Comic Con NY update

I’ve got that updated Comic Con schedule that I’ve been promising you, updated with the locations and times for the poster giveaway, the graphic novel signing, and the early release and purchase of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER.  Yay!!!

Friday: 4:00 PM Kim Harrison, HOLLOWS INSIDER Comic Con Commemorative Poster Signing at the Harper Booth.#944. (free)

6:00 – 7:00 PM, Kim Harrison, BLOOD WORK signing at Random House booth, #1040.

8:45-9:45 P.M.DEMONIC HOTSPOTS, INFERNAL PIT STOPS, AND THE BADLANDS: THE GREAT AMERICAN ROAD TRIP TO HELL panel. Room 1A15 :Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Anton Strout and Edward Lazellari, Rachel Caine , Christina Henry, Duane Swierczynski.

Saturday: 12:00 noon, Kim Harrison, HOLLOWS INSIDER (ticketed signing; early/pre-onsale release of new book at the Harper booth, #944. (Get tickets at the booth?)

Sunday: WE’RE NO ANGELS: The Leading Ladies of SF/F Sunday, October 16 : 2:30pm-3:30pm : Room 1A23 : Patricia Briggs; Alison Goodman, Kim Harrison; Jeaniene Frost; Marjorie M. Liu, Sabrina Benulis and Kristen Painter.

I do believe that the tickets/purchase for the HOLLOWS INSIDER are going to be handled at the Harper booth, which is #944, so get yourself over there when you can.  I looked it up, and it’s right at the entrance if I’m looking at the map correctly.  We’ve got a limited number of these, and you never know.  We might run out on Friday, or they might go begging all the way to the signing event.  🙂 Today I’m pushing forward into the next chapter of the pre-editorial rewrite of the next Hollows book.  I do believe I’ve got most of the large changes behind me apart from some emotional issues, so it should be a fast week.  I’ll be spending my downtime thinking about that last chapter, though.  The current ending is not going to work.  I’ve got some ideas already, and I need to think about how I’m going to get all of the threads tied off in this new location . . .


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26 responses to “Comic Con NY update

  1. Billie Walsh


    thanks for the reply yesterday – I just managed to log in to check my email and after having my professor grade my rough draft stating “you are an excellent writer, however…” I have spent a great deal of time in “ReWrite” land. So thanks made me smile to see your reply.


  2. I wish I could be there for the panel, Kim. We’re No Angels, indeed! Hell, I wish I could be there for any part of the ComicCon weekend but, alas, I am nestled here in the high desert hills of north central Arizona. Best of luck with the entire event.

    And the same with this next Hollows book — so glad there’s going to be a next one — soon, maybe?

  3. I wish I was closer! This is the kind of event that makes me want to move closer!!!
    The panels sounds amazing and not only that you’ll be there but also some other great authors like Patricia Briggs, Jeaniene Frost, Rachel Caine! I hope I win the lottery this weekend so I can go!!!
    In any case, for all of you that are going, Have an amazing time! And take pics! Loads of pics!!!

  4. jkh

    Oh, sigh. To have funds and freedom to scoot from West Coast to East just for a Con. Of course if I ever make it that far it will have to be for a couple of weeks at least, to visit NY, DC, Philly, etc. I figure the Smithsonian’s various components are good for a week to start. For all of you able to attend: Enjoy!

  5. I need the standing in line rules and how many first editions can I buy/get autographed rules. I’m swamped with FB requests and don’t want to answer my e-mail until you tell me what my limitations are (and don’t mind going to the end of the line to start over again so I’m not being a pest).

    I definitely need a signed autographed book for your FB fan Christie Daratany Hernandez. She is suh a cool FB peep and die hard KH fan but can’t go. We’re having a playdate before I head south and her son is going to take some of my excess toys off my hands (thank you, God – packing an entire apartment is insane – I need to give away a lot of stuff still in the box that my shorties never opened – LOL).

    I kind of like collecting for other peeps if I can because I was pouting and having a tantrum when I couldn’t get anyone to grab some author swag from the other Con. That kind of whomped so I’mgonna have mad fun getting what ever you guys say I can have for me and a few other fans. I hope you can do a photo-op on Sunday. A number of us got the four day pass so we could maximize spending time withour faves. I would love to take a picture with you. It’s a high priority on my Kim Harrison bucket list (yeah… there’s an actual list of things to do like get more author swag and learn how to draw pixies – LOL).

    What can I say? It’s fun being your fan (happy sigh).

    Have to go update that monster book pimping blog draft I’m sitting on. Four more updates to go on that puppy and I’m done (until the next bit of blog mischief – LOL).

    Happy writing! Have an awesome day, Gorgeous. 😉

    • Tann Starr, I’ve no idea of the rules as of yet. I’m sorry. But I am sure that there will be lots of time to take pictures, especially at the booth events. The panels are a little harder since they push us out, but there’s always the hallway.

      You have a great day, too.

  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren.We’re on day 5 of the rain.Smudge stuck a paw out from under the electric blanket and waved, so she is o.k. I guess.I’m gonna have that bad leg of hers x-rayed again next month though.We had a couple of bad storms, but I never worry unless I see a witch riding a bicycle past my bedroom window. If I can ever get my scanner to work, I’ll post a pic of Ivy’s sword. the way, WordPress isn’t working here I don’t get their e-mails of posts and comments,just the titles l(sob) have to drag myself all the way to your site and risk seeing Kim Kardashian. Maybe you have somw way to talk to them, their support doesn’t respond either.Thank You.

    • Mmmmm. I’ve no idea what’s going on there. I would suggest unsubscribing to the email delivery for a day or two, then subscribing back up again. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

  7. Diva

    Okay this – DEMONIC HOTSPOTS, INFERNAL PIT STOPS, AND THE BADLANDS: THE GREAT AMERICAN ROAD TRIP TO HELL – this is a panel title made of win! I wish I wasn’t several states away because I would love to attend this. No matter. I’m sure that the Hollows fans will be well represented.

    A new location in the next book, huh? Interesting.

  8. AAAACK!!!! Is there going to be any chance of a signing/photo op on Sunday???? That is the only day I can go (and I did already get tickets and buy my bus ticket) and looking forward to the panel….but since I got the honor of one of my pictures in the Hollows Insider I really hoped to meet you and get a picture of us with the book!!!

    • Also….what can I do to beg and please to have a poster saved for me???? LOL

    • A signing/photo-op would be kinda cool. I second Jesse. Pretty please, Kim.

    • Yeah!!!! I think that taking a day off on the weekend we are supposed to be moving, getting up at 4AM to catch a 4 hour bus ride, to meet our beloved Hollows creator, to then ride 4 hours home and get up for work the next day, should at least warrent a reserved poster and a 2 minute sign/photo op!!! *grins*

    • Holy Cow, Jessie, that’s a lot of planning! Right now, I don’t have anything on Sunday other than the panel, but I can surely take a moment out in the hall afterward!

      I’m sure that I can get you your copy of the INSIDER while at Comic Con, Jessie. I’m going to email you today at the email you sent your picture in so we can arrange something better than that.

  9. Howdy ma’am,

    “Next Hallows book”, I like the sound of that. It wont be too much longer until it’s out.


  10. I am so jealous! I want to go to this one so badly and just can’t swing it. It sounds like it will be so much fun.