Manic Monday charm bracelets (at noon)

Bracelets are gone!  Thank you, Guys!  Guy is contacting the winners right now, so if you don’t hear from him by the end of today, you are on a waiting list for the non-payments.  We do have some loose charms left over, so we’ll be combining them up at some point and offering them to you.  As promised, we are clearing out Guy’s shelves as we prepare to shut down Vampiric Charms.  This week, we have turned our eye to the charm bracelets.  The bracelet comes with Rachel’s original star, moon, clover, and heart.  It also has a burning bunny charm, Al’s blue butterfly, a tomato, bloody hand print, and Ivy’s wish coin.

Guy will begin taking orders for these at noon today, EST.  (Don’t email him now.  Wait for noon.)  One set per person, please.  The cost covers the shipping and handling.  USA shipments will take two weeks from when we ship, International will be a bit longer.

Shipping and Handling is $15.50 in the US, $17.50 outside.  We can’t ship to Germany as they get hung up in customs  To make this as painless as possible for Guy, we are taking Pay Pal only.  Unfortunately we can’t combine any other merchandise in with this, but you will get a collector card that is promoting both THE HOLLOWS INSIDER and A PERFECT BLOOD (It’s got the cover on it.  Bea-u-tiful!)  They will be coming parcel post.

If you are interested, at noon, EST today, (no earlier) send an email to Guy at with the words charms in the subject line.  If you are among the first forty, he will send you an invoice for shipping, so please include your shipping address in your initial email.  If you do not include your shipping address in the initial email, he can not ship you your charms, and your order will not be acted on.  PayPal doesn’t always put the address in, and it’s frustrating.  We don’t do anything with your address but ship you your charms.  We don’t have the time to do anything wicked, and I hate it when people sell mine, so . . .

These will not go as fast as the manic monday books, (I’m thinking the window will be a few hours) and as usual, I’ll update this post when they are gone to help avoid confusion.  If you miss out, I’ll be having more shipping and handling give aways.  We also still have the Pale Demon Freebies available for the price of two stamps, which are also going out with the Pale Demon, Hollows Insider collector card.

If you by chance are on the waiting list for the mug give-away, check your spam folder tomorrow.  We have had a few non-payments, and Guy is going down the line in order.


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38 responses to “Manic Monday charm bracelets (at noon)

  1. Howdy ma’am,

    I need some of those left over charms. I never did get all of them. 🙂

    I see we now have a Manic Monday theme song. I woke up way too early today.


  2. Hey Kim,
    just wanted to let you know that has a cover for the A Perfect Blood – paperback. When will we get to see the “real” cover??
    Also, so happy I already have my complete charm bracelet. Will you still produce new charms for it?

    • Ooooo! That might be the cover, Amy. You never know.

      We’re not going to be making any new charms, no. Sorry. I do have the two we talked about set aside for you. 🙂

  3. Arrg…I work overnights so I always miss these things. I’m so bummed. Is there anyway to still get a burning bunny?

  4. Gwen

    Is there any way to get on the waiting list for mugs still?

  5. NickinColoma

    Hey Kim– I work Mondays so I miss most of these giveaways 😦 Oh well. Look forward to the Insider and see you on the 25th of October in Lansing. Enjoy the sunshine this week. NickinColoma

  6. I so badly want a charm bracelet! Grats to any and all that got em today!

    Have a “funday” today Kim 🙂

  7. I missed it. *sigh*

    Is there any chance to get those charms still?

  8. Arrgh! Missed me opportunity ta capture some Vampiric booty, drat the lot! T’was busy, t’was I, writin’ me a pirate-y ballad about this famous day, “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”.

    If yeh don’t believe me, then yeh be a scurvy dog. Avast! Thar be a village ta pillage this sunny day.

  9. Melissa

    Oh I bet Guy’s email blew up at 12:00! I will be obsessively checking my email for the rest of the day! lol

  10. That was fast! I sent my email at 12 sharp! however I haven’t been contacted yet, I hope I was fast enough… I wonder how many emails he got at the same time…

  11. Got mine in 2 minuted after noon EST.. hope I was quick enough!

  12. Amber

    I’ve never used paypal, can someone explain the process? Will i get an e-mail back prompting me to make a payment? sorry, lol

  13. This sounds great, now i´m just trying to work out what noon EST means in Sweden O.o Hopefully i´ll get it right.. . I think i´ve got 3,5 hours to write my email =)
    *keeping my fingers crossed*

    best wishes, Linda

  14. Nancy H

    HI Kim,

    I think I know what Santa is getting me for Christmas…I have been a very good girl! 🙂 Hopefully I am in the first 40!

    Thank you Kim for these great Manic Mondays!

  15. Hey Kim!

    Tinkerbell’s panties! Thanks, this s&h giveaway sounds great! I’ll make sure to email Guy but I was wondering… any chances on getting the Pale Demon Freebies (International) If so. How do I get one?


  16. Catie Muller

    Are you able to ship to APOs? I’d stay up until 2 to e-mail him 🙂

  17. I’m liking this. Hey, the Shakespringerean Fairy litter made it into the world. After the Pixies last year, we decided on sharp toothed little warriors.