Busy, busy . . .

Sorry for posting so late this morning.  I got caught up in updating the website, and . . . you know. . .  -grin-  I’ve got some touring news for you which is kind of cool.  Friday I mentioned going to Comic Con NY, but they added a few spots in MI to round it out, so if you are near Lansing or Ann Arbor, our paths might have a chance on crossing.  (Whoo-hoo!)  Details are at the Events page.

I also updated the Hollows Insider page, but I think you’ve seen everything, there, and the front page is new too.  Busy, busy!



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  1. I’m so excited! I will definitely be at either the Lansing or Ann Arbor signing (most likely the Ann Arbor one). Can’t wait for the release!

  2. Okay… I’ve got a four day pass to NYCC and wish I could do the MI run because my gal pal Missy Caulk lives in Ann Arbor and that would have been a really cool, fun ActiveRain pajama party. 😉

    I like hanging out with my virtual and brick-n-mortar peeps so I am really looking forward to seeing you again, Kim. I didn’t know which panels you were going to be on so I figured covering all four days would be best (silly happy grin).

    On Thursday, October 13th the “Professional Panels” from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm have a Show Floor restriction: it is only open to Press, Professionals, VIPs and fans that purchase a 4 Day Pass. I figure if I’m gonna get my fangirl on I might as well start lurking on Thursday after 4 to see what is up (LOL).

    Now we are all chasing each other across social media accounts telling peeps to upgrade to the 4 Day Pass because of the potential blog bragging rights to collecting/posting exclusive eye candy of our fave writers (and to get in on the stealth concert they’re cooking up). I may need to buy extra batteries for my cameras because Book Club is going to be a hilarious bit of live chaos. I will be uploading like a fiend and chasing KH posters (and anything else you guys cook up – happy sigh).

    I’ve been in Maryland since last Thursday having an extended AR sleepover while writing my butt off. Pssst… My NYC peeps are a wee bit peeved at me for cutting out on them so we are Skyping Book Club tonight (LOL). The “undie wars” are still in progress and the jokes are flying fast and furious over here because my fave girls were looking forward to torturing me with makeovers but I ran off to visit my MD blogging buddies and create YouTubes (LOL).

    Rumor has it I have to pick a home to go to eventually so on that note I gotta get back to work playfully pimping books and creating more music to tease people (then flee to SC and mess with my mother – wicked little grin).

    May your Monday be marvelous! Will leave you a link to that monster blog draft about to go live when I finish your YouTube. I have to finish animating floating titles and the rest of your book covers for the Club Chaos review and NYCC shout out.

    Enjoy your day, Lovely! May it be gorgeous, productive and more fun than mine (LOL). 😉

  3. Can I just say how very excited I am to see my photo in print, as I’m sure all the contest winners are 😀 The book itself is going to be amazing and I know I’m not the only one that is very glad you pushed to get this project to print!
    I’d say hurry up October but I still have to start, and finish, sewing my Halloween costume.

  4. Nicola’s is a wonderful independent bookstore on the west side of Ann Arbor. So excited you are in my backyard. Now if work and life will only cooperate!

    • I’ve never been there, Sherri, but I think it’s where Little Professor used to be. I remember sitting on the floor in the SF/fantasy section, trying to stretch my five-dollar allowance around two books before I went next door to the library to get six more for the week.

  5. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim Its Jim from Warren, The rain seems to have stoped,so I’m hoping for my walk today.I forgot to say I see lots of ducks and geese from the reseroir,now that they are migrating.A herd of geese honking in your ear at close range(They sometimes sit in my yard) can Really stir up your instincts.

  6. Awesome that you’re finally in my home state, but 😦 that I can’t get to NYC (about 90 miles away) and, you know, I have to work. Have fun, Kim! My best to you and Guy.

  7. So Excited!!! A friend and I are going to take a day trip out to NYC from Providence for the last day of ComicCom. You, Briggs and Frost all together on a panel…how could I pass it up!!!!

  8. Oohh….I’m not familiar with Nicola’s. Perfect. I just picked up two Madison Avery novels too. *grin*