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I have something kind of cool this morning.  Most of the time the foreign editions of the books come out without my knowledge with no contact at all from the outside publishing house.  I never know they’re there unless I go looking for them or the author copies mysteriously find their way to my desk.  Sometimes my translators will contact me about a phrase or word, and I might get a title.  Rarely they ask me for an interview.  Occasionally they share covers with me, which I count myself lucky for as trying to track them down is a hit or miss prospect.  For the third book out in the Czech republic, I hit the jackpot with a cracker-jack article and a beautiful cover.  I won’t be able to get it on the website until later, but I wanted to show it to you here now while it was still brand new.  I love seeing how the books are presented in different languages.

We got our first glimpse of Jenks on a cover in the French editions, and her face in a handful of others.

I maintain a list of where the rights have been sold at the media page if you want to know if the books will be coming out in “a language near you.”  There is a lag-time of one to two years before the books start showing up on the shelf once they buy the rights, so it won’t be an immediate thing, and rarely do they buy the entire series at once, so it’s usually the first three, and when they do well, they buy the next three.  Germany was one of the first foreign outlets, and as you can see, they are very proactive about getting the books on the shelf in a timely manner.  They even have some of the novellas out under their own covers, and are going to have the HOLLOWS INSIDER.  If you are interested in seeing some of the foreign edition covers, I have an incomplete listing of them here at the drama box on the side pages, and a more finished list of them at the individual book pages at the website.  Dead Witch Walking

You should be able to click the images here for a better look.


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  1. They really look great, sometimes It makes me want to own all the different covers, regardless the fact that I might not speak that language.
    And Vampyre… OMG! *fake scandalized face* 😉

  2. Sweet! Looks good Kim. Makes me wish I knew more languages. Unfortunately. I focused on learning a lot of bad words… I thought I was such a nerdy lil rebel LOL.

    A month and 2 days..

    Btw I’ve finally started up your truth series. Got one from a book store and the others from Amazon. I’m loving it!

  3. Ooooo! Is that Were supposed to be Al?! I love the illustrations to death! Simply wonderful cover. It portrays her perfectly from the books perspective! I could ogle this all day. I suddenly want a copy. I wouldn’t be able to tell what it says but it would still be quite a treasure to own!
    It’s weird how you never hear about the foreign books however. Is that a usual thing for authors? You’d think the translator would at least want to contact you to discuss details or something?
    I’m not a writer so I wouldn’t know how everything goes. I just find it strange that a person branching into a different language for the book would not want to contact the original author. Haha

  4. Diva

    Rachel Mariana Morganova. I like it!

  5. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim Its Jim from Warren. It’s so great you will have fans in the Czech Republic.I have several friends in Praha(never tell a Czech patriot it’s Prague,thats German) I will give them a heads-up.( I also had to assure Smudge that they have mice in Praha,the younger generation just didn’t get the Weekly Reader with its geography lessons,I guess).My friend Jana Miartusova says that her parents went to prison in1968 for fighting the Russians in the Praha uprising,,two grandparents were killed fighting the Germans,and her great grandparents fought for Edouard Benes and Thomas`Masaryk when they founded Czechloslovakia. She is one of the people who never use Prague.I almost forgot, I have a couple of friends in Brno as well,I’ll tell them too.

  6. Rachel Morganova . . . I love it!

  7. Heya Kim Harrisonova!
    1) That’s so cool to get around the whole world without leaving the house xD

    2) ” I do have the two we talked about set aside for you. 🙂 ” You’re the best!! 🙂

    3) To complete your covers: here are the German covers for
    Nr. 9

    The Insider

    and Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel


  8. Marsha

    Well I can’t read German, but they look really great. That is a wicked looking blade Ms. Morganova is holding. I wonder why they never show Rachel with her wild curly hair though?