Bits and Bobs

I know I said keep an eye out for a manic monday today, but we didn’t get our act together this weekend, distracted by the beautiful weather and family.  sigh  Next week, hopefully.

It feels like the good weather is ours on sufferance, meaning as soon as it remembers it’s supposed to be cold and rainy, it will turn that way.  In case anyone is interested, my local home improvement store has all their plants half off, (apart from mums and pansies.)  I restrained myself, but just.  Even so, there are a new bunch of ferns gracing the empty spots.  I can’t stand buying ferns at full price, so this is likely all I’ll ever have.  -laugh-

Work’s going well with a somewhat cleaner desk top now that I’ve taken care of the next step of  A PERFECT BLOOD and shipped it back.  100% of my concentration today is going to be on the rewrite in front of me, and it needs it.  When I started this, I talked about big shifts of character and movement, that the changes I wanted would eventually merge and the original story line would take from there.  I’m at that point, and the dovetailing isn’t going smoothy as I would have liked.  Oh, it will still fit, but it needs a lot of rewriting, and progress is slow.  Now I’m seeing that the last chapter is going to have to be completely rewritten-but that’s still about a week or so away.  Even so, I’ve got ideas . . .  The threads have lain in my thoughts all weekend, and now it’s time to pick them up.

Ready, set, go!



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  1. Billie Walsh


    Once upon a time I read 4 to 5 books a week for pleasure…ahh the days of being a stay at home Mom. Anyways as I have aged and taken on new commitments I now work 60 hour weeks as well as attend college full time for my Bachelors degree. Now I am sure that you are wondering what this has to do with you …I know sometimes it is nice to hear how much your work means to others…so I felt I should share that given my love of reading I have had to shorten my list of “cannot live without authors”- thank you for being one who has taken the hard knocks of life and hidden them from me for awhile behind a good hearted black witch.


    • Wow, thank you, Billie. I really appreciate that! Thank you, very much. Healthy escapism is one of my goals, and knowing you are finding that in my work makes me feel pretty good. I hope you like what’s coming! 🙂

      Continued success in your busy life. That is a hard workload, but it will pay off in the end.

  2. You can go slow.. as long as it’s steady. That can even win the race.. or so I’m told.

    Tomorrow morning I’m having a friend over for breakfast. Gonna cook up a mean french toast with some crisp bacon.. and of course our cups will runneth over with java. Why do I mention this?.. well this particular friend, I’m happy to say, has used my books on my shelf as her library. She just finished Pale Demon so now I’m gonna show her Bloodwork. Ahh. I do enjoy a good book convo.

    Glad you had a good weekend! No worries on the Manic Monday. The queen can delay this 😀 <–me attempting to be a wise ass.

    **now the I'm having a visual. It's you dancing to the peanuts theme. W00T!**

  3. Hi KIm,
    Which store has plants half off? My husband and I have been scouring Home Depot in Saginaw since late summer. That was when they started to put their perrenials on clearance. They have been priced at $1.98 a piece. We probably have gotten about 50 plants this year. That is why when spring rolls around, I cannot stand to buy plants, I always wait. Hope you find something great for your garden.

  4. Diva

    All this talk about big character shifts and movement is very exciting. I hope all the rewriting isn’t too maddening. Thank goodness for weekend respites, huh?

    I can hardly wait to read it.

  5. I love ferns. We had tons of them when we lived in Panama, and totally different ferns when we lived in Washington State. We don’t have enough shade for them now. I’m glad you had a great weekend.

  6. Glad the weather is holding up for you to enjoy for a bit longer =) Here is Washington, we’re back to our typical Seattle weather,lol. Our summer wasn’t very ‘summery’ this year- it just started feeling like summer last week, and now it’s gone! At least we got to go blackberry picking yesterday before the 40 MPH winds knocked them all off for us ;P Thanks for the congrats on the baby on your last post! Yeah, my hands are full. Especially since my husband and I are separating now after almost a decade together, makes for twice the work haha. However I am SO glad to get back to your books, even if it takes me longer to read them these days,lol. Good luck putting your final touches in the book, hope it turns out just the way you wanted it to!

    • That’s too bad Jammie. We had a great summer here, with some hot days, and not so hot days. I’m becoming concerned about winter, though. You never know. It could be snowy, or just cold.

  7. Howdy ma’am,

    I’m kind of glad there was no Manic Monday. I had rough weekend. Thanks to my meds, I slept about 15 hours. I would have missed it.

    It seems that working 12 hours and then playing cards for 4 hours after that is not a good idea. My back reminded me of who the boss is around here. I’m ok now.


  8. You’re enthusiasm warms my cold, damp heart. The rain should be on its way to you soon. I’ll send some good thoughts with it.

    I turn in another story, for another fiction workshop today. This is probably my most polished piece but I feel a little iffy on my character, just because his voice isn’t as revealing as I’m used to writing and I’m worried my readers won’t get to know him the way I want them to.
    It’s also my most controversial piece, with several of my friends refusing to finish it and all of them urging me to go with something else lest I be known as “that writer.”
    It’s discouraging, but my mother liked it so since she didn’t try to drive me to a hospital I’ll stick with it.

    I’m glad Manic Monday got moved because I would have forgotten… again. Good luck on your rewrite. You’re editing techniques have really helped me put shine on my work, and yours just keep getting better!

    • Oh! I ordered some books from the Science Fiction Book Club today after not being a member forever, and on their home page I found this:

      “Our book club has top books from popular authors such as Kim Harrison, Stephen King, Charlaine Harris, J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks and Laurell K. Hamilton.”

      It just tickled me that yours was the first name on that list.

    • Oh, we got rain, we got rain! Today looks sunny, though.

      Sounds like you’re writing is just fine, Stephenie. Write what you want. Not everything will speak to every person. Just be sure that what you write means something.

  9. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-Its jim from Warren.We are back to rain,(this is the 4th day) so I am back to pain (old child protection war injuries).Hear you on the life choices. I was gonna be a lawyer and get rich.I had to take a job as my wife was pregnant,and got on at CSB working at the Childrens Home.After one of my 13yr old girls killed herself,(and my supervisor told me she was’nt expected to live since her parents started pimping her out at 7 to pay drug bills) I switched to social work,got my MSW and went to work in the fun parts of town looking for girls.Now that was the life! Now that I have had 2 heart attacks and a stroke,I gotta slow down, can’t take the wild excitement you know,so I read you,and Robert E, Howard,and Clark Ashton Smith,and live vicariously.Since we are Human(?) we can live in our minds,I guess. P.S. I found a picture of Ivy’s swordblade. Its by the Master Sadamune,oldest apprentice of The Grandmaster Masamune. Its midnight blue,sprinkled with tiny flecks of silver (nie) like stars,and the hardened edge is a swirling river of silver(you can even see rocks), an eighth of an inch wide. The lines and planes forming the body are so perfectly right that it’s a object of beauty so wonderfull you forget it’s made to kill, kinda like Ivy in my mind. (Rachel just kicks them into submission,right?)

  10. Anya Kelleye

    Hey, Kim! I love reading your blog updates. You make me laugh. Can’t wait to read A Perfect Blood and The Hollows Insider. They can’t get done soon enough for me! I guess I’ll have to wait though until you get them done just the way you want them.

  11. Hey did you make it to a Cidar Mill? Hope so great weather for once in the wet state of Michigan. Lots of fun thigns happinging here too right now with the Ren Fest in Holly and cidar mills all open, plus sports going on and the wind up of all the festivals and such. Looking fall like already.