Let me tell you . . .

Today’s post is going to be shameless self promotion.  -grin-  I’m chunking along on my personal rewrite for book eleven, waiting for the page proofs for book ten, and dreaming . . . dreaming of seeing an ARC of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER.  It can’t be long now I’m more excited about this one than perhaps the last handful of regular Hollows novels. Why, you might ask?  It’s just a world book.  Let me tell you . . .

Much of my time as a writer is inventing things to make my story more believable, more relatable to the reader so that they connect more fully, in short, believe in the magic so that the human condition I’m really writing about shines through.  The power fantasy has over us–the ability to give ourselves permission to see and understand the human condition–is for another post, and I truly think seeing the miracle of this over and over is one of the reasons I write.

Making things up creates a cushion of connectivity.  This is what I’m excited about with the release of THE HOLLOWS INSIDER.  I was able to make layer upon layer of it, going far beyond what my publisher originally intended.  I was given a task of creating a world book, but the framework was too small.  I wanted color.  I wanted illustrations.  I wanted a beautiful hardcover.  In short, I wanted everything, but I knew that it was far too large a project for my publisher to get excited about.  Unless . . .

I love the word unless, especially when it ties in with initiative and dreaming.  I gots both, and with fear in my heart that I was going to spend a year creating something that was going to get a pat on the head and a savage editorial knife, I secretly began writing something that I knew was not going to fly in the NY offices.  I learned how to work with forms and tables, the only tools I had to arrange things on the page.  I contacted an artist friend who had impressed me with his own initiative and dreaming years ago and had original artwork created of the characters.  I got a better photo-shopping program and played with it. Once I knew I could put it together, I hesitantly ran an idea past my editor of “What about having a newspaper article with pictures?”

I was terrified.  If she said no, it was over already, but like having one dwarf stop by, then another, then another until the house is full and the quest is fully begun with a hapless hobbit lulled into dreaming of dragons and adventure, I got the okay for that.  And if a newspaper was okay, then an arrest warrant for Trent couldn’t be bad, either?  Right?  Right?

I worked, I fussed, I sweated, I went through cartridges of color ink.  I lived in terror the month that I turned it in, knowing my editor could see the potential of what I gave her and not knowing if she could sell my big vision to the rest of the group.  I felt guilty for not including her in it more, but I’d been afraid of hearing no.  I had done what I could to show my dream.  There was nothing, nothing I could do to show it better.  If it failed now, it was not to be.

I waited.

And then I got word that it would be a hardcover.  I smiled and imagined it.  Then found out it would probably be two color, and I quietly, with no demands whatsoever, sent new pages of full color goodness of how cool it would be if it had full four-color wonderfulness. The cover of Witch Weekly had to be color.  I’d never seen a magazine in black and white–layers of connectivity–I wanted them bad.  I rejoiced when I got the news that they agreed.  Four-color.  I had the beginnings of what I wanted, and so I wanted more.

I got the go ahead to run a contest for real photos from you the readers to be included into the newspapers.  I didn’t know if you would do it.  I didn’t know if you would be as excited about seeing the Hollows come alive and be as real as velveteen rabbits are to me.  For a month, you guys wowed me with the extent that yes, you believed, even standing outside your capital buildings with “down with tomatoes” signs and concocting elaborate sets.  I will always be amazed and thankful.

Now it’s done, in production waiting for its release the Tuesday before Halloween.  (Oct 25)  I can do no more to bring the Hollows closer to you than this.  But if you go out and find it, know that what you hold is a remarkable event because it began as a softly kept dream fraught with both terror and the joy of self-expression.  Enjoy it.  If you find any mistakes, which I’m sure you will, I’m blaming Devin.  He’s an unreliable narrator.

You can see sample pages of the Hollows Insider here at i09

You can pre-order it at AmazonB & N  (It’s also going to be released as an e-book and translated into German)


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  1. Joelle Wilson

    Regular books, Graphic novels and World books … oh my. 🙂 Can’t wait to snag a copy. The preview pages are great. I’m glad you were able to see your vision come to life (well to awesome color print). 🙂

  2. I can’t wait! I’m so ready to buy this, bring it home and overindulge in its awesomeness.

    **Got a mug in the mail today. A big thanks to you and Guy!**

  3. I am in pre-order Heaven re-tweeting away sitting on a KH monster blog draft shamelessly hawking your brilliance like the squealing virtual fangirl I am. 😉

    Still adding links and working on the book club bookie trailer to celebrate your next book launch (yeah, more music and animated YouTube titles afoot – LOL). Been littering cyberspace with lots of musical mischief and graphics lately. We have been throwing author cyber-parties and high-jacking bookie blogs with Tweet/FB/AR-peeps. Mad fun!

    Are you gonna throw a twitter party for this?

    We use the “pound/hashtag” to party live over there while also on a single blog post simultaneously. Makes it easy to answer author questions on the blog but chatter incessantly in the twit stream. Creates a tremendous amount of word of mouth book buzz in a minimal amount of time (among other side effects – LOL).

    Looking forward to reading this and checking out all those cool pictures. I’m like a little kid getting a present before Christmas. Very exciting! Kudos and congrats on the world book! 🙂

    • Tann Starr, if they had an award for “Most Likely to Promote” it would have to go to you. Thank you.

      I don’t think I’m going to have a twitter party. I use twitter mostly as a way to inform my readers of where the promotion is going on, not do it right there on their site. Me and live chats get a bit overwhelming, and I don’t do them very often.

  4. Howdy ma’am,

    You know I’ve had this on preorder for like for ever and a day. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Of course you can laugh.


  5. Squeee!!! This baby is going to take prime realty space on my coffee table come the holidays — a very good excuse (and plenty of time) to clean it off.

    Looks so good, Kim. Well done.

    • Oh, I hope so, Jeannie. I was aiming for that big, beautiful, full-color goodness, and to know it is on your coffee table for a time will make me feel like I hit my goal.

      Thank you. 🙂

  6. Hi Kim, It seems like it was so long ago that you told us about the world book. It’s so close now, I can’t be any more excited about its arrival. I’m hoping to get my pre-order in this week. My birthday is just prior to release and it is my gift to me 😉
    I jumped over to see the pages (once again) over at iO9, I couldn’t believe that they’re close to 72,000 ‘likes’ on the article! The sneak peek is so extraordinary that I know the book itself is going to be a phenomenal success. You may have just initiated a new standard for series world building!
    Thank you! 🙂

    • It does seem like forever I’ve been talking about it, doesn’t it! 🙂 I hope you like it, and if I don’t talk to you again between now and then, happy early birthday!

  7. Eeeek!

    I love World Books, and I have a feeling that this one is going to be my favorite. It will have to go on my special shelf of books that have true sentimental meaning. Yay!

    I’m as excited for the World Book as I am for Halloween. My roommate finally found the haunted angel here in Iowa City and we’re taking photos for your Halloween contest there if we can. Yay!

    If there are going to be any more contests for World Book ARC’s tell us (me) because I know everyone (I) really wants to see it soon (now.) 😀

    • It is different, Stephenie. It is different. I will give you that.

      I can’t wait to see your Halloween picture. Cool. I’ll be giving away ARCs of A PERFECT BLOOD for that contest, but I think I’m done for the world book.

  8. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren.I kinda think thats what an Superior Author does,dream things into reality for the rest of us. We can only use words.

  9. Oh dear Miss Kim . . . I preordered AGES ago! And though I am an ebook convert and love my nook more than people should love inanimate objects I have ordered this in real paper because I knew from the get go when you first started describing it that I HAD to have this in the hardcover to be truly appreciated. (I had to explain it to my sister who couldn’t understand why I was suddenly preordering “hard copy” again). Same with Blood Work which didn’t disappoint. If you build it . . .

  10. Wow, absolutely amazing, I am so excited. Pre-ordering now! You must be so incredibly proud of this! I know stepping outside one’s comfort zone isn’t easy. Thank you for creating The Hollow’s!

    • Oooh, thank you, Kim! I hope you like it when your copy gets to you. OMGosh, you weren’t kidding about stepping outside my comfort zone. I really learned a lot.

  11. jkh

    Oh, yummy! Loads of pages to preview! Will do that after a while, when I have time to savor. And October 25 suddenly seems a long time from now…

  12. Jenny

    The release date is my birthday so I’ll definitely be buying myself this amazingly cool present 🙂 Can’t wait to appreciate the fruit of everyone’s labor.

  13. Diva

    Your World Book sounds truly awesome Kim, perhaps all the more so because of the journey of creation it’s had. And in my opinion it was a stroke of genius to let your readers be a part of it. Submitting real photos from readers? Genius, I say!

    And a Tolkien reference! -grin-

    Dina, I know what you mean. I too am very anxious to see how this Trent compares to the one who lives in my mind. 🙂

  14. Liz Cortez

    Don’t worry, I know you will do fine. The beauty that you have bestowed upon us in those books is enough for I to believe you will do wonderfully. I have seen writers that go down after their third books, and you somehow, always have a witty comeback. I really look foward to this book!

  15. I’ve already ordered mine- I’m so excited to see the full thing!

  16. Kim

    Yay!!! So can’t wait. I love the world of the Hollows & can’t wait to learn more about it.

  17. Dina

    World-building!! Love it! Can’t wait to see the Hollows in glorious color (and newsprint)! Amazon preorder here I come!

    World-building can be so daunting, but sometimes it’s just all right there, waiting to be called forth, named, labeled, and fully realized. My only hope is that Trent matches my particular yummy imagining of his elvishness…

  18. As a reader who enjoys her fantasy, my library is vast. Two years ago, when I was looking for some new reads, your name was suggested to me by a friend. On my next book purchasing venture, I picked up a copy of Dead Witch Walking. Two days later, the next and then the next and now I’m to the point where your new releases are on pre-order. As an author, you really deliver the whole package and that alone brings you to the top of the pack.

    I think it’s amazing to see not only how excited you are to present this world to us, but even better, how humble you are about it. As always, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Please…don’t ever stop!

  19. Rebecca

    Kim, The hollows are awesome I beleive with this series you can make this bigger than just the books. Don’t get me wrong I love the books and when I asm done reading I find myself getting impatient because I want to hurry up and read the next one. I beleive you could make this a movie, or a series on T.V. There are so many avenues this story can take. I just wanted to share my thought’s with you and keep up the great work. 🙂

    • jkh

      Rebecca, I think that transferring Rachel’s World to media would cheapen it. There would be so much corner-cutting, budget fighting, actor issues, that it’s better to leave it in the original format.

      Years ago, when my daughter was about 5, our NPR station ran a weekly broadcast of old radio shows. Julie and I would listen to it (it came on just before her bedtime, which was great). I asked her what she thought of it, and she said she liked it because listening to it didn’t interfere with her mind-pictures.

    • Oh, trust me, Rebecca. I can see the potential here as well. I’ve spent time making sure everything is balanced so that conflict is built into the world, there are enough “main” characters with varied personalities so that there’s always someone you can identify with, or at least recognize in a friend or neighbor, and the supporting characters are easily recognizable and unique. If I could only wrangle my odd sense of humor into some semblance of order . . .

  20. Ivy

    Can’t wait! Am very, very excited about this book!

  21. Yea!! This is SO amazing and I can hardly wait to see the final result! Thank you, Kim for sharing your genius with us!! I think I’ll make tomato soup for dinner in your honor. 🙂

  22. Maryellen

    So excited, Miss Kim! For you, for your editor, for your fans, but mostly…. for me to get to hold this epic volume of wonderfulness on October 25th!!! SCORE!!! 😀

  23. Melissa

    I can not wait for this to come out!!! I love your books and this will look quiet lovely next to them on my shelf 🙂

  24. Oh this looks to be very cool! Can’t wait to see it when it comes out. Great idea and another way to bring more “life” to the characters.

  25. Kay

    Can’t wait to read it! Love your work!!!