Good Day

Had a great day at the desk yesterday, though the page count movement doesn’t really show it yet.  I managed to push through the chapter I’d been snagged on, but in the doing, I cannibalized from a chapter about four chapters up.  (Yay)  It had always felt to me that the two of them were doing the same thing, and bringing them together feels very solid.  Today should be easy-peasy as I’m working with two chapters that will not change much apart from the emotion.  (of which I will be an emotional wreck by the end of the day and will need some garden time to shake it off properly.)

I should be able to get into the half-eaten chapter as well.  It needs a new beginning, and I’ve got a perfect idea, one that will help me get rid of the gun on the mantel left over from the previous book. (As in if there is a gun on the mantel in the first act, you’d better shoot it in the second.) It will also open up a new avenue of trouble between Rachel and the demons, and a path of understanding between Rachel and Trent, and maybe Al.  All in about five pages–because I moved something forward where it belonged in the first place and made an opening of opportunity.

Wish me luck.  I’m not sure it’s actually going to fall in place the way I see it.  -laugh-

Rain here, but I got the last of the year’s grass seed down just as it started.  That’s a good sign.  Slowly but surely, I’m getting my yard back from large summer projects.  Now that I think about it, my yard is undergoing a rewrite and we’re just getting out of the ugly, scattered, messy stage where everything has been torn up and raw earth exposed.  Gotta get it buttoned down before it snows . . .


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  1. Thank you *so* much for posting the day-to-day details of your writing process. They both inspire and reassure–and let me think maybe I wasn’t flailing quite as madly as I thought when I worked on (and reworked and reworked again) my first manuscript. And now that it’s time for me to jump off the cliff and into the scary unknown of its sequel…well, thanks to your recent posts, the self-sabotaging tide of procrastination has begun to turn.

    All the “so, you want to be a writer” books and classes in the world can describe the ingredients of a great story and go into detail on technique, but what about the *really* hard part–the work itself? Even answers given in interviews are doomed to fall short; there just aren’t enough pages in a writing manual or minutes in a conversation to cover the nitty gritty, behind-the-scenes truth.

    I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate your taking these *many* moments away from your writing and your life to give us all a glimpse of that truth. (And, of course, good luck tomorrow!)

    • Thank you, RA! I’m actually very glad that you spoke up because I never know if I’m talking to myself or if anyone is actually taking anything away from my ramblings.

      It is a weird, frustrating job, and knowing that professionals are going through the same steps-of-craft that as-yet-unpublished writers are is something that needs to be said.

      Good luck with your sequel. 🙂

  2. Lesley

    Gardening, huh? I always wonder how you keep the dreadful emotions out of your daily life. I’m writing a romance,and I just got to the “girl loses boy” part (it was a really bad, angsty series of scenes). I was such a wreck that I had to put it aside for awhile because it was affecting everything else!

    I’ve found Kung Fu helps. 🙂 Particularly all the punching of stuff.

    • Hi Lesley. I can see how that would help. I really pity the spouse that doesn’t realize we carry the emotions we’ve been using all day with us for a few hours until we can shake them off.

  3. Emotional scene ending in gardening.

    I’m frightened now.

    I’m also very excited… and have to go back to class… sad.

    • Hi Stephenie. Yep. Didn’t quite get it done yesterday, but the track is laid out. I’m glad it’s Friday so I can set this down for a few days and think about the next handful of chapters.

  4. Victoria Eskey

    I love it!! So excited to hear about your work on book yet-to-be-named. I love to hear about your process.
    On a very similar topic, I have 2 very, very ugly, very much unfinished novelettes from my 2 NaNoWriMo sessions. That I keep toying with. I have entire scenes that I hadn’t imagined when I first started typing that I want to add in, and certain passages that I stuck in initially that really don’t make much sense to the story as a whole. Is it okay to re-write and practically end up with a new story?

    • jkh

      Well, of course, Victoria! You might try starting with a quick outline of what’s happening in each of the chapters (if you have them broken into chapters). That will show you the flow of action and whether some areas need to be boosted or broken down. I’ve been trying that with my original novella, and discovered a HUGE need to pace, fill, edit, etc. I think I’m gonna end up with a trilogy…

    • It sure is, Victoria. A PERFECT BLOOD underwent a massive editorial rewrite, and I’m making huge changes in my current work. Until you push back and say “I can’t make this any better at this time.” then you can do whatever you want.

  5. ~Good Luck Kim!~
    As for me, I’m gonna go play some more pinball. I need it to relieve some stress. I’m glad you liked the “Dr. Who” pic I posted a bit back on your FB. That,.. Super Mario & Medevial Madness are gonna be getting a lot of my quarters tonight..
    One month and 10 days. That’s right, countdown has begun! 🙂

  6. jamie from Nashville

    Hey, from Nashville! I just wanted to check in and catch up on how things are going. Best of luck on cranking out the new pages! Can’t wait for the next book to hit the shelves…worried for Rachel and the gang on how Al is going to react to the surprises in store for him…

    Hope to catch you on the next book tour! Big hugs…

  7. James R. Fox

    Hi Val-Its Jim from Warren.You should see what the trained chimpanzees did to Charlane Harris’s latest Sookie Stackhouse novel.Amazonhas a whole page of complaints.That’s why I say things will never be right untill Ms. Kim lets Alex and Zander have a little chat with Jeff baby out in the parking lot.

  8. Good grief! Your teasers are bittersweet! And I hope your gardening washes away any somber feeling you might get today… Just remember it could always be worse.

    This author released this ibook with like the worst typo EVER. The poor woman. “He stiffened for a moment but then she felt his muscles loosen as he s__tted on the ground.” It was supposed to say shifted and I think we all know the word that was there instead. That has to be a authors worst nightmare come to life! And I could have sworn in PD Rachel took her shoes off twice while she was in Daliance with Al.. Val-OH

  9. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim, Its Jim from warren.So glad you are making progress even though we won’t see it untill 2013.I thought I’d throw that in to be sadistic,since I am dancing up and down waiting for the Hollows Insider, and for a Perfect Blood and POSTERS!.I have to suffer,everone has to suffer.

  10. twiser

    Are you going to put all your anthologies into one book or put (just your stories) into ebooks to buy?

  11. “A path of understanding between Rachel and Trent…”

    No chance that this path is the one where they understand it’d be a good idea for them both to take their clothes off? And, you know, do other things? 😀

    Our birds keep eating our grass seed. The nuthatches that took up residence when our figs were ripe have moved on to eating the seed… doubt we’ll get it done before it’s too late.

    • jkh

      Scatter some finely sifted compost over your bare seed, and water in well. Poke a few little stakes with attached fluttery strips of plastic or mylar tape into the areas, randomly. That should keep the little darlings intimidated

    • We’ll give that a try! Thanks for the tip!

      While we’re at it, any advice to keep the squirrels from eating our pumpkin plant? 🙂

    • jkh

      Fox or coyote urine, dip a few twigs in it and poke the other end into the ground around the plants you want to protect…

    • Virginia, you made me smile! Thank you. I’m kicking things around in my head. We’ll see . . .

  12. Tim Collins

    Dear Kim, Looks like you made some major progress. That you whipped out “oscar’s” razor and cut and slashed the deadwood right off those Pages! I’m sure it was the right move, besides earlier cutting out “Morris the exsplainer…” (If they don’t know by now, I’m not going to “exsplain” it!)
    We did not get any rain though my evening class were looking at their I-Phones in panic wanting to end classa early due to the Enormous storm that was heading our way. I told them that there was NO WAY rain was coming since my Faith Weather Hand just felt fine. (I even showed them by wiggling my fingers….) Sure enough even though the wind blew and lighting lit up the sky on my long drive home not a DROP of rain fell.
    So… being able to predict the waeth…QUESTION: Is that magic, a superpower, or a mystery of life…

    Yours in Rain and Time,


    • jkh

      Tim, it has more to do with baro pressure and its effect on arthritic joints…Not exactly magic, but then magic is the rationale for something we don’t understand fully.

    • It’s moving slowly forward in a direction that I like. Sometimes, it is feeling like I’m rewriting the entire friggin book, but it feels good when I push back at the end of the day, so I’ll keep doing it.

  13. I love/hate the teasers. Almost time to start the re-reads in anticipation of Feb. It wasn’t until I was older that I actually started to believe my Mom when she said working in the garden and cleaning the house are only partly about having an orderly yard and home. It helps clean out my head and heart too. I like how the ground . . . grounds me.

    • That’s it exactly, Robin. I know Guy is tired of helping me bring plants home to put in the ground every weekend, but he knows it stabilizes me. If you don’t have balance . . . your timing sucks. -laugh-

  14. Diva

    I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten past whatever had you snagged. I knew you would. 🙂

    A new avenue of understanding b/t Trent and Rachel. I thought they had reached that point already in Pale Demon.
    I’m a little sad to hear that Rachel hasn’t made much of a committment to being a godmother to Lucy. She had seemed really taken with the little girl elf in PD. That was all part and parcel to Rachel having a say in the future of the elven race, I thought. But I’m sure Rachel has her reasons.

    Rain, huh? We’d kill for some rain down here. I think Texas is about ready to dry up and blow away. And the news that El Nina is back doesn’t bode well. Not at all. 😦

    • Hi Diva. Oh, Rachel is warming up to the girls. It’s not that she doesn’t want to take part in their lives, it’s that her life doesn’t allow it much, and Trent is holding her at arm’s length a bit as he figures things out. He has a lot to deal with right now, being a parent unexpectedly.

      I hope you get a soft, gentle rain that doesn’t do any damage.

  15. SiSi

    Hi Kim,

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while now, so thought I’d finally post a comment to thank you for the Hollows books. I love them! I also like getting the behind-the-scenes look at your writing process. You’ve been describing your chapter by chapter revision, and I was wondering if you are tempted to jump ahead–for example, to write out the extra material for the “cannibalized” chapter before finishing the rewrite of the other two chapters?

    • Thank you, SiSi! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the books and the drama box.

      Am I tempted to jump ahead? OMGosh, no! Never and no-how. I have a hard enough time keeping the emotional flow straight as it is, and that would mess me up big time.

      I do know other authors write like that, enjoying the feeling of knowing exactly what they are writing toward. There is no wrong way to write except to not write at all. Find what works for you! And good luck!

  16. I have no doubt that your neighbors are extremely happy that you moved in and brought an old house back to life, and now you’re making the yard a showplace too! The only problem is now you’ve raised the bar pretty high for them.

    • I’m not so sure right now if they appreciate it or not. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the yard, but it bothers me when I am relying on someone else to finish the friggin project so I can repair the damage being done to the grounds. (sigh) I’m a little frustrated right now with my contractors . . . It’s a case of their deadline being before the snow flies, and my deadline being before the ground temp is too low to germinate grass.

  17. Jenn

    *As Kim walks out back from her office, she saw the new little table sitting beside the door. After studying the lines for a minute, she decided she liked it. Resting on the top of it were her favorite garden gloves, a trowel, some snazzy new sunglasses and a glass of sweet iced tea. Oh, and the box of tissues. Noticing the note, she picked it up and read “Rough day in the Hollows? Enjoy some dirt time.”*