Winner of Ivy’s Boots

About a month and a half back we celebrated the release of Blood Work with a contest for a pair of  those Penelope boots that Ivy wore on the cover of Blood Work.  I’m happy to say that they were won by Regina M.  Congratulations again, Regina!  You wear them well.  🙂

And thank you everyone who entered.  It was a lot of fun.  I do believe that Blood Work is still lurking about on the NY Times list.  -grin-  Thank you all again for that.  It’s been a lot of fun, and the next graphic novel is almost ready to go.  🙂

But she who rests on her laurels gets funny marks on her back, and I’m busy with my rewrite of book 11, working a bit more Trent in there and removing the traces of the guy I took out in book ten.  I always say that I like the part of the writing process that I’m in the best, but I really think that I like this stage the most, where I have a product but my editor hasn’t seen it yet, and I’m re-assessing the changes that happened in the previous book and thinking heavily about where I want to go in the book yet to be written, sitting pretty in the middle with the time and inclination to blow it all to hell and put it back together again in a way that works better than my first ugly scratchings.  (Dude, I think that was the longest sentence I’ve ever written.)  Having the time to play with options makes it a lot more fun.

Monday I read over the first half, which is where most of the freedom is to change things without breaking the original story, seeing what I could easily change to get the result I wanted.  Found out it won’t be easy at all and might involve some shifting of characters. (which would be very cool in about three different ways!)  Made a few notes.  Thought about it all night.

Tuesday, deleted most of my notes and wrote new ones when I said good-bye to a few things I really wanted to do but were not feasible.   Started making new notes on the chapter pages of what to change and what the effect would be to see if it would hold up better down the line.  It’s a bad case of eating my cake and wanting it too.  If I can simplify things, that would be great, too.  Thought about it all night and ran a few things by Guy for plausibility.

Wednesday I did a quick run through of proposed changes in my mind and talked to Guy, more to get things settled in my mind than really asking his opinion.  Broke into chapter one and started the shift.  I’m not settled in everything, but I can get a few things going before I have to make a big, final decision.

Today I plan on going lightly over chapter one again to make it sensory-tight and grounded, and probably get through chapter two and maybe three.  Three is where the decisions I’m making are going to get sticky and impact everything else.

Music in my office has shifted, as well.  More energy, darker, more variety of sounds, lyrics.  It won’t last, but while it does, I’m going to enjoy it.  It probably has something to do with the stage of writing I’m at, but it also could be that I’m getting itchy for the house to become still and mine again.  There’s a stillness that only comes when school is back in session, an aloneness inside the house and out in the yard that frees the imagination another degree.  Making it wide open.

Timing is everything.


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30 responses to “Winner of Ivy’s Boots

  1. Love, love, love it 🙂
    It’s a blessing you have guy to bounce your ideas off of. I’m still trying to find someone to listen to my babbling

  2. Sue, Chicago

    Kim, did I read your blog entry correct? Did you say that you are doing another graphic novel? If so, when will it be released and is there a title yet?

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Sue-its Jim from warren-Ms. Kim said a few posts back she had another GN amost finished,due next year I think.She said she still hasn’t decided about the scene where Rachel shoots Ivy with a sleep spell, ties her to a chair, and writes IDIOT on her fingernails. She also said something about Maybe doing a third GN,but that sounded up in the air if I remember right,(not guarrenteed after 70)

    • Hi Sue. Yep! We’ve got another one in the works. I think it’s coming out under BLOOD CRIME. I’ve no idea when it comes out. They take a bit longer than a regular novel.

  3. jkh

    Congrats, Regina! Those boots do look good on you.

    Seems like when the air begins to cool a little, Ms Kim’s brain kicks it up a notch. Makes me even more eager for the next book. I’m so eager for Oct 25, and yes, Jim-from-Warren I do hope you get a Hollows birthday gift.

    For me, as a single parent, the start of school was a sort of relief despite all the shopping and supplies lists and so forth. I knew that my daughter would be corralled and supervised in a [relatively] safe place for the majority of my workday. After she was too old for daycare the summer vacation weeks were a minefield.

  4. Dear Kim,

    Thank you for the response and i will hold of on the game idea but I do hope one is produced in the future and that I can be a part of it. I am also an aspiring writer and am currently working on a story in the same genre of the hollows series if you could give me any advice it would be very appreciated especially on the best way to get a book published. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing talent as a writer.

    Respectfully Yours,
    James Gibson

  5. Kim

    I’m so curious, with all those changes, do you keep copies of the changes along the way? Are there Book 11 Versions 1-4 on your computer right now?

    • That’s a great question, Kim.
      I keep hard copies of my dialog, and then the first actual text from it. I then keep a rotating hard copy of the latest version I’m working on until I submit, which I throw out when I get it back from NY with my editor’s remarks on it. I never throw that version out, so for each book, I have dialog, rough draft, and editor’s remarks in a hard copy format. The versions in-between I keep in electronic form on my computer. It has saved my butt enough times that I don’t mind wasting the electrons. I keep the hard copies of dialog, rough draft, and editorial remarks for prosperity.

  6. O man. Todays post makes me think Guy convienced you to drink a cup of java.. lol. WOW. Your never ending sentence was so good I think my brain did a cartwheel. Hmmm, cartwheels.. that is something I haven’t done in awhile. Perhaps that with a hop, skip and a jump later.

    Today is my Friday. I will be off for an anniversary excursion. Time for a lil history with a lot of love in Plymouth. I’m even going on a ghost tour. The seller for me was not only the ghosts.. but we all get to carry a cute lil lantern. Spooky + cute =’s win in my book.

    Have a fan-tab-ulous weekend Kim. Your itchiness reminds me of Big Al’s infamous “itchy witch”. 😀

    ** also, I love when things start to get sticky! **

  7. School’s started? *Snort*. Have you ever considered putting up scenes from books you deleted? Tell Guy that mail is much better to Milwaukee than Carolina 🙂 very nice.

    Lastly, it appears we have many bups in the oven. Cera (the black and white thing you met at Arcana in Minnesota, is 7 weeks into a 9 week stretch. Ultrasound indicates at least 13. She’s the smallest dog I’ve ever bred. This litter will not be pixies, Jenks’ herd notwithstanding. I’ve decided on major scientists. Rosalind Franklyn, Curie, McClintock (Leaping Transposons, Batman), Einstein, etc.

    Nice Boots, Regina!

    *Wondering why Crystal Method resonates for authors…*

    • I have, Mud, but if I don’t keep thinking singly about what “did” happen, I’m afraid I’ll get confused. Maybe when it’s all over. I’ve got a “kitchen sex” scene that is being deleted, and I’m kind of bummed.

      Ooooh, congrats on the bups! That’s a lot of puppies!

  8. Dina

    Love love love the behind-the-scenes insights into your writing process, Kim! Reminds me I’m not supposed to get the writing perfect right outta the gate (pesky perfectionism streak). Finished writing something novel-length only to run smack into the rewrite wall. 😛

    “Flow” is also something I struggle with. My fave authors (incl you) have in common an economy of words and enviable flow skillz. But it’s helpful to hear that writing isn’t supposed to be effortless. For some reason that can be easy to forget!

    • That’s exactly why I keep relating to you all about the rewrites! Nothing comes out right the first time, and if you can learn to love your rewrites, (as in letting things you love go, confident that you will replace it with something even better) then you will be lightyears ahead of the game. I wish you well with it. And don’t be afraid to let things you love go. Just be confident that they will always be there in your previous versions if you have to go back to them.
      Good luck!

  9. Kathy Miller

    First of all, I’m firmly in camp Trent. If Rachel and Trent can have a HEA when all is said and done, then all will be well in the Hollow’s world and mine. Mean while, thank for the looks-see into your process. It’s facinating.

  10. Jen

    Couldn’t agree more about school starting. Come on September 6!
    Loving the boots by the way 😀

  11. Diva

    P.S. Is Guy open to bribes in exchange for spoilers? I have chocolates. 🙂

  12. Kim, I love so much being allowed to peak inside your mind and life. You are such an interesting and well rounded person. today was especialy interesting because you left the music you are listening to. It was almost like being there and watching you going into the final stages of the new book. We all just can’t wait. Your sharing has made me give thoughts to pulling out my bike for a ride around my neighborhood something my doctor has been harping on for a while but it takes you doing it to get me to even think about it. I love reading so I read a lot of writers but you are the only one I feel like I know as a real person. Thanks for letting us go along for your ride. Patsy

    • Brenda, I really appreciate that. I actually sat down about ten years ago and tried to decide if I was going to be a writer in a glass tower, or one on the street corner, and I chose the corner despite it being contrary to my reticent nature. Down and dirty, rubbing shoulders and being a part of it, evolving because of what’s impacting you as well as me. (Wow, I’m introspective this am) I hope you get on that bike and make it a part of who you are. There is a freedom and satisfaction there.
      See you in the pages!

  13. Diva

    Ooh Regina! I am sooo jealous over the boots! Congrats!

    Wow Kim. It amazes me that you are working on re-writes for a book that won’t come out for a couple of years. I could never sit on spoilers that long. – laugh-
    Book ten has been sent to your editor already then?

    Do you have a sense yet of where you will stop, i.e. book 11, 12, more?

    Good to hear you’re working more Trent into the mix. One can never have too much elf. 🙂

    • You think that’s bad, I’m going to have book 12 done at rewrite by the time tour starts this Feb. -grin- Book ten has been at the editors for almost a year, actually. I’ll be getting the page proofs this month, which mean ARCs shortly thereafter! Yay!

      If I can swing it, the series will end at 12, but if I need another book, it is there waiting for me. I’ll know by tour, but I won’t be telling. (I’m so evil!)

  14. Marsha

    Congratulations Regina! Those boots look good on you. *Sigh* It’s sad to think you are talking about how all your changes fit in to the ending of the series. I’ve given up hope that I will get the happy ending I want, but I’m trying to learn to be a good looser about it. Man it sounds like you have been busy.