Not much going on . . .

Not much going on at the Harrison household this morning as I bring in the house plants summering on my side porch–the ones I had meant to bring in last night.  I’m sure they are fine, but since the lows for the next 10 days are to be in the 50s, I might as well call it.  Ah, Michigan, the only place I know where I can make macaroni salad to beat the heat on Saturday, and then make chili on Sunday to warm the house up.  Seriously, I had my fireplace on last night through a couple of logs to take the chill off.  From 94 to 69 in one day.  Sounds about right.

Guy and I and Thing Two worked out butts off Sunday reclaiming a bit of turf that had gone seriously ugly in the name of contractors.  Moved a couple of bushes to shift a gate, which meant I had to unexpectedly replant another bush that was really to big to move.  I think it’s got maybe a 30% chance of making it.  We’ll see.  I also took some time to move another chunk of hosta from my front bed.  I swear, the entire three front beds were nothing but hosta and daylily’s when we moved in, two plants with completely different sunlight needs.  The lily’s have been out for over a year, but it wasn’t until now that I could move the hostas I wasn’t so fond of to a new place.  (Until now, I wasn’t sure what I wanted there.)  Astilbes now add a much needed texture against the hosta that I did want to keep.

Oooh, and I got some asters for a buck fifty each to put in place of the Impatiens that I ripped out a few weeks ago.  They were overgrown, I swear, the ones in the back were up to my hip.  The asters are pretty much down to green now since they were promise plants, but they are perennial, and with some judicious pinching of flower buds until July next year, they should be pretty next fall.  You can do the same with the bargain mums they are giving away.  Just put them somewhere sunny and pinch the flower buds off until the 4th of July next year.

As you might have guessed, I didn’t get to the ren faire.  Saturday was too hot, Sunday and Monday had the threat of rain  I’ve got all month.  Maybe next weekend.  🙂

I’ll be honest, Friday was agony getting into work when the weekend was just sitting there, begging for me to slip into it early, but I was a good girl, (darn it) and I got a chapter switched over, leaving me to think about a big shift of character all weekend.  (psyche myself up, more likely)  It’s going to impact about a third of the book in a large way, but I think that it’s going to give me exactly what I want in terms of character and large story movement.  Fortunately it will join the original story in about ten chapters, and then I just have to tweak the emotional stuff . . . so there it is, my next two to three weeks of work all set out for me.  I left myself a month to play with this, and I think I’ll be using it all, if not more.  No pressure though.  It’s not officially due until the end of the year.  And then . . . rough draft!  I might be able to unofficially take part of NaNoWriMo this year, which would be very cool.  Get your outlines sketched out!  It’s far easier to write when you know someone else is suffering right along with you.  🙂


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  1. “Not much” seems a lil understated. Give yourself a good pat on the back girl. Yard work is hard work! I’d love to have a garden and relish in the rewards.. but my hands seem to kill rather then help grow. In time perhaps.

    I had a lovely time in Plymouth. The people there are so friendly. Which is good I guess since I see pilgrims as a peaceful bunch. Weather was perfect for our site seeing.. and the night we went out for our ghost lantern tour there was a bit of a breeze. Just enough to tickle your neck along with the spooky stories.

    Props on being a good girl and putting your work aside for the long weekend. Letting the good ideas brew! Aww, I miss the comfort of a fireplace. Lucky Ducky ❤

  2. The weather here in the high desert country of north central Arizona has also taken a turn to autumn. No more 90 degree days in the forecast and nights are dropping down to a sweet low 60s or even 50s. Our garden didn’t fare too well due to such high daytime temps but our apple tree doesn’t know when to quit. All my friends say the same thing: apples galore. Pears? Not so much.

    I love NaNoWriMo. This year, I’ve already begun plotting and may even have a bona fide outline, complete with scenes before November 1st. Scary.

  3. Maryellen

    Hello there, Miss Kim! I came across this speech by Joss Whedon (courtesy of another writer friend) and it reminded me of you and your novels. He tells of being on a press junket and answering the same question over and over again:

    Interviewer: Why do you write these strong female characters?
    Joss Whedon: Because you’re still asking me that question.

    Hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  4. Howdy Ma’am,

    I got to work an extra shift today. I also work tomorrow and Thursday. What I do is count and inspect logs just before the get cut into sizes like 8,12,or 12 ft. I have a clip board with the inspection sheets on it,

    My boss asked me how today went. I told him it was just fine…until my clip board fell on to the log chute and set off the metal detector. He thought that was funny. I told him it was funnier watching me trying to get in there to get it back.

    Yes, my life should be viewed by a live studio audience… sometimes. I was the first person to ever do that. Yay me!


  5. Amanda in Tampa

    OMG! I cannot believe I missed the title release to book 10, A Perfect Blood. I must have been under a rock… so sorry. So when do we get to see the wonderful cover??? Love the title.

  6. hey if you do NaNoWriMo and write a novel in a month i SO hope you share it with all us fans on here..

  7. Tim Collins

    Dear Kim,
    You still sound busy with your garden. Question: Still feel like doing another Con? This upcoming one may suit you. It’s in BALTIMORE.
    The wife and I will be there in Steam Punk attire of course.
    I have even heard of a “S.P.” invention that fires wooden stakes via a portable steam powered backpack!( See “League of Steam”. Kinda like ghostbusters in the 1880s.)
    As for MY garden, the Mint crop is doing very well. Keeping us all well supplied in “Mint Julipes”. Enjoy the cool weather (And Hard Cider) before it gets frosty.
    The Fall weather is energizing me per usual. (I know… it does the opposite for most. Though Summer just kicks my butt for some reason…)
    Am “patently” awaiting your next book. (I’m getting GOOD vibes about this one…) 😉
    Yours in Space and Time.
    Boileroom Tim

  8. Diva

    Hi Kim!

    Sounds like you had a very productive three day weekend. I have no green thumb to speak of. If they could, plants would run away from me. 🙂

    Your work on the re-write sounds exciting and scary all at the same time. Hard to believe we have a whole book to go and well over a year before we get to read these for ourselves. -eep!-

    Curious though about the male character you took out of book ten Who was he, or can you not tell? It’s not a spoiler if you never wrote it, right? ;-).

    • Some of my plants do run screaming from me. I just had one die within the short span of a week. Something got to it, that’s for sure, but I’ve not a clue what.

      I took out a love interest in the name of time. If I wanted to stretch it out three more books, I would have left him in, but I want my happy ending. So does Rachel.

  9. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim Its Jim from warren.I’m glad you got in some good dirt time.If you check the endpapers in BW, Del Rey put in that one of the Things was your opponent in the video you posted about Ivy’s cross-wrist block.I thought it was Thing 2,sorry.He does look like he could use a couple of pounds though,I’ll have to post a couple more recepties.My daughter used to swear about them when she was on a girlie “Gotta lose 5 pounds” kick,something I firmly discourage (I could get firm with my kids about health and safety) due to the fact too many teen girls have eating disorders.My son still calls me sometimes to check up on his girls personals, and his oldest girl is 24 and his youngest 1.He has 6,and three sons of his own. I have two great-grandsons as well,one named James Robert,like me.It’s all part of my secret plan for World Domination Muah-ha-ha-ha. Also your son does look alot like you, which makes him good-looking.right?

  10. I am ready to call it on my summer plants too. The heat made most of my pots leggy and I am tired of trying to save their sorry butts. I pulled out the hanging pots and am going to pull out the planters this weekend. Weigand’s has very nice mums so they are going in my front yard pots for the fall. Strange Labor Day weekend. Didn’t get to Arts Beats and Eats this year because of the heat, cold, rain, wind..good luck with the Ren faire.