NY Comic Con Oct 14-16

Yep!  I’m going!  Surprised?  Yep, me too.  -grin-  But I am a publicity whor- ah, hog, and when my publicist whispered in my ear, I turned like a flower to the sun.  Seriously, I had no plans, but when someone said something about possibly having a ticketed, pre-sale of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER at the Harper booth, it was a no-brainer.  Yes.  Yes I will come.  (Just a guess, but I think they might have some more posters, too.)

For those of you New Yorkers, Comic Con runs October 14th-16th.  They still have tickets when I checked.  I’m on a couple of panels, and as soon as I know when the ticketed event is, I’ll post again:

Friday, October 14 :  Room #:1A15  :  8:45PM – 9:45PM  :  Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs,  Anton Strout and Edward Lazellari,  Rachel Caine , Christina Henry, Duane Swierczynski.

WE’RE NO ANGELS: The Leading Ladies of SF/F
Sunday, October 16  :  2:30pm-3:30pm  :  Room 1A23  : Patricia Briggs; Alison Goodman, Kim Harrison; Jeaniene Frost; Marjorie M. Liu, Sabrina Benulis and Kristen Painter.

Hope to see some of you there!  I can’t wait to see THE HOLLOWS INSIDER in someone’s hands.

As for me?  I think we’re going to see some sun today.  I hope so.  I need to get out on my bike bad so I can get a solid, exhaustive night’s sleep.  And then there’s that rock wall that needs rebuilding.  And two plants that didn’t get in the ground before the rains started.  And the website needs updating.  And a meet this weekend.  Good thing I made chili.  🙂  I do believe my weekend just filled up, but I’m ready for it.  I’ve got some thinking I need to do on the next couple of chapters I have to switch over.

Best thing this morning?  I heard the sandhill cranes croaking.  THAT is a sound that can pull you back to your instincts.  They were all but extinct from this area when I was growing up, and knowing the balance is better now than it was thirty years ago is a very, very good feeling.  Mmmm, Guy knows where they are gathering for their migration.  Maybe if I smile pretty he’ll take me out there. . . .

Have a great weekend!


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36 responses to “NY Comic Con Oct 14-16

  1. proudfit

    Saturday of NYcomiccon, where will you be ie the TOR booth or your own booth?

  2. Cat

    Just bought tickets for Comic Con (making the trip all the way from the great white north, aka Canada), so I’ll see you there 😀

  3. James R. Fox

    Hi.ms Kim-Its Jim from Warren-It rained all weekend,so I didn’t get my long walk,but we had other cool stuff,Saturday nite a deer came by and was grazing in my front yard while I sat on my porch after the rain.The village is only about 2 miles from a game preserve.(there are lots of wetlands around here,and Animal Charity has seen to it that the feds made them preserves, Even the Lordstown plant has one, because a flock of blue herons lives there. Also ta-ta we have Eagles living and breeding at the resevoir,which has been off limits to people for decades,but the Eagles sometimes fly over open areas looking for stupid animals)I haven’t seen Eagles yet but sunday a herd of raccoons came by after the rain hunting earthworms in my yard.Everhear a trumpiting bull raccoon? Terrifying.

  4. HOLY second chances, BATMAN! Who knows what the future holds Kim. Not sure as of yet, but lil Haverhill, MA isn’t too far off for a trip to NY. 🙂

    But.. O geez!! Like I totally see myself tongue tied, nervous & blushing.. to actually meet you in person… how freaking cool! LOL, I = major fan-girl geek-out special.

    And OMG not only the poster I SOO SOO want, (you had me at hollows & glow’n the dark) but a “ticket to win it” chance at the Hollows Insider… early?!?! Did I read that right? I’m assuming that’s what it is. HOLY CATS! That is cool 😀

  5. Please, please, please lobby to come to Dragon Con hear in Atlanta soon! It is always held on Labor Day weekend and is the largest Multi-Media convention in the Western Hemisphere!

  6. Jo Miller

    Will be in NYC the first week in October, but I will see if I can return for the 16th. WOW.

  7. Yay! I have my ticket, I shall stalk you, um… see you there 😉

  8. jkh

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, rain rarely precludes cycling. You get sweaty-wet so what’s the big deal if you get rain-wet?

    No, really, you’ve got that weekend packed already. Pace yourself, have a good one, and get a good look at the cranes if you can.

  9. Do you know when the Hollows Insider will be sold at Comic Con???

  10. *gasp*

    I’m so incredibly jealous of anyone who can make it to NYC… If I had the money for a plane ticket I would go for the Hollows Poster alone… I want one badly. My friends are already jealous of my mug and a poster would make them positively Kermit themselves.

    • Mmmm… Kermit watching might actually be kinda fun (LOL). If I get back to NYC in time I will ask Kim if I can get a couple to mail to peeps who can’t go. She was really nice about letting me get an autograph for Patti Sullivan at RWA. I’ve been drooling for a KH poster for a long time… I’ve got it really bad (LOL). 🙂

    • I’m still hoping to have some to give away, Stephenie. Things slowed down while my editor was doing other stuff. 😉

  11. Ooooo… I have to come back to NYC for this. You said “posters.” Just started flipping my run-amok-schedule around while hanging in Maryland debating a South Carolina run. I may even bring the little minions up from FL (LOL).

    Kudos and congrats! Have to go Skype hubby and start plotting and planning my October bucket list (happy sigh). 😉

  12. Wish I could be at Comic Con to see you and Patricia Briggs! Maybe next year… On a happy note, I got my free mug today and I was delighted to see the Hollows Bus Token!! Too cute. Thank you for caring for your fans so much, you and Guy both. Have fun this weekend.

  13. *grins at faux pas* – publicity what? Sounds like an opportunity you can’t pass up, Kim. Enjoy yourself. And happy to hear that the cranes have returned. I hope Guy takes you on a bike ride-slash-picnic today.

    Enjoy your full weekend. I know I will (pre-planning for Nanowrimo – gotta meet with the librarian to set up October and November meeting time slots for our region).

    • I do like getting out in front of the readers for Q&A, Jeannie. 🙂 No ride this weekend, but I did get out late Friday night. Saw a few cranes, but not the big bunch of them matting up.

      Hope you had a great weekend!

  14. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim,It’s Jim from Warren-so totally glad you can go to the Con. have lots of fun.And don’t forget,Smudge and I will be lurking in the bushes waiting for the poster delivery guy. Have a Great weekend. I know I will if the rain stops so I can take the long walk(One half mile) I have planned,cause its nice and cool,perfect walking weather.

  15. Howdy ma’am,

    This is when I hate being poor. You and Snowgirl(Jeaniene Frost) together is my idea of greatness. You 2 are 2 of my all time favorite authors.

    I hope you guys have a great time.


  16. Marsha

    Oh my God I wish I could be there on the 16th! That sounds like one great line up and discussion. October is already filled up here at work. I hope you get your sunshine this weekend for the biking and dirt time. *checks for spelling errors…OK*

  17. Trisha

    That’s great
    Have u ever thought about coming to archon

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