wash, rinse, repete

It’s going to be one of those weeks where you just keep pushing forward.  At least, I hope it is.  I’ve got a lot to get done by the end of the month.  Seriously, I don’t have much to say this morning since it’s same old, same old right now.  I went to bed thinking of the chapter I have to work through today, and I woke up thinking about it, but unless something happened in my subconscious in the middle, I don’t have anything new to bring to my computer this A.M.  We’ll see in about an hour.  That’s the thing about the subconscious–it’s, ah, subconscious.

Trent, you annoy me so.


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  1. jkh

    Trent is a daddy; Quen is a daddy. I’d love to hear them exchanging baby stories.

  2. Cyn

    Hello Ms. Kim,

    I’ve been a silent lurker on the site for a year now. Love all the posts and comments! I fell in love with the Hollows series and now impatiently await the next book *sigh*.

    On the Trent subject…had a feeling he might turn out to be someone perfect for Rach, she’s been droing over him since book one. As the others have said, it’ll work itself out! Can’t wait to see how she handles being a Godparent!

    Let the magic flow!


    • Hi Cyn. That’s what I’m hoping to find out, but Rachel isn’t making much of a commitment. She’s trying to be smart about this, and Trent’s not very demonstrative. I’m proud of her.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! They are too much fun to write.

  3. Trent.. Trent.. Trent. What a pest. Lurking around. Causing trouble. Being eye candy. He is distracting I tell you! A total nuisance.. and yet, I yearn to know more from him. Which IS annoying on top of his annoyance. HA! Double trouble.

    I hope more comes to you. I’m certain it will. I’m imagining a light bulb turning on right above your noggin as I type. 🙂

  4. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Its Jim from Warren. You know, bet people don’t know what a tea cosy is either.The late great Ewart Oakshott once remarked that a type of Medieval sword pommel was shaped like a tea cosy,and never heard the end of it.(He was the world’s greatest authority on European Medieval swerds) Congratulations on your subonscious minding its own business.Mine’s full to overflowing with (Scarey voice here)weird Ideas, like having Ivy agree to be Rachel’s scion,and they ride off into the sunset,Rachel clutching a babyfood jar(bloodbeets,naturally) to save Ivy’s soul in. Hey I warned you,my subbie sometimes starts frothing at the mouth before I can shut it up.

    • You’re probably right, Jim, about the tea cosy. Who has time to make a pot of tea and enjoy it long enough that it might get cold?

      Okay, you made me laugh this morning. I’m picturing it, too. 🙂

  5. Diva

    Ah, Trent. He certainly has a way about him doesn’t he? I’ve loved the teases at his deeper layers since book one. You took what could have been a one note character and made him into so much more. I have every confidence that you’ll figure out whatever has you stumped.

    But if there’s one thing Trent has learned from Rachel (other than trying to be more than he is and believing in the 11%) it’s that sometimes you just have to yield. To quote the elf himself:

    “That’s exactly what I’m going to do, Oliver. And if you were smart, you’d back off and give her everything she wants.” ~BMS


    • It’s starting to come together, Diva. I do so like the process of tearing things up and putting them together a new way.

      I like the quote. Mmmmm, must remember that one.

  6. Trent has his own agenda (doesn’t he always?) and, like Rachel, you’re going to have to find a way around it. You will. Meanwhile, study the fire’s light, let the warmth envelop you as you sip a hot chocolate filled with marshmallows. Put on your favorite wool sweater and take a sunset walk. The story is there; it needs a little coaxing is all.

    • Trent’s agenda has really closed in on him in these last few books. The guy is in trouble. He hadn’t expected to be in this position so fast.

      Mmmm, hot chocolate. I think I’ve got enough milk for that. . .

  7. Sara

    *snicker* It’s the annoying ones that always seem to stick in the brain and worm their way in to your heart with charm and sass. Bastards. Who do they think they are??

    *sigh of contentment* A fire sounds wonderful! I envy you an indoor fire place! I haven’t lived in a place with a useable one in soooo long. Well, we’ve got two fire pits outside so…that almost makes up for it. Enjoy your chilly air! It’s perfect for warm beverages and long sleeves!

    • OMGosh, yes, Sara. It’s always the annoying ones.

      I’ve had a working fireplace for most of my life, but until recently, I’d not had the pleasure of a wood fireplace. I will give up a lot for the sound, smell, and the need to tend a fire. Which reminds me. I don’t think I’ve got enough wood for the winter . . .

  8. Antonio

    Annoying. You said it, sister. I’d hold up a hand for a high-five, but I have a feeling you’d leave me hanging.(grin) LOVE the character, dislike the dude. He’s an ‘ends-justify-the-means’ kind of person and I’m not. That’s why I love Rachel–she’s not either. She’s my moral baseline in the series, although her acceptance of all the manipulation and carnage wrought by Trent’s decisions/actions in Pale Demon has me wondering. Still, you can’t get a spark without striking two sharp, hard objects against each other and that’s why I love the interaction between Rachel and Trent. I just hope I don’t end up being annoyed by Rachel as well after loving her for so long… 😎

  9. And as I read “Trent, you annoy me so” I can see my version of him in my head with a ghost of a smile smirking at the corner of his mouth and a twinkle in his eye. I think being annoying is sometimes a source of amusement for him. I will now spend the next few minutes before it gets busy work thinking about Trent being annoying. Thanks for a great way to start the day Miss Kim. 😉

  10. Maryellen

    Trent annoys me too, Miss Kim. Frustrating and handsome little Elf. How dare he make me love him so! :/

    Hang in there. 🙂