Wisdom hair! Very sophisticated in my opinion Kim. 🙂

  21. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-its Jim from Warren-Glad you can go on the road,it keeps you young. Of course,packing your stuff in a suitcase and hitchhiking is even younger.Welcome to the club,I haven’t had a a hair that isn’t grey in years.

  22. Howdy ma’am,

    Silver is better than zero. As a young man, I often wondered if I’d go bald before I went gray. So far it’s a dead heat. I still have a tad bit more hair than my younger brothers so YAY!.

    Drat my ‘n’ is on the fritz. I had to copy/paste them all in.


  23. Diva

    Just keep swimming! 🙂

  24. Maryellen

    Heh. Welcome to the club, Miss Kim. Here’s your membership card, we meet every other Tuesday at the Martini Bar down the street.


  25. Randy

    I’d take a little silver hair. Or gray. Or red or brown or black. I’d take anything to cover my increasingly exposed scalp. But as you say, life is all about changes. And… bald is beautiful? Hmmm.

    Happy writing, Randy