Cluttered Desk

My desk is so cluttered, I’m having a hard time thinking this morning.  It’s not that I can’t work in an untidy area, because when I get plotting, there are papers everywhere, but right now . . . I’ve got layers of stuff to do, and it’s all sitting on my desk.  Blahhhh.

This morning, I hit the alarm and crawled back into bed to daydream about Trent.  (grin)  Seriously, I called it work.  I’ve got something wicked I want to do, and only a week or so to think about the ramifications.  Guy is helping me kick around my new ideas, but he likes anything I come up with, so when all’s said and done, I have to figure out the plausibility on my own.  I find I’m back to weighing possible future actions and what kind of story I want to tell.  LIke I said, I’ve got a week just for dreaming, and then I’ve got to get serious about it.

Cha, cha, cha, changes . . .


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  1. You know, in many ways, Rachel has a much better than ‘starting, and really shouldn’t be an ending’…

    Her mother is happy and not crazy. She knows the truth of her parentage and came to terms with it. She has so many friends, the kind who are willing to die for her.

    I’m not a shipper I guess, I’m just thrilled with her development.

    Back to the toothless fairy buppies.

    • I love the idea of puppies, Mud! I just don’t want any. Wow. Talk about life!

      That’s the problem I’m wrestling with right now, actually. Rachel has friends who will die for her. mmmmmm

  2. Mmmmm… May your thoughts of Trent be marvelously wicked and mad delicious, sweetie-pie (evil grin).

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I am sooooo excited about your projects and such a silly Kimaholic (happy sigh). We keep speculating what meeting Grace will be like while wondering what you are doing. Vicki Pettersson finally posted a cool blog update/tease so we’re in Starbucks trying to figure out our spoof response to “The Queen of Cliff Hangers” for being “The Evil Author” with us.

    FYI: We’re crushing on you guys big time (LOL). 🙂

    Gotta go get back to updating the blog posts I’m editing. They need more Urban Dictionary Ebonics (LOL).

    Counting down the days to a bunch of coordinated bookie posts with the Club Chaos crew regarding you. We are looking forward to the Hollows Insider and have your NYC street team tripping over themselves getting NYCC passes. I have to finish the new tracks, embed the music and pack up the studio gear by Friday and take the post live (sigh).

    Moving is such a trip… It’s eating up a good chunk of my social media time. I’m suffering from Internet withdrawal (LOL). 😉

  3. Gwen

    Well if you are thinking wicked thoughts then you might as well toss some Al in there, a dash of Rachel and a dolp of Trent and I think I would sell a piece of my soul for some of that!

  4. Cyn

    Ooooh. Dreaming of Trent! I can understand. I just hope Rach can resolve some more issues with him on the next book! *grin*.

    I’m totally re-reading the series…obsessive? Maybe a little! Sending good mojo your way!

    Cyn from Texas, lately of Las Vegas. Ugh!

  5. I am… so sad.

    I missed the charm bracelets yesterday because we don’t have internet at our house. *glares murderously at soon to be former roommates.*

    I like the sound of Trent doing wicked things! I like Trent… I wouldn’t vote for him, but I like him. I’m hoping to make as complex an… anti-villain? as Trent is in my own work; but obviously in different ways. I tried to read a novel recently and the main character was just a sad amalgamation of Spike from Buffy and a little Louie from Rice… I couldn’t read it. I love being inspired by others work but not copying…

    Next time there’s a Manic Monday… I must put it in my phone… and calendar… and pocket watch… *goes off muttering*

  6. Carolyn Peabody

    mmm… trent…

  7. Victoria Eskey

    Love it! ^_^
    Daydreaming about Trent, huh?? haha. I love the idea of something wicked….. and Guy liking everything is a wonderful bias. Not always helpful, but wonderful.

  8. Sara

    Mmm…I wanna crawl back in to bed and call it work. :p As the mornings get chillier (we’ve started sleeping with the windows open – yes!!) and all i wanna do is snuggle down in the covers and slip in and out of dreamland. That’s one of the best parts about fall. It’s almost a necessity in winter! Definitely too cold to get out of bed on the first try then.

    I feel you on the clutter. I find myself having a hard time tending to my “work” when it’s messy in the house. It’s like I can’t allow myself to do my own things until everything else is in order. It’s a dumb cop-out because the house is always going to be messy. There are always going to be dishes that need washing, dirty laundry, cat hair balls gathering under book shelves, etc… but there is a limited time during the day for me to tend to my own work stuff and it needs to be done consistently.

    Good luck tending to yours and enjoying your week of dreaming. It sounds lovely. 😀

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head, Sara, talking about things getting in the way of writing. I’m in the fantastic position of Guy understanding why the clothes sit in the dryer for days if I don’t get them done on the weekend, and if there are dishes in the sink, he might even do them. 🙂

  9. hey if guy likes everyghing you come up with and thats a problem i’d volunteer for the torturous task of being a sounding board for you to bounce ideas off of… lol… i promise i’ll TRY to be pickier than he is.


  10. I’ve had “where is my mind” by the Pixies stuck in my head all night and now into the morn. Your song this morning is pretty swell too Kim 🙂

    I love to daydream.. and if you can call it work. So mote it be. A divine Indulgence. Especially if it involves Trent. Silly elf. Such a love/hate relationship I have for this guy.

    … ♪♫”try this trick, and spin it -yeah”♫♪

    Enjoy the day with your wicked ways!

  11. Good song to get me in the witch-y mood, Kim. “Tis the season coming around.

    Who daydreams about Trent? Well, I never . . . wouldn’t even think about . . . lovely thought, though.

    Guy is such a good support for you; not much help in the decision making but a great morale booster. And don’t spend another nano-second worrying over the cluttered desk. That stuff will be there long after the Second Turn.

  12. Lisa

    Mmmmmmmmmm. I love some Trent, and adore the idea of something wicked involving he and Rachel.

  13. lizardgirl

    wicked you say…..hmmmm, doesn’t really rhythm with a whole lot does it? :^) if there’s a way to make it work, i say, go wicked.

  14. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim its Jim from Warren.We are now on our 10th straight of rain,so I can’t do anything BUT crawl back in bed,accompanied by Smudge, of course,she’s acting like she aches as bad as I do, and she only has a slight case of arthritis in one hind leg,I have it in both.(I do have the vet check her legs regularly). If you ever need a story-line let us know,we’re all set to go to work.Otherwise we’ll be reading. Oh, and Smudge says have Al or Newt stalk Rachel in the dark,like a cat would.

  15. As if I didn’t already want it before, this seals it: I want your job. Lay in bed and daydream about Trent?

    I’ll have what she’s having.

    I’m intrigued by this wicked thing you want to do, and I hope it comes to fruition! (I mean, as long as it’s not something like killing Trent off. Obviously). I’m starting to plot out my story– I’m doing NaNo for the first time, and while I’m really excited about finally putting my idea to type, I’m also pretty nervous about it. But hey, might as well take that leap!

    Happy Tuesday, Kim!

    • -grin- Ah, but then there’s the work involved after the daydreaming.

      I decided against the wicked thing. It involved a few deaths, and it just didn’t feel right.

  16. Wicked and Trent, what an excellent combination! Sounds like the best use of the snooze button EVER. 🙂

  17. That is so weird, I daydreamed about Trent to. Wait a minute is that drool. LOL Seriously, Love Trent.

  18. Diva

    Ah the snooze button. The evil invention that allows me to delude myself into thinking that I’m sneaking in more sleep.

    Can’t blame you one bit though for daydreaming about Trent. There are worse ways to pass the time. 😉 I’m curious though. This wicked thing you want to do, is it something that is going to be done TO Trent or something that he will do? Or is not Trent-related at all? Can’t wait to read it, whatever it is.

    We finally got a bit of rain in my part of Texas. Nothing major but hope springs eternal.

    Cool song!

  19. I agree with Tim, my own desk at home is a mess but funnily enough I know where to find everything. Whenever my mom visits us and tries to organize we find ourselves “lost”.

    And where would we be without dreaming…

    On a different note I’d love if Rachel were to explore more her relationship with Trent, maybe developing more of it… *sighs hopefully* but now I’m rambling!

    Love the song!

  20. Looooved reading your post this morning! I’m sure any story that leads to more Trent will make me uber happy. And I love the song! Totally downloading it later. Val-OH

    • Actually, Val, it wasn’t all Trent goodness, so I decided against it. Ah well. It did lead to some honest to good Trent goodness that I will get into the pages at some point.

  21. Tim Collins

    A organized desk is a sign of a deranged mind.

    “Sherlock Homes desk was so cluttered he knew exactly where everything was by the depth of dust on his piles of paperwork.” (I think a “put upon” neatnik Watson was having a bit of fun with Homes with that quote.)


    Question. If Rachel and Trent had babies. What the heck would they be? Heinz 51?

    Yours in Space and Time.


    • If an organized desk is a sign of a deranged mind, you might want to call the authorities. My desk is usually very well organized. But clutter is what I need to put everything together. It all works. 😉