I’ve got a bittersweet post for you today.  I’ve steered clear lately of the depressing state of Borders closing their doors, but I had the opportunity to take part in Babel Clash’s last guest post.  (Border’s SF/Fantasy blog) I was the first guest way back on spring 09, and I was honored when they asked me to be their last.  I also did a Start Wars Sunday post for them which you can see at the same link.  Babel Clash–Kim’s thoughts on StarWars and the evolving book industry

And along those same lines, if you are an author concerned with pirated works and the daunting task of trying to protect your rights, go check out my agent’s post today.  If I’m understanding it correctly, Curtis’s clients are already enjoying this new protection as the agent puts on yet another hat, but it looks like you can buy into the service as well.  Too cool. Pass it on . . .

As for me, I’ve set aside my anthology offerings to start my rewrite of the next Hollows novel.  It won’t be the last, since my editor won’t see it until December, but I think it will be the most extensive as I have totally ripped it open in my thoughts and am now rearranging the insides.  The outside, oddly enough, is going to remain largely untouched, though very much simplified.  I may actually start adjusting the text today, and I can’t wait!


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  1. Hi Kim,

    I was late to read your latest blog on biking. I’m glad you have found it. In reading it, I have flashbacks to my husband as well. He is an avid biker and works at a bike shop that sells Trek and you guessed it Specialized. I myself cannot keep up with him. And I am so proud. He was in a really bad car accident 11 years ago. One month after we were married and broke his back. It destroyed his career and he was told that even riding a bike would be hard, but through hard work and perseverance he proved them wrong and it is nothing for him to do a 60 to a 100 mile ride. In fact, I think it has made his back stronger. I am glad to hear that you are riding and enjoying spending time with your family. I wish you all the luck in your new endevour.

  2. Kim,

    Your books are amazing – they always take me away tot he hollows, and put me inside the story. Please keep going – you have one fan who appreciates all your work (and the sleepless nights).

    As to Borders closing – I am agahst. I work at a school district, and was bringing in an old record (you know, vinyl) for a friend and a kid saw it and asked me what it was. I’m so afraid that is where books are going.

    Soemhow, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a good book, hot chocolate, and a roaring fire on a cold winters night….

    • Thanks, Fred. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! I had to explain to my youngest (14 at the time) how to work a rotary phone. The look on his face when he held it and said, “How to you work it?” was priceless.

  3. Dear Kim,

    Hi my name is James and me and my fiance are avid readers and i myself love your hollows series. I have read all of the current books except the graphic novel like 6 times at least. I have a question as i do not wish to infringe on your works but your books have inspired me to create a Role playing game based on the hollow series and I was hoping that maybe if I could get the thought out to you that you may be able to help me get it out there in book form to the public. Like I said I love your work and have enjoyed the books so much I thought it may be a good idea to give the fans a more up close and even more fun experience.

    • Hi James. Ah alas, the gaming rights are usually tied in with the film rights, and I can not give you the okay to move on this. I’m sorry. I appreciate your enthusiasm, though. Thank you, very much. I think the species of the Hollows are balanced perfectly for a game, so maybe it will happen someday.

  4. Linda (germany)

    I just got the Graphic Novel and I loved it. Awesome work, Kim.
    Thank you very much 🙂

  5. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-Its Jim from Warren.First,I’ll introduce my little(6lb) butterscotch tabby Quigley. She has actually worked up enough courage to come out and sit on my lap during the day.Only took her 7 years.Next, I hope you can keep riding untill it snows,just get a leather jacket to keep your core warm.(Or steal Guy’s) Finally,I hope you use all that muscle Guy is building for back rubs,seriously it’s the best way to cool down slowly,specially on a tender back.

  6. I hate it when bucks get in the way of old fashioned business. Artists used to only have to struggle between buying supplies or buying food. Now we have to cyber-dize our work – huh? Crazy.

    Got an e-message from Amazon about the Hollows Insider due to release on October 25th – woohoo!

  7. I can share in the sadness of Borders-Books closing. I was a manager of a clothing store that had to declare bankruptcy. Watching the assets get liquidated is surprizingly personal, especially when you’ve invested 5-6 years of yourself into the company.
    So exciting to hear about the ripping up the insides!! Does this mean Al gets more page time? *^_~*

    • Been there myself, Victoria, with an experimental fiber that eventually got sold to a company overseas and took my job with it. I swore that I would never again have my job security tied to something I had no control of. I can thank my parents for that mind set. -grin-

      Al . . . No more than he had before, but it was quite a bit to begin with. 🙂

  8. Nice post Kim.
    It’s a shame the stores are closing. I have been going to Borders since I was a kid. As of late, I’ve been buying as many books as I can when I go. Trying to give each sweet lil edition a good shelf and a good home. I’ve saved hundreds because of their prices. Which is good for my wallet, but still doesn’t seem right.

    Dissection of thoughts. The ripping out and rearranging. A master at work. It’s amazing what our minds can do. I always enjoy reading whats in yours. And now I think of how much closer we are getting to your release in October. w00t!

    Tomorrow is September 1st. I love Sept & Oct! The air starts to tease you with its chill. Warm beverages start to taste even better. Trees slowly change color and scream “look at me” and the night starts to dominate the day. I love the sun.. but I love the moon too. The darker the night.. the better for stargazing.

    Heres to your adjusting!

    • Hi Lynn. I did that with Walden Books not so long ago . . . Bittersweet, indeed.

      MI has some fabulous night skies. In HS, I used to drag this huge telescope as tall as me over two steps and outside so I could play with it. In the snow even. I should get it back out, but seriously, it needs some major attention.

  9. Howdy ma’am,

    It is a sad day indeed. I love paper books but it’s expensive for me to get them. There are no real bookstores here. With the way things are going, it looks like there never will be.