Just as I was drifting off last night, I was woken back up by the sound of an eastern screech owl.  It took a few minutes online this morning to identify them by their calls, but I’m sure that’s what it was.  They sounded like little horses whinnying.  If you check out the link, it’s song B Eastern Screech Owl

I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear owls again.  We heard/saw barred owls quite frequently down in South Carolina, and I missed them.  Balance, balance.  Owls are good, but if I start finding luna moths, I swear, I’m going to squish them flat.  I’m not superstitious, but if anything momentous happens in the next four days, I’m going to be blaming them.  -laugh-  They were right outside my window.  I wonder if I make a box big enough for them if they would use it, or if I’d just get ‘coons.

The leaves are just starting to think about shifting over, bits and pieces of them showing up on my lawn.  I’m keeping a close watch on the patch of lawn that I reseeded last Thursday.  It’s been a week, and though it’s been cold, it should be germinating soon.  I know I’m pushing it, but I really need this grass to come through for me.  I don’t want a mud pit all winter.  Here’s hoping.

And for those of you who wondering about yesterday’s post, I have decided not to do that wicked thing.  You can all breathe again.  Everyone lives.  Mostly.  -grin-



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  1. jkh

    The e-site A Word A Day featured the expression “roman fleuve” which means roughly a river of novels, or a series, more like volumes of the same work. Now I would not characterize the Hollows stories as a roman fleuve, although we (especially the slightly compulsive) do prefer to read them in sequence and reread them in sequence, and reread them…So much more interesting than some of those old navel-gazers, what was his name, the French guy, Balzac? They went on for volumes, but not nearly so interesting as contemplating Jenks’ wing shape and proportion, etc.

  2. Everyone lives?! Holy Cats! I’m glad then, cuz I was thinking naughty wicked things that had nothing to do with death. I like owls. Is it bad I thought of the tootsie pop owl just now?.. how many licks does it take? Anyhoo, I’m hoping ur hump day went much better then mine. I’m glad the day is done. Time for some dreams..

    Ps. Good luck with the grass!

  3. Carolyn Peabody

    but what wad the wicked thing???!!!

  4. Alexa

    Hi Kim,
    This pair (click on my Gravatar to see) I´ve frequently saw in the avocado tree, in my backyard, they are Little Owls (Athene noctua), aka “Mochuelos” in my country. When you see things like this, you got the feeling that everything is ok in the world…then you decided not to do that wicked thing…. (sigh of relief) Yes….everything is all right.

  5. jkh

    I’m a big-city girl, don’t see much in the way of wildlife, apart from the uber-adaptables, crows (and a few other birds) and raccoons. And we have opossums, totally non-native to the Pacific Northwest but brought by the Tarheels from the Carolinas. They were released and they thrive here, are becoming as much a nuisance as ‘coons.

    However, as we are becoming more enlightened we are encouraging raptors, several species of hawks and even eagles are living in parks and on high-rise buildings.

    And one of my cherished memories from my (thankfully) brief marriage is getting up way early to drive himself to work so I could have the car, and when driving home through farmland, seeing a barn owl floating over a field, probably making the last hunt of the night. They are HUGE, and SILENT, and beautiful.

  6. Everyone lives, eh? (ROTFL)

    Had no idea the The Evil Author Cliff Hanger Queen had a twin named Kim (LMAO). I’m am soooo glad they all made it through another chapter (and will be craving the next little escaped death revelation – LOL). Happy writing, Gorgeous! 😉

  7. Marsha

    Just currious Kim, is there a reason you chose not to put sod down instead of seeding? I hope the owls are not large enough to look at your baby girls a a tasty snack.

    • It’s harder to get sod this time of year is all, Marsha, but that’s a great idea. I have another spot that needs grass and no way I can get it in in time, so I might have to do it there.

      These owls are less than a foot tall, so the girls are okay. I don’t let them go out by themselves anyway. Ever.

  8. Howdy ma’am.

    As I think you know, I live in a small town not too far from the swamps. It’s almost like living on a game preserve. There is at 1 owl, that hangs out in the trees behind my house.

    Just yesterday, I took a video of a squirrel in my front yard. I’m uploading it to You Tube now. (It’s taking forever)

    I’ve seen opossums, raccoons, glass snakes, deer, turkeys and just about anything else you can imagine around here. It’s a virtual zoo around here.

    My dogs and Fuzzy like it. The dogs keep the backyard clear of critters and Fuzzy takes care of the front. 🙂


  9. Victoria Eskey

    Here in Central Texas, in the spring, we get woken up by the mockingbirds.
    And I’m sorry the wicked thiing didn’t fly, but I am grateful you aren’t trying to force something that won’t work. You are an awesome author, and we love and trust you!! ^_^

    • tim collins

      I am in SO much agreement with you. Never is there a truer rule.” If it won’t move, Don’t force it! ” Make a sign of this law and put it on your desk. If I ever pass Anything along to the next gen it is that statement. Your friend. Tim

    • OMGosh, mocking birds. We aren’t bothered by them, but wow, they can be loud!

      Wicked thing is still sitting in my head. I’ve got a bad feeling about it.

  10. Dina

    I live in the Northeast and I totally heard one of these little guys a few years ago. In the middle of the night, with the windows open. Must have been perched in the big green ash in my backyard.

    Creeped me out a bit. They sounded exactly like faint whinnyings. More than somewhat eerie. 8)

  11. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that wicked thing. I guess it could go both ways.

    My parents have a huge barn owl at their house and I’m really jealous. He makes the coolest noises and I love it. I live on four acres, and I want an owl… or a baby deer.

    I’ll just have to comfort myself with our four week old kittens for now. *SQUEE*

  12. Sara

    Ooh, owls. I miss the sounds of a wooded east coast. I currently reside in a city that believes in mowing everything green down in favor of concrete (so stupid in an environment that’s blasted by the sun, “why don’t we all live in an oven all summer?!”) and the occasional tiny tree or bush planted for decoration. *ugh* Needless to say, we have only a few night animal noises, mostly cicadas screaming about stuff. And stray cats fighting. Yeah, it’s awesome. Once you get away from the city I’m sure it’s nice, there is green to be found, even here in flatsville.

    Enjoy your leaves! A nice, slow changing of the colors and the “smell of fall” with that cool breeze? Heaven. Pure heaven. Second only to the fresh greenery of spring and new beginnings.

    • Oooooh, sorry about the lack of foresight in your city. That’s one thing I like about Ann Arbor. They have always been a city that likes its trees.

      We have our share of fighting cats, too. Yuck.

  13. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Its Jim From Warren.I haven’t heard owls yet,but we have flocke of geese and ducks flying over going to the resevoir that sits in a game preserve about a mile from here. One time while I was sitting on my porch(,and Smudge was watching out the screened front window)we had a flock of geese sit down in or yard for a minute.Wow! What a racket!! Even Smudge was impressed. Oh,and when you say mostly,do you mean they are all mostly alive,or most of them are alive,or do we have to wait untill 2013 to find out?

  14. Diva

    Something wicked does not this way come? Whew! I guess. Just out of morbid curiousity, what was the body count going to be?

    What’s the deal with luna moths?

  15. Tim Collins

    We never see owls our way… Then a few days ago driving around the beltway I see a large, long, owl purched on top one of the street lights watching me as I drove by. He was brown with a bit of green in him.
    Now “Tomb Turkeys”, we see plenty of them around the holidays grabbin up the free eats… And Crows! They grow them BIG out here! Some idiot threw away our dining room chair into the dumpster. When I found it and started to drag it out, the cop who was with me, eyes got all big and he started to back away. W.T.HECK I thought when I looked back in the dumpster, and there was this HUGE black shiney crow a foot from me. He looked all ready to go toe to toe. Fortunately I had a chair in my hands. (All I needed was a whip…)
    So… when are you coming to Baltimore for a book signing…? I’d like to say I drove that Crow off, but it was a draw…
    See ya.
    Bird slayer Tim.
    (Dinos are BIRDS!)

  16. Tracey

    The wicked thing I was thinking about didn’t involve death. 🙂