weird day

I had a weird day yesterday, getting a very late start but managing to tie off a lot of ends, ends that hadn’t been hanging around very long, but did tend to . . . clutter things up.  It started with working on the website to begin setting up for the HOLLOWS INSIDER release coming up, fitted in there was laundry, (which did not get done on the weekend for some reason,) a chat out on my lawn with the city about the trees in the street lawn. Back to my desk to go through the lined pages of the next graphic novel, (Which looks majorly cool, by the way.) mailing a few things out that had been fermenting too long, settling a few dates for the mini-tour, and then even got to some honest to goodness work on the rewrite, backtracking to fix something that spanned two chapters and made my transitions better, not to mention answered a few logic questions. This is why I like rewrites.  It’s the only time I let myself go back and fix things now.  Filed a few things to find the top of my cabinet.  Capped the day off with dinner out with my folks to celebrate their wedding anniversary and my dad’s birthday.  (He is a smart man, my dad, getting married on his birthday.  I keep forgetting mine . . . )

So, a lot of weird things in one day, which makes me itchy to push forward today into new/old material.  That big character shift I mentioned a week back is going well, and I’m glad I got brave and cut and slashed what didn’t work anymore, much as I hated to lose it, to make room for new things I hadn’t thought of yet.  Those new things are starting to materialize, and it feels more solid and not so complex  you need a playbook to follow the action.

I am so ready to put some good butt-in-chair time.  It doesn’t hurt that all the windows are open and I have a new tree to look at outside my window.  It was just what my office garden needed.  I got Chill on my Sirius this a.m. and as long as they keep the vocals out of it, the beat will keep my fingers moving.  Me at my desk, puppies content in their beds, Mr. Fish occupied watching Mrs. Egg Cover.  -grin-  He has come a long way from the pale, almost-dead fish I bought last year.  It’s going to be a good day.


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  1. Happy Anni to your parents! And also, Happy Birthday to your Dad! And.. Happy ‘its gonna be a good day’ to you Kim!

    Unfortunately, my family has a lot of divorce.. so, I’m always eager to know of more lasting relationships out there! w00t! ❤

    Interested but clueless on the pic..

    • Thank you, Lynn. We’ve been fortunate on both sides of the family to have a history of long marriages.

      That is an egg cover. Very British. A reader made it for me. 🙂

  2. jkh

    Anniversary remembrance, even birthdays, is something our family is not heavily endowed with. No biggie, we all roll with it. So my daughter hooks up with a guy who REMEMBERS THE DAY/EVENING THEY MET, and their proposal date (that’s easy, Christmas Day), and their wedding anniversary (Friday the 13th of March 2009). I’m impressed!

    OK, the point of Mrs Egg Thingy is…to fascinate Mr Fish? Or??? But it’s cute 🙂

    • I tend to remember a week or two before, then forget on the day. It has become enough of a joke that my mom will call and remind me. I do remember Guy’s and my first-date anniversary. That one I wait for every year.

      It’s a Mr. Fish fascinator. And it will keep your eggs warm, too.

  3. Kim did you knit the fuzzy bird thing? It looks pretty big in the photo, is it?

  4. Diva

    Hi Kim,

    I hate to sound stupid (since I am apparently looking at a picture of one) but what is an egg cover?

    I am atrocious with dates. My husband used to think his was the only birthday I couldn’t remember but now he knows I’m just an equal opportunity forgetter. As for our anniversary, all I remember is that it’s in June. I have a son who has a birthday the day before mine so I always tell him that he doesn’t have any reason to ever forget his ol’ mom’s birthday and that it’ll be his job to remind his brothers and sisters.

  5. Sara

    I just had coffee out of my brand-spanking new “Outlaw Demon Wails” mug. Yes!! Was out of town over the weekend and came home to a box sittin’ pretty on my front porch.

    Ugh…we have this one last day (hopefully) of 100 and things should be beautiful again like they were last week. Fall is in the air, we can all smell it, it’s just not totally there yet.

    I never remember anniversaries either. *rolleyes* It’s less important I guess when you’re really close and already do nice stuff together and for each other on a daily basis. Sometimes, though, if we remember we’ll use it as an excuse to eat out or bugger off of work or something. :p

    The promo card for the next Hollow’s novel is killing me with the date next year. I want it now, damnit! It’s “outside reading weather”!

    • Whoo-hoo, Sara! I’m so glad you got it safely. We had one go missing, and one break.

      We are definitely getting cold up here. Windows shut last night, and I needed a coat to take the dogs out. Brrr. No complaints, though. I will be able to light a fire soon and really appreciate it!

  6. Gwen

    My spouse and I often forget how long we have been together as well, my sister keeps reminding us.I know the answer is probably obvious but what is an egg cover for? And will there be any mugs made anymore even though the site is cupoots?

    • Guy remembers better than me, but I have to do some addition when anyone asks me how old I am, too, so there it is.

      It’s to keep your three-minute egg warm until you’re ready to eat it. Isn’t it cool?

      Mugs . . . Yes, we will do special edition mugs like always, making them available for an extended time through my website and drama box.

  7. Antonio

    That’s an egg cover? I didn’t know what i was looking at. I thought it was a cactus of some sort. Freaky.

    Anyhoo. Speaking of weird. Have you seen these commercials DirectTV have been airing lately? They star former football great Deion Sanders as a Pixy. Is this what you are imagining as the approximate size for Jenks as well as the correct wings? 😎

    • Hi Antonio, I was thinking the same thing when I saw these commercials. His wings look perfect (IMHO). I think he also has the same attitude as Jenks 😉 Maybe one of the ad people read the Hollows series.

    • It’s British, Antonio. I’d never seen one before, either, but it makes a lot of sense.

      Yep. I’ve seen these, and I like the way he fits into the picture. Jenks’s wings are pretty close to that, but he, of course, would look more like a cast member of a dance troupe then a football player, and he’d fly much faster. Dress flasher. Mmmm Jenks. . . He gets all the good lines.

  8. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Wow I’m truely honored to correspond with someone who got 5 Whole Dollars for an allowance.I got a quarter, for which I mowed the yard,’Course that was 1947,when I could go to the all day movie for .15 and get a pint of root beer for a nickle.Remember the local A&W Root beer stands?

    • James I grew up on Air Force bases and I’m old enough to remember paying .15 to see movies in the early sixties.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Marsha-Its jim from Warren.Wow,I got ripped off.Coures,by the early sixties I was in college and married the first time,and a father. I just hope you remember your sixties music, they don’t do music like Marvin Gaye and Tammy Turrell,or Janis,or the Doors,the younger generation has whimped out. I course I remember running home from school to watch the radio,T.V. hadn’t been commercially invented yet(Remember Einstien invented T.V. ,and is thus responsible for the Kardashians!)

    • -grin- Remember A&W stands? I still have one within driving distance. A real one, not one of those fake new ones. Ahhh, it feels good to be home.

  9. Tim Collins

    Huummm… So THAT’s why The Wife picked her wedding to land on her birthday. Also, that it was the last birthday she was still in her 20’s.

    “Why YES! I got married in my 20’s.” grinned Scarlet.

    29.9999999 years old. Heh.


    No killer robots, no steam punk….no burning rabbit to pull from your hat….for the Grand finale… How about a reboot. Rachel goes back in time and deep 6’s the killer tomato?
    Just an idea…

    Well, a question is in order. What the heck is that fuzzy thing on your table? Looks like something that is growing under my bed since I got 2 cats… God Bless ya. Tim

  10. Howdy ma’am,

    You can’t remember your birthday because you have 2. You have one for Kim and one for Dawn. 🙂

    Today is my sister’s birthday. She was actually born on a Friday.. I sent her some flowers. Usually I buy something more permanent than cut flowers but she is moving here this weekend and she doesn’t need another thing to pack.

    Looking forward to the insider. It looks like it’s going to be really special.


    • Oh, you should see my closet, Vampy. Kim has half of it, I’ve got half of it. I’d be ticked that she’s hogging all the space, but she does let me wear her stuff occasionally.

  11. hey kim
    that is so cool you got mrs egg cover!!did you like the tomato tea pot cover??thought you would like it with being into crafts.
    iam chuffed it arrived safe,enjoy
    becca and pack

  12. Hey Kim! It’s Greg. I know I’ve been gone a few weeks. School started, and I got buried in work… again. One day I’ll come back and say I got buried in writing. 🙂 That will come, I know, but not yet.

    Hey, I wanted to buy my wife something for her birthday, but I couldn’t get to the Vampiric Charms website. I get a message that the site cannot be found. Did I miss something?

    Anniversaries are fun. One thing my wife and I share is a love for Halloween. It’s our favorite holiday. So we got married on Halloween! With kids, it makes for fun juggling trick or treating with anniversary celebrations.

    Last year I took the family to Cedar Point for their Halloweekends event as my anniversary present to my wife. We’re making it a tradition now. 🙂

    • Oh wow Greg my husband and I wanted to get married on Halloween too. However that would have meant getting married on a Wednesday that year so it didn’t end up working out.

      I was bummed when I noticed Vampiric Charms was down 😦

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Greg-Its jim from Warren.You missed the notice in June or July that Ms. Kim and Guy closed the site,I forget why. You gotta sacrifice usless time, like eating and bathroom breaks too,and keep up with the Important stuffs.

    • Hi Greg. It is officially shut down, but you can still contact Guy if you have an outstanding order. We are running S&H specials on Mondays to get rid of what we have left. Next week, we should have charms and bracelets to move out.

  13. Tracey

    I got married on my dad’s birthday so I’d remember the date. Much to my husband’s amusement, I’ve never figured out how to remember how long I’ve been married though. Does your dad have a trick for that?

    • Hi Tracey. I have to add it up whenever anyone asks me, too. It’s not that I think it’s unimportant, but it doesn’t impact my day-to-day decisions, so I just let it go. shrug. My dad seems to be the same way. 🙂